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  1. Thickness meta is back

    I think the basic thickness values of ships are ok! But it would be good to adjust the live oak / white oak thickness and the reduced damage to angled hulls - nerf the thickness and the influence of angled hulls on damage done just a tiny bit and it will be ok! ... at least if determined defender gets a big nerf!
  2. How about chaining? ... damn, i forgot my 5 quick reload books and upgrades, now it's gone!
  3. Speaking of trade ... It would be far more interesting and enjoyable, if it contributed more to the success of clans and nations than getting some gold to pay PB timers! Why should i do trade for other reasons than that? To support crafters? ... Well as long as you can get every ship you want by fighting battles and earning PvP marks , nope! ... I mean why should i even craft!? Imo you devs are wasting so much potential of this game, by rendering trade and crafting artifical and superficial! If players really NEEDED traders and crafters NA would make for an absolutely motivating mixture of fighting, trading and crafting! These ship notes spoil a lot imo! I don't know, but wouldn't it suffice for PvPers, if they get good mods and maybe paints via PvP marks? Wouldn't that render PvP marks a valuable enough currency?
  4. Those PvP zones would do as a motivation to bring the ships you‘d like to see, because everyone sailing in such dangerous waters has to expect defeat! These rules are neither necessary nor do they feel right for an OW game imo! They are arena like!
  5. That really sounds nice! I think getting PvP marks as rewards is pretty much enough motivation to stay in the fight! Why do we need these strict rules? Imo these rules create a feeling that arena games do. If players want that, they could just as well play NAL. I'd vote for patrol missions without such strict battle rules!
  6. Navy versions of Existing ships to increase variety

    @Slim Jimmerson To bring in more variety is a good idea! But i‘d rather have new ships implemented into the game - even if it takes time - than a new version of every ship, that looks like its twin. I also think that NA already has lots of ships! Therefore the priority of the devs should still be to finetune the ballancing between the existing ships / to get the best out of the existing variety! I think devs are on a good way to achieve this, they just need a bit more time.
  7. Pre-patch quick number changes suggestions

    4. @admin You said you want the Vic to be the fastest 1st rate. Speed trails indicate, that the Vic is slower than the Santi though, concerning bearings between 35 and 55 degrees to the wind. Even if it isn‘t that much, i‘d vote for changing that, and make the Vic the fastest 1st rate on all bearings.
  8. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    The Victory is slower than the Santissima on bearings between 35 and 55 degrees to the wind!
  9. Pre-patch quick number changes suggestions

    3. Make the sailing crew required in battle dependent on the setting you use: e.g. full sails = full sailing crew required, battle sails = 20%-40% sailing crew required.
  10. Pre-patch quick number changes suggestions

    1. Yes! 2. Change or take away „determined defender“ of you haven‘t done that already. Right now you need to have 30% more crew as your enemy to be able to board, right? That‘s too mighty a perk imo.
  11. Navy versions of Existing ships to increase variety

    ... and imo it wouldn‘t make any sense to have Navy and Non-Navy versions of all SOLs! I would be very surprised if any private person back in the age of sail was able to get a SOL to sail around and fight private little wars!
  12. More interaction between PvP, RvR and trade

    I really like this concept! @admin It would enhance the game to no ends, if RvR, PvP, trading and crafting were tied together, e.g. like mentioned above. The only thing i want you to be carefull with is: Please make sure, that ocassional players will still be able to enjoy the game!
  13. Fun PVE for everyone?!

    It is in NA for so far, but it can be improved! I hope devs just want to finish mechanics and UI first, before they commit themselves to create diverse PvE content that is fun! Btw. @Intrepido and @sveno: I like your ideas! I would like to have PvE storm challenges and convoi missions in which AI attacks you added!
  14. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    On the mentioned website (which claims to use your data) it looks like the Vic is the best overall sailor of the 1st rates. ... but isn‘t the Vic slower than the Santi on bearings closer than 60 degrees to the wind?
  15. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    @admin Hey devs, you promised to buff the upwind sailing capability of the Victory some time ago. Although it wasn't that much of a buff you kept your promise and enhanced the sailing profile in patch 17. With this patch though, it looks like you nerfed the Vics upwind sailing capabilities again: https://sites.google.com/view/speedtrials/lineships Why?