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  1. Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf

    Historical accuracy of the game

    @Sanny For harassing artillery and supplies I usually use skirmisher cav, I might use skirmishers with fast loading rifles in the future, but I don't really have so far. @Captain Jean-Luc Picard ...I would love to do videos about these games, and I might at some point. The problem is these are so huge and detailed, I sometimes don't really see them as games anymore but actual simulations of the timeframe they are depicting. There is no question these "games" would get a "verified" rating on my channel. xD Just because they are so huge and detailed it will take me ages to get used to them. I already own a few, like WITE. But they are so far apart from what I usually play I just couldn't find the time to really try them out, and this will keep me from making videos about them for quite some time.
  2. Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf

    Historical accuracy of the game

    The skirmishers are actually sharpshooters, or at least that is the only efficient way of playing them. For Shiloh as the CSA...well...put points into politics and increase your army size next time.
  3. Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf

    Historical accuracy of the game

    Thank you for your answers, guys! Your points are great additions to my list, now I hope I will be able to finish the video before I head of to England, but I doubt it. BTW...my last major video was about CoD: World at War and ouch, that hurt. In comparison UGCW is almost realistic. xD
  4. Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf

    Historical accuracy of the game

    Hey guys! Some of you might know I run a youtube channel that has only a single purpose: To show people those games that are historical accurate...or not. Next on my list is UGCW. Now the problem is that while I am far more informed on the US civil war than most Europeans, that does not mean much as the average European knows virtually nothing about it...if he even knows there was a civil war. So, I would like to know from you guys here what are the points in the game that you deem historical accurate or at least abstracted in a way that makes sense, and of course also those things thatin your eyes are absolutely not historical accurate. On my list so far are: Accurate: battlefields available generals campaign progression (largely at least) Not accurate: losses weapons AI failing to retreat Please let me know your opinion as I only have a few days left to do the video before I have to head over to England for the Tankfest.
  5. Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    It does?! Since when? I'm honest, I checked this the last time under 1.07 or 1.08, and there it did not work, batteries with the perk ran out of ammo just as fast as batteries without it.
  6. Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Does this mean the Artillery perk for 50% more supply does work now? It is not specifically mentioned in the patch notes.
  7. Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf

    2nd Bull Run

    Yeah, 2nd Bull Run on the Union side is a good example. Don't attack at all in the small skirmish before the main battle begins, you are outnumbered and the skirmish will exhaust and deplete your vanguard units. And during the first day of the battle, push as hard as possible because it is possibly to seize the hill and end the fight long before your reinforcements arrive.
  8. Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf

    Union Legendary Campaign - Take 2 - Completed

    Interesting, on my new Major General playthrough most of the enemies were 2000-2800 and two stars...
  9. Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf

    Spend money or veterans or quipment

    Depends on the side. For confederates keeping a broader base of veteran units is more important than for the Union, with the Union you only need one or two divisions of harded veterans for fortification assaults in the late campaign. I usually go more for equipment. Some veterans to keep the vet level (at least level 1 is advised), rest recruits, and sooner or later descend rifles.
  10. Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf

    UG:G works fine with xp32bit will This game behave the same?

    Well I know a friend of mine can play UG:CW with his Win7 32bit netbook. The problem isn't the supported bitrate, but your old OS. A lot of modern games won't run on it. UGCW is certainly 32bit compatible, but it is not WinXP compatible.
  11. Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf

    UG:G works fine with xp32bit will This game behave the same?

    It might probably not work, someone stated in the tech forum the game is not working on his old WinXP system.
  12. Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf


    Problem is, I think the maps are handdrawn, and not build with terrain assets and such. While I would love an editor, I don't think this would work.
  13. Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf

    Loose cannons

    Clicking properly? Never noticed this...
  14. Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf

    flanking and running units

    To be honest, I never experienced this "bug"...I am pretty sure you might just have been hit by long range skirmishers, as these are able to fire from for example a forest without getting spotted.
  15. Hjalfnar_Feuerwolf

    Will there be a multiplayer aspect to the game?

    There won't be any. The game is finished, they have started working on the next one.