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  1. Infantry Guide to UG:CW

    I use 2 skirmisher brigades in my 1st Corps...at Malvern Hill they racked up 1000 kills each without taking any losses.
  2. Other Ways to Purchase?

  3. Army Management for new players

    Yeahm pretty much the way I do it. For example at Malvern Hill you WILL need you most elite units from the start of the battle if you want to hold the line. But at Antietam you want your elite brigades to come in as reinforcements, because you have to charge the enemy in the second phase of the battle and the first phase will have exhausted and depleted your elite units if you sent them in.
  4. Infantry Guide to UG:CW

    I am missing a clear distinction between skirmishers and regular infinatry. And yes, you should put the Lorenz in. In my opinion the best rifle to arm federal assault infantry. As it is accurate and has ok damage while being also good at meele and cheap, it is perfect for an elite (3 star) assault brigade. By the way, rifles make detached skirmishers really, really good. Not to the point they can replace regular skirmishers with sniper rifles, but it boosts their efficiency quite a bit. Oh, and a few elite brigades with Henry rifles are awesome for flanking and pouring rapid fire into the enemys rear. For my typical way of arming units, I mostly arm my units with rifles as early as possible. At least a few. Also they are armed in a pretty uniform way if possible, except for two or three 3-star brigades which act as dedicated assault infantry with Lorenz rifles.
  5. The Artillerist's Guide to Ultimate General: Civil War

    For Gaines Mill they are ok, at Malvern Hill (the battle directly afterwards) I would recommend at least one battery of 12-16 24-pounder Howitzers, these things are worth their weight in gold in defensive battles were the rebs try to break through your lines. At this point I also have one battery of 16 20pdr Parrots which are not as good as the howitzers on short range, but make up for that with their incredible high case shot range. I just fought the Gaines Mill in my Let's Play with my 2nd Corps only armed with 10pdr Ordnance (3-inch rifles) and 4 brigades of infantry with rifles, the rest armed with 1842s or Palmettos. If you have good cover you don't necessarily need rifles.
  6. Hjalfnar fighting for the Union!

    The Pensinula Campaign has failed and the retreating Federal forces are under constant pressure by General Lees rebels! Williams troops, protecting the right flank of the Army of the Potomac have to stop the relentless advance of the Confederates and make their stand near a mill owned by Dr. Gaines...
  7. UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    This exploit is known. First of all...it is an exploit, so don't use it. xD Second, as far as I know they are trying to fix that.
  8. Small guide for officers

    Yeah. Look at my signature.
  9. Can't Play Gaines Mill round, am I stuck?

    Yeah. Sorry to say that, but if you with this small army don't have enough money and recruits to get at least 2-3 full corps on the field...well then you mismanaged badly. At this point with the union I usually have 3 full corps, 2 of which are mostly armed with rifles. I know the confederates get less money and recruits, but still. Edit: Just asking: You went full on veterancy, right? Believe me, more then 2-3 units of Infantry vets is a waste. Cav and artillery should be veterans always, but the rest...my 2nd Corps always only gets recruits, as does the 3rd, and 1st Corps only 3 brigades get always veterans for reinforcement.
  10. UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Just noticed with a slight shock the GameStar, the biggest german PC games mag, hasn't done a test yet. I am urging all my friends to write them so they test UG:CV. This game deserves credit and the devs a load of money, dammit.
  11. Ancestor's Units During Historic Game Play

    Still hoping for a German Unification Wars version...weapon mechanics would be very similar, but most units would have to act like skirmishers, with most of them armed with fast firing breech-loaders. And I would have another reason to dig through my family tree...xD
  12. Hjalfnar fighting for the Union!

    The rebels are trying to break through the Unions lines at Seven Pines! 2nd Corps is sent in to stabilize the front!
  13. Ancestor's Units During Historic Game Play

    As a German I can't do this in UGCV, but I know what you mean. I did something like that in Commander: The Great War and HoI3 WW1 Mod, as I know of at least one great grandfathers unit during WW1. I know of a load of my ancestors fighting in WW2...but honestly I don't want them "in the game". I know what happened to them and their units, and it is no pleasant story as they were all on the eastern front...additionally so if the WW2 game is well done and displays the war realistical.
  14. An absolute gem of a game. but it has a steep learning curve.

    Actually your losses decrease if you increase your brigade sizes, at least in the early campaign, because your units are more capable of doing real damage to the enemy.
  15. Vren55's Ultimate General Civil War Guide 1.0+ Updated

    Hey! I have to add something to your assessment of the Brigadier General skill "Tactics". I got this on my Alter Ego, and in combination with the "Endurance Course" skill it is astonishing how fast your infantry (don't get me talking about the cavalry with "Horseback riding", insane!) gets. Already in the battle of Philippi my units were so much faster I was able to catch all skirmishers, in the first battle of Bull Run my units ran down the left side of the Rebs and were able to fire and retreat before the enemy units could return fire. I would almost say the combination of these skills is OP.