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  1. These things need a hotfix

    Well I don‘t agree with that, but all other suggestions sound ... fine and familiar! But what I actually miss is, that the BR for ALL ships need to be adjusted - yes i‘m also repeating myself!
  2. These things need a hotfix

    Maybe battles in the area of and 1,5h before the pb could just stay open for the whole time they last!? This would at least allow others to see (and at best) fight the enemy inside if wanted!
  3. Poll: Grinding ship slots and rare books?

    Well that almost sounds as if we‘re on the same grounds here! 😉
  4. Poll: Grinding ship slots and rare books?

    Never said they are perfect! Never said that too! I‘m sorry if that hasn‘t been made clear enough! -> I also think, that the experience slots are good to have (if they unlock too fast or too slow would be the only thing to argue over). But I think, that the „mighty books grind lottery“ is ... well ... bullshit (granted: it’s just my opinion). And as I said I - in agreement with others - would therefore suggest to keep the lottery, but substitute the ‚mighty books‘ by cosmetical things. And I would like to know if that wouldn‘t be more suitable to devs and a greater amount of players than the recent system. @Flinch - clearified a bit more? - if yes, what’s your opinion on this?
  5. Poll: Grinding ship slots and rare books?

    @admin and @Ink The preliminary sum-up of the poll provided us with the following knowledge: - at best 14% of the participants like the grind for slots and rare books (like it is) - round about 23% don‘t care about the grind and enjoy the game despite it - over 60% of the participants at least don‘t like to grind for a rare chance of getting mighty upgrades (they feel they need to be competitive in PvP and RvR) What does that tell you? Imo it shows, that at least the mentioned grind for rare books (able to haevily influence the outcome of a fight), bears the imminent possibility of frustrating lots of players, up to the point of making them quit the game. How do you interpret the so far outcome of the poll? And what do you think of the suggestion of some players to get mighty books out of the lottery-grind and instead put cosmetical things like paints and flags into it as a substitution?

    @admin No offense intended (you devs did a great job with many things), but that‘s so true!
  7. Storms belong to the caribbean!

    Not necessary! Even if there are ideas mentioned above that indeed would slow down OW sailing, they could get reduced to certain areas. But the focus i think is getting storms back into battle instances (at a low rate).
  8. Yeah, lets keep asking for storms! ... but in a different thread i‘d suggest!
  9. Yes, look into the storm / big waves threads in the categories „suggestions“ and „generall discussions“. The discussion there explains a few things!
  10. Storms belong to the caribbean!

    I’m sorry to bring this up again, but it really would be a pity not to have storms in battles! Adding to the ideas above, the following crazy stuff came into my mind: Rare storms with heavy rain or fog in battles could also lead to a sort of ‚fog of war‘ inflicting the map overview of a fleet. In my imagination that would lead to the need of scouting ships, keeping enemy ships as well as ships of thier own fleet in sight. If succeeding in doing that enemy ships in sight would be visible for the whole fleet, if not they would disappear from the map overview.
  11. Yeah, I think as devs tried out to have storms in battles they happend quite too often. And therefore many people started complaining about it. I‘m glad for you mate! 🙂
  12. @admin Why „In preparation of part 5 ...“? Did I miss the 4th part of the sailing patch?
  13. Although i can’t say that I completely understood what you’re saying and it seems a bit off topic to me: If you vote for storms in battle to come back (with a low rate of occurance) you‘re my hero of the day! 😊
  14. Wind changes: Please make them more smooth and predictable! Otherwise fighting for the weather gauge (one of the most important things in the age of sail) can feel like participating in a lottery. Sailing profile and ship differences: Please make the Victory the best upwind sailing 1st rate again! Santi has the most firepower, l‘Ocean the best tankyness and the Vic should be the best sailor imo. Otherwise players using Vic’s could become very scarce. Update: Oh, and I almost forgot to say a very kind: PLEASE adjust the BR!
  15. It would be a start to finally adjust the BR!