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  1. Will there be a multiplayer aspect to the game?

    There won't be any. The game is finished, they have started working on the next one.
  2. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    That would be abusable, too. I mean, even on Legendary it is possible to make 10k POWs at 1st Bull Run.
  3. LAVA's Legendary Union Campaign

    You only ever receive 1000 recruits for your POWs, because in Early Access some CSA players abused this system to get huge numbers of recruits early game.
  4. I just started my first run on MG, and how I did this in the first attempt is as follows: one skirmishers and a detached skirmishers go up the hill to fight the two enemy skirmisher units on the cliffs, while the brigade and the other skirmishers go for the third CSA skirmisher unit in the forest in the east. Go in slowly, you want your reinformencts to arrive. When they do, let the cav circle around the hill and cut off the skirmishers on their retreat. I was able to destroy one skirmisher unit this way. In the meantime all your infantry brigades, artillery and the skirmishers should head for the northern bridge. Move in the skirmishers first, take cover in the small forest area right next to the bridge and start blazing away at the enemy in the forifications. Move up the cannons for canister shot, and the infantry too, just stay closer with the skirmishers so they get fired upon. As soon as the enemy brigade routes, charge across the river with all the infantry brigades, followed by the skirmishers and go straight for the victory point. Move up the cannons for support. Now sit down on the point, two brigades facing south, one east, the skirmishers flanking any enemy unit trying to push you and your artillery pummeling the enemy with cannisters. Worked for me.
  5. Game Still Won't Open, all proposed solutions attempted

    Ah ok...well my alltime favourites are C&C1/2/Generals, Fallout 2 and the DoW series. By now I have become an expert in looking up fixes and workaround via Google to get them running on a new OS. Funny enough you usually find a way, and as WinXP is not really working with any of the games I play most of the time nowadays (CK2, EU4, UGCW, Panzer Corps, TW:Warhammer2,HoI3,WoWs,Stellaris) and it is just not save for someone using the internet to such an extend as I do...and old OS is not really an option.
  6. UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Just asking...since when is my avatar ins this game?! Just noticed one of my brigades is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Willich...
  7. Hjalfnar fighting for the Union! (brigadier difficulty)

    It's been a while, huh? Yeah, life's busy with two kids, a new house, a new dog and some 30 new fishes, prawns and Axolotl. xD At least this is what these things are called in Germany, pretty cute. Nevermind, this was not really the reason for my long absence. I have been in contact with a big Austrian military history youtube channel, maybe some of you know Military History Visualized, for quite a while now. For some reason he liked my gaming videos, we talked, played a few games together and while doing this we had the idea for a new YT channel. There are quite a few people out there making videos about historical movies, the most successful is History Buff. So some of MHVs fans, knowing he was into gaming, asked him for advice which games are at least partially historical accurate. And this is excactly, what my new channel does now, checking games out for the base historical accuracy, but also immersion. It took some time to set it up and work out how it should be done (actually, I am still adjusting quite a few things), but in December the first video went live and was a stunning success. By now, it is at 10.000 views (Call of Duty: WW2) and the second one, released last month, is close to 9000. At the same time I gained over 2000 subs with only two videos, so I think there is some potential. Sadly this has forced me to stop recording other games until now, because you sometimes really need to do quite some research on very specific stuff where internet sources are just not reliable (for example the number of certain captured weapons the Germans used in WW2). I am trying to at least finish my ongoing video series', especially for UG:CW (which is of course one of games HGV will cover in the next months, and one of the few with a chance to get the VERIFIED stamp!). To cut a long story short: sorry for the long delay, I'll release the next HGV vid in a few days and at the same time I am pushing through the Union campaign on Major General to get to the point where I was. So I think new let's play videos will be showing up in around two weeks. Thänk you for reading!
  8. Tips for new players

    Not new, just coming back after 2 months...does the first artillery skill with the additional ammo work now?
  9. Game Still Won't Open, all proposed solutions attempted

    Well, I've upgraded my PC multiple times over the past years (though it is reaching its limit) and it started of with WinVista (pre-installed), was upgraded to Win7 and later upgraded to Win10. So, why would you keep using XP, as today a computer with an internet connection and Windows XP is nothing more than a giant "HI I WANT TO GET HACKED; SCAMMED AND ABUSED AS A BOT!" sign for any black hat out there.
  10. Started thinking about 7 Years War...could also be pretty cool. Still strongly supporting German Unification Wars, though.
  11. Game Still Won't Open, all proposed solutions attempted

    On Steam the game descriptions states the oldest supported OS ist Windows 7 32bit. So no WinXP support.
  12. UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    1) Believe me, for the CSA these are extremly important. And you get 1000 recruits for 600 POWs because the CSA soldiers are better. Because CSA players exploited the mechanic they limited it to 1000. 2) Never experienced that. 3) Ok, I only played in English. xD maybe I should have checked the German translation... 4) Maybe because the real battle was kind of a draw, too. Yes, the Confederates won...but they (or more precisely Bragg) did not exploit his victory. A draw would have had pretty much the same consequences as the CSA victory had.
  13. UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    I urged them for months to do this, they finally did. The biggest german games magazine, GameStar, has finally tested UGCV and they like it a lot. Yes, 79% does not sound that good. But there is a reason most AAA titles get rather harsh valuations in Germany. Even the most revered titles like Half-Life 2 or Medieval 2: Total War only got 91 or 89%. 79% is very, very good for a small independent game like UGCV. Great work! http://www.gamestar.de/spiele/ultimate-general-civil-war/wertung/54382.html
  14. As CSA politics and AO should be your top priority. Medicine, economics and training are next. Politics determines how much money and recruits you get after every battle and is also very important with the Union.
  15. Best Way to Screencapture UG:CW?

    I use Mirillis Action!, neat tool. Was even able to capture Fallout 1 with it after fiddling around a bit.