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  1. I'm not demanding anything. Rear Admirals can do what they want. But they will not use new players as an excuse to get the buffs they want if I can help it.
  2. I agree with you on that. But I will note that 80% of the time I find Rear Admirals (or similar top rank) tagging AI in the reinforcement zone. Maybe I have good luck, or maybe this is just the case. Protect the brand new players, sure. But increase protection for max rank players, no thanks. Give the new players a PvE only zone (that they cannot leave or profit from in any way) for the first x amount of ranks. I can get on board with something like that. But the minute US Rear Admirals want more protection in safe zone, I will start fighting.
  3. Did you even read anything I said? LOL
  4. Capn Rocko

    Regional Bonuses for RvR

    Let's bring more meaning to RvR and make the special trim types "regional bonuses" again. There's only a handful of ports in the game worth fighting for these days and until an economy update is made (which will likely be never at this rate) this is a simple solution. For those not familiar with the old system: each county/region has a specific trim type when crafting ships (ex: every port near Grand Turk gets fast trim) The majority of the ports on the map are either not making money, losing money, or just plain useless. By bringing back regional bonuses, many of these non-productive ports can be given purpose once again. Not to mention who enjoys RNG?
  5. Then teach them not to get ganked in reinforcement zone lol. This could be lesson #1 in training clan. I'm not saying it's the solution to everything but you cant say it's not a good idea. (Well I guess you can lol) You claim it's the reason players have left the game. I agree that some have rage quit because of safe zones but many PvP veterans are also not playing the game currently. We have 2 inactive clans in Prussia that were PvPing daily and filling PBs just months ago. The fact is people quit for different reasons. I would argue that the.number 1 reason is boredom. Any negative experience in the game can cause a bored player to quit no matter how small. I just find this thread funny in general. The OP had a pretty good original suggestion and the US players turned it into their safe zone problem 😆
  6. It took 2 replies before the "buff safezones" guys came out of the woodwork 😆 I'd rather see the developers give the clans more tools to train their members, such as duel rooms. In addition, id like to see all new players be placed in a "training clan" (a chosen clan in each nation) that exists solely to train new players. I believe the devs are talking about doing something similar to this already. This way, all new players start the game in the best possible position to learn and master the game.
  7. Capn Rocko

    Port tavern message board for all

    Cool idea!
  8. Capn Rocko

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Poor leadership is not an excuse for wasting our time. All I can say is remember what happened last time the US didn't show up to a port battle... xD
  9. Capn Rocko

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Its funny, the act of the multiflip was the reason so many screeners voluneered their efforts today. Had it only been 1 PB the pirates wouldn't have even showed up. The only good thing the multiflip did was force us to send our B team to New Symerna which gave your A team a fighting chance. What baffles me most is why the US did not bother to send a PB fleet to Rio Seco. We didn't even have screeners there. All you had to do is sail right in and fight an evenly-matched battle.
  10. Capn Rocko

    The Art of the Grapple (Boarding Improvements)

    Why not? it takes no time to do
  11. Capn Rocko

    The Art of the Grapple (Boarding Improvements)

    I think its fine. Out of all the improvements that I would like to see made, grapple is not even on the list. It takes seconds to tack through the wind in battle, why shouldn't it take seconds to pull a ship into boarding?
  12. Where are the patch notes for today's update?
  13. Capn Rocko

    A Re-take to Regional Bonuses

    Bring back outlaw battles
  14. Capn Rocko

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    Getting off topic... but Prepared should not be a perk imo. I currently don't use it and get by just fine, but it never made sense why it was a perk in the first place. Shouldn't all battles start with cannons loaded?
  15. Capn Rocko

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    I have numerous examples of 30% being too much but do not have the time or energy to explain when solid arguements have already been made. I think the morale of the story is: if you are not PREPARED to fend off a boarding attempt then you shouldn't be able to deny boarding. Also I'm curious as to what this obvious whole new boarding process would be? I think a few tweaks are needed, but a mini game is about the best we get without actually having avatars with swords and pistols.