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  1. UG Civil War’s Future

    Most likely UG: Napoleon, or at least it will be set in this time. The asked on their facebook page if they should do a UGN or UG US Revolutionary War, and the vast majority voted for UGN.
  2. Hjalfnar fighting for the Union! (brigadier difficulty)

    Finally got to 2nd Bull Run, a battle that I am always tempted to draw out longer...but not this time! The 2nd Corps under the Command of Major General Ulysses S. Grant charges straight for the hill!
  3. Ian got another weapon in his hands that is present in the game.
  4. Hjalfnar fighting for the Union! (brigadier difficulty)

    This was one of the most exciting battles. The AI constantly suprises me, no matter how often I play this battle and no matter on which side. Longstreet tries to reinforce Jackson in Manassas. The 2nd Corps under Grant has to stop him at Thoroughfare Gap!
  5. Army Management for new players

    I have no idea what Jamesk2 is talking about. I had the same experience as you, guidon.
  6. UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Short feedback on recent AI changes: Just recorded the Battle of Thouroughfare Gap, minor engagement, for my Union Let's Play. I played this battle a few times and almost always the AI charges straight for my centre, getting encircled by my flanking units. This changed after the last patches. I noticed the AI went more for my flanks, trying to push them out of the woods. But this time...first the AI tried the same and seemed to push on my north western flank. After its skirmishers had been beaten back though, it ACTUALLY CHANGED PLANS(!!!), moved all but one infantry brigade and the skirmishers to the centre and charged up the road, catching me by surprise. I was able to hold this charge but there was a second wave pushing my now weaker south eastern flank, driving it back and actually routing one brigade. Took me some time to get my line in back in shape and for a while the battle was quite chaotic. I liked this extremly, excellent work!
  7. Who's Your Favorite General?

    Well, obviously August Willich, first commanding officer of the 32nd Indiana "First German", probably the best trained all-German regiment of the Union army. Nicknamed "Papa" (dad) for caring so much about his men. I cite Wikipedia for further stuff: The 32nd saw action at Shiloh on the second day, during which Col. Willich displayed great leadership. When his troops became unsteady under fire, he stood before them, his back to the enemy, and conducted the regiment through the manual of arms. He had the regimental band play "La Marseillaise", the anthem for all republican movements in Europe. Recovering its stability, the 32nd launched a bayonet attack. Willich was promoted to brigade command. The 32nd remained in his brigade, under command of von Trebra and, later, Frank Erdelmeyer. His brigade later played a major role at Liberty Gap. During the Siege of Chattanooga, the 32nd played a conspicuous part, as Willich's Brigade captured Orchard Knob. Willich ordered the assault up Missionary Ridge. The 32nd Indiana and the 6th Ohio were the first to reach the top. While later his veterans wouldn't re-enlist because of the shit Hooker had thrown their way, though the all-German units had fought valiantly during the Battle of Chancelorsville, he fought through the Atlanta Campaign, was wounded and received his brevet promotion to major general of volunteers at the end of the war. He returned to Germany in 1870 because he wanted to serve in the prussian army during the Franco-German War, but they didn't want him because of his communist views (he had tried to kill Karl Marx in London for being too conservative LOL!). So instead he studied philosophy, graduated at the age of sixty from the university of Berlin and returned to the US to die in St. Marys, Ohio.
  8. Could the game stop breaking the experience?

    Same for me, I also started with AoE1 xD .I did actually do some beta testing for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada (also a bit of translation there), Hearts of Iron IV and TW: WARHAMMER. Ok, the latter two only because I write for a small german online strategy game mag, but still. Would love to help the guys making an even better game, thought UG:CV eclipses every other tactics game I ever played, even Medieval 2.
  9. AppData is a hidden system folder, though. So you won't find it without deactivating the insivibility.
  10. Could the game stop breaking the experience?

    Well, they just asked us on their FB site if we want UG: Napoleon or UG: American Revolution. I have this feeling the base of the next game is already laid.
  11. UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Yeah, had this in EA with an infantry brigade...
  12. Ok, after much consideration: UG: Napoleonic Wars and some DLCs like Peninsula Campaign and American Revolutionary War.
  13. Hjalfnar fighting for the Union! (brigadier difficulty)

    The 2nd Manassas Campaign has begun, and already the Rebels have bypassed the defence line along the Rappahannock River. Now they are threatening the supply lines of the Union army. 1st Corps is dispatched to deal with this situation...once and for all!
  14. UG:CV Steamcard artworks / wallpapers

    Just in case someone likes these:
  15. Not asking, but rather showing something quite awesome. Whitworth 1860 sniper rifle.