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  1. Capn Rocko

    My port, my monopoly.

    Just like port battle entry, the clans should be able to control who puts contracts in their ports. Options could be: 1) All nation 2) Friendly clans 3) Clan only This would solve 2 things: 1) alts could no longer be used to buy valuable resources 2) More players would fight over important ports. @Teutonic its a big problem for rare crafting resources. Go to LH/nassau/cartegena/etc. and see the players names who have contracts and are stealing resources from the clans/nations who own those ports. I am sure there are many ports that do not have this problem, but if population ever rises or other patches are implemented, it could potentially be a problem for those ports.
  2. Capn Rocko

    Game-Labs should take responsibility for voice

    Discord works great. I would hate to see what game labs would come up with for voice comms πŸ˜‚
  3. Capn Rocko

    Reduce the crew numbers on the indiaman

    In my experience I rarely see 3 ship Indiaman fleets that are fully crewed. For example: main ship will have full crew but other 2 fleet ships will only have 80. I actually attacked someone the other day who had 2 sailors on one of his fleet indiaman. I also see basic cutters towing indiamans a lot too. I would be more happy to see these issues fixed.
  4. Capn Rocko

    Reduce the crew numbers on the indiaman

    You can always equip less crew on your indiaman if you feel crew is being wasted πŸ˜‰
  5. Capn Rocko

    2 banished people are 1 too many!

    Who's banished berzerk?
  6. Capn Rocko

    The (almost) forever war. Pirates vs Prussia

    forum PvP is the best. it always comes down to the dankest meme stash. So far Banished is winning 😎
  7. Capn Rocko

    The (almost) forever war. Pirates vs Prussia

    noobs πŸ˜‰
  8. Capn Rocko

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    Requin shouldn't be able to tag Ocean imo
  9. Capn Rocko


    I hope the developers do not rush the release and take their time adding content to make the game more appealing to a wider audience. A bigger emphasis on trading, base building, outlaws, raids, safe zones, and the many other suggestions being put forth. i think the worst thing they can do is release the game early with plans on developing the game further after release. Let's build a finished product.
  10. Capn Rocko

    predator of the requin needed

  11. Capn Rocko

    predator of the requin needed

    It would be much easier to remove the ship from the game. Did this ship even sail in the Caribbean?
  12. Capn Rocko

    predator of the requin needed

    It's a good suggestion for requin vs requin but not for requin vs any other ship. It's already a pain in the arse when you have to fight a requin when you are not also in a requin. This would just encourge more people to hunt in the requin.
  13. Capn Rocko

    Boarding as Secondary Option