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  1. Well there is no "build-up" at least not from the US perspective. All we have done is set the limits of our territory. The US views itself as neutral and willing to trade with fellow nations as we did before map reset and will continue to do now.
  2. I agree, the US nation is rather large on EU server and I have sent inquiries as to having a moderator to at least moderate nation chat to @Ink but no action yet.
  3. Statement of Understanding and Non-Aggression Date 17 September 2017 On the one hand, the United States of America. On the other, the clans of Spain TEARM and ARM. 1) By this treaty, the parties commit themselves not to make war between them, neither in PVP nor in PVE establishing an area of influence for each one of the parties. 2) The United States will have its southern border in a line between the cities of Cayo Biscanyo and La Desconocida, to include the cities of Bimini and Little Issac’s Rocks. North of that line is sovereign United States territory. To the south of that line ARM and TEARM will be able to conquer cities in the shallow waters or shoals. 3) This demarcation line will not stop the US from attacking Pirate (and other nation ports except Spain) to the south in the interests of protecting the sovereign national security of the United States. The same as ARM and TEARM clan, can attack any port north of that line of every nation but US. 4) This pact only affects the clans of Spain TEARM and ARM. The rest are not included in the agreement although they probably will not attack the US. 5) In the future, if both sides want to advance in friendly relations, they are permitted to sign an alliance agreement to fight against common enemies, such as Pirates. Bellaco Lord Drax Officer of the ARM clan President of the United States Ratified by US Senate: 18 September 2017
  4. Spanish clans on PVP_EU server

    Frog are u back in Spain? Woot!
  5. Crashes are still widespead during hostility missions from a decent amount of the player base of us nation on eu pvp server as of today.
  6. Patch monday - urgent.

    This is a must have; clans are working together and if a clan by mistake sinks 1 hostility point more than the clan intending to get the port battle, there is no way to transfer it. This is already leading to a domino effect of issues such as letting all that clans ports go neutral just to transfer one port. We NEED a mechanic to transfer ownership of ports.
  7. [PVP EU] Political Situation

    USA ==> War with Pirates -- Friendly with Sweden and Denmark -- Neutral with British, Dutch, Spanish and French
  8. Sveno I don't think I could have said it any better. Why do the smaller nations continue to get punished by game mechanics when US, FR, NL are trying to the best of their abilities to make a mark on a global scale. All this patch does is cripple the smaller nations...
  9. [PVP EU] Server Issues 25-06-17 21:00 server time

    US nation can confirm server down for all our players as well.
  10. Brits & Spanish agreement 24-06-2017

    The United States is glad to see this unfortunate situation with the pb bug resolved honorably. Huzzah!
  11. [PVP EU] US Constitution Finalized

    Yes, US national TS is on ts3.na-usa.eu
  12. Today, on the 16th of June, the US Clans have finalized the Constitution of the United States. This will be a living document and new senators will be assigned and amendments will be made. A glorious day for democracy and a glorious day for the United States of America. United States Constitution
  13. EU server ==> Diplomats

    For United States clan NWTC diplomats are: Lord Drax Hawkeye Pierce Thor the Mighty
  14. Thanks! Can confirm that PVE marks finally dropped in today in redeemables.
  15. Glad to see the Swedish having success.