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  1. Patch 17: Finalization of the sailing and combat models

    I believe they are basing it off of max caliber guns which means surprise out dps a pirate frigate with carros on both ships.
  2. Snowfall

    Was this snow fall in the carribean? 😂
  3. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    When your carebear zone gets taken so you immigrate to another carebear zone
  4. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    There are 2 types of pvpers in this game. One who has to rely on a large nation to zerg people 3:1 and one who joins the small nation to fight the zerg with 3:1 odds against them. I wonder which one Reds and vco are
  5. The Death of a Nation

    Lol what’s wrong your carebear zone no longer a carebear zone?
  6. PvP Mark Appreciation Thread

    Add repairs to pvp rewards from admiralty
  7. Caribbean Invasion News

    What is wrong with flipping a port to only fight the screeners that show up? We wanted pvp at late night without begging you to come out of safe zone to fight. So we knew if we flip a port, we could kill your screeners that show up and.. we did lol. It’s so easy to do this because you are so gullible to do it. We knew you would zerg and we could get fights outside pb with the 7 people we had that were wanting pvp just around the corner from our main port in Rio seco. Don’t complain about pvp in pvp server mate. 😁 it was genius to lure people out of safe zone in fear for their port so the 7 people outside of rio seco could farm pvp marks on their own door step. Spain = easy marks. You played our game. gg
  8. Neues Paint ingame entdeckt!

    Cool paint though I want this for my lgv refit
  9. Neues Paint ingame entdeckt!

    Outlaw paint pf but no outlaw pirate mechanic.
  10. Boarding advisory 2/2/2018

    yes, actually blackbeard was known to board one ship with 3-4 different ships at the same time. there was never a rule of "cant board with 3 knot minimum" lol being boarded by multiple small nimble ships at any speed was a danger to any ship. yes it wasn't done in a minute and a half but yes, boarding is done this way just like in modern times. Somalian pirates zoom up and board in a dingy. could you imagine a frigate? 10 knots is not that fast, the coast guard boards speed boats all the time going way faster than this if anything the game for boarding is no where near historically accurate and its a good thing. if the game was historically accurate for boarding, you could board at any speed with crew risk, and multiple ships could board one ship. I don't think you want that do ya?
  11. PvP incentive

    well for the most part the only ship you cant get with materials and only pvp marks are the Hermione, wasa and lgv refit. 2 of which are irrelevant and aren't considered the "best" and the wasa is dirt cheap anyway. if cant put in the work to get 30 pvp marks, (two 5th rate kills btw) enough to get the small amount of pvp marks required to get a Bellona then I guess you deserve to build one yourself. Yes, I believe the victory marks being bought by pvp marks to be used to build 1st rates are a great thing. if these are the "best ships" your thinking of then yes, if you cant sail properly to earn kills for your nation then you don't deserve to build a 1st rate by yourself without paying a great amount of gold for it
  12. PvP incentive

    More risk, more reward. Less risk, less reward. Any more complaints?
  13. PvP incentive

    I gained 61 pvp marks yesterday, I don’t see what the whole problem is about pvp marks. Here’s what I do, I don’t join in on ts/discord. I don’t tell my friends where I’m going. I don’t ask if anyone wants to join me. I sail alone, I get a 2v1 or 1v1, I accept it even if odds are against me. I fight, manage to win, I get a massive reward. It is not hard to find pvp marks, they are everywhere. If it were a 10v1 battle, you wouldn’t get much if not any at all. The pvp mark system is based off of the one ship you killed and is split between whatever extra help you got even if it is AI or fort. Lowering the number of the squad means you share less of reward. Think of it like a bank robbery, you don’t have to compete with anyone in fight for the pvp marks, means ganks are less valuable. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told my own nation to stay out of a battle I just created to gain more in my favor if I can complete the fight on my own. How many people does it really take to defeat one person? Just one
  14. Duel Rooms, Again...

    Also add the option to stake pvp marks or money
  15. Where are vids of elites vs elites?..

    @Liang Dao Ming I’ll tell you what I will suggest we do since you are Prussian and you want to learn from what some consider as the better players in the game, you and I will both team up and ask for a 2v2 or more depending on what we get on our side or enemy side, say we battle @HachiRoku and @Otto Kohl in a 2vs2 battle with a 30 pvp mark pot using whatever 5th rate we want to use and make it a “no kill” battle, tap out only and we entertain ourselves like this for a couple of hours and answer whatever question you or anyone else has, for fun.