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  1. Nero Akavar

    Sad state of game.

    I am a veteran of the game if only a lurker of the forums. I constantly come back to get that fix that i can not find anywhere else in the modern game market. Mabe you are right and it is just a US thing but to leave a team just because you are losing seems wrong to me so I will more than likely just go down with the ship. I think part of the issue is having to constantly relearn the game every time I come back to it because of drastic changes in both the meta and the mechanics. I personally don't want carebear zones as much as I want PVP focused areas for players to flock to. (I hate to use this but nostalgia forces me too) Example: PotBS: PVP is focus around the ports that have hostility. Basically creating "warzones" by making PVP voluntary with something like the smuggler flag but one for pvp there fore being able to be tagged anywhere and the zones where all can pvp but the rest of the map is a no go. Ports would no longer get flipped in a day but would be a several day long process of doing hostility the old way with a combined effort of PVP/PVE. I would even argue to make the entire county a PVP area but I honestly think it would help to centralize game play away from capitols. Just opinions on what I enjoy more though. Just feel like even with the low player count there is no escape from constant onlsaught especially when you have a busy life and only get a few hours a day to play (casual).
  2. Nero Akavar

    Sad state of game.

    Victor I have seen you on the forums a lot and think you would defend the game no matter what, and I understand what you are trying to say. That being said too much stacks up in the game for bad moments too often. Example- US Safe port: Charleston. The port is sooo far in the harbor that the "safe zone" barely goes past the mouth of the bay and all missions are well beyond that. Lately I have seen several players tagged within the harbor and no defense because they were tagged by a player tagging an AI and getting dragged in to the battle. Not to mention by the time you cross the harbor to make it to a fort the wind has already rotated 90 degrees into your face (#realism). Additionally people defend the action of camping capitol towns because they say that is where all the players are (AKA easy to farm) It is partly easy to farm because players don't have any of the skills unlocked for most ships because any ship they are taking out is getting killed. Especially if it is a new or returning player who is new to the system. Someone posted on here not long ago about US getting farmed to extinction and everyone seemed to beat him down saying he was just whining after a bad day when here we are a week or more later and literally every day I have been on the CT harbor has been camped along with large raiding groups stalking from Rio Seco clear to Swannsborough. Yes you will probably say that is US fault for not defending its cost but then you arrive back to the problem of with what? Yes let me take out this ship not built for PvP with no slots open and no gear on it because that makes sense! I know I know if i want PvE go to PvE server...... =_= why not combine the servers and let us trade pve marks for pvp marks at a huge rate like 50 pve for 1 pvp. At least give the already small community options of things to do other than forcing gank pvp down people's throats. I mean being a long addict of a similar game *cough* EVE.... At least in that I have insurance for partial cover of my ship, and a functioning AI system that will obliterate anyone that kills me with-in the small area that is high sec. I don't even have that here. Let me replace this ship with the non-extant gold I have lying around and go do another mission to make more gold... but wait here is the same player that killed me getting someone else with a small AI fleet dragging them into battle in the harbor with no repercussions. I for one would gladly leave the capitol area and go with other players to have fun screening for a PB for someone or just going across the beautiful world that is NA for the occasional encounter of equal pvp. There is a lot about this game I love but not enough that I could ever willingly suggest it to anyone. Pretty ships in a pretty world with flawed game play.
  3. Nero Akavar

    Sad state of game.

    I have played this game for 2 years originally starting on the PvE server at launch and moving to the PvP in a short time. After going through several server combines and constant loss of players we are now at one PvP server and a basically empty PvE server. The game play loop has gone from moderately ok to laughable. When you have nations of "ELITE" players rolling around in the best ships with the best gear hunting down everything they can find to get their fix for destruction; feeding on players both new and returning to try the game again. Stomping players who are already down to the point there is no recovery while the elites sit on millions of gold, warehouses full of supplies and ship nigh unstoppable. You can't justify it by saying go learn how pvp when there is no way to learn against people out to destroy you as a nation on the map. (because you will learn nothing against the AI) When players are getting killed within a capitol cities harbor and no matter how far away you try to get to just level a ship to be able to use it you still are found and killed whether it is when you are by yourself trying to kill a small fleet or in a group when all of a sudden a fleet of 1st rates show up to farm you....It honestly makes me sad as a huge age of sail fan because there is nothing else out there... I hate to say it but I don't think the game is worth it anymore and will never recover. (especially where its steam review is heading)
  4. Nero Akavar

    US disaster Inc.

    Got killed in the harbour with the support, was honestly probally a bug because the suport was only a few surprises. My point is yes you need to learn to play well to defend yourself but if you never learn because all you do is get ganked by groups of far more experienced people? Oh yes you will learn tons from that..... i do not want a giant safe zone but i would at least like to be able to grind out some money for a ship during the limitied time i have in a day to play. Yes some of us are casual, shocker. Does that mean people who are casual should just not play? If so oh well on to the next game. Mabe someone will come around in the future at another attempt to a naval game. PotBS was still the best. I do agree though with the people who said OP was asking for it with previous post. PvP is plenty now if you want it.
  5. Nero Akavar

    US disaster Inc.

    Honestly at this point it is literally seal clubing; if that is what you got to do to get your fix for superiority go ahead. I for one think that all it will do is like the OP said, drive people away from a great game because they can't feasible play. Especially once it gets to the point where you are killing the same people over and over who aren't even trying to fight you. Yes it is partly those players fault for going near those people more than once but if you are in the "safe zone" of CT and still someone kills you. What is the point of logging in then? At that point I would rather go play Spreadsheets in Space than stick around here; because "git gud" is not what keeps a MMO going.
  6. Nero Akavar

    US disaster Inc.

    I can understand wanting PVP and wanting something to do on a game but when it gets to the point of beating a part of a server (in this case the US) down to the point that its player don't want to trade or build the economy, do pve to get money, or go hunt for any pvp because to do any of that will just mean the loss of another ship..... Players will just get stuck in a loop (specifically new ones and returning ones) to where they will be no progression and will eventually quit unless they are one of the few stubborn ones. Especially when you are sitting at a capitol of a nation killing the player inside their safe zone because the forts do jack crap and the reinforcements don't do anything either..... *cough* Charleston. You may not be able to see the effect now but what happens when the game tries to "launch" and no new players come because there is no playable game for them... I don't see the developers running servers off of pocket change forever. It is just sad to see a game's own player base run it into the ground over time....