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  1. Capn Rocko


    Bring back Radio KPR!
  2. Capn Rocko

    Mission changes

    There's like 5-10 important ports in the game. I don't see this brining any value to 95% of the ports.
  3. Capn Rocko

    Mission changes

    Who is making the decisions for these goals? What kind of rewards are we looking at? A lot of politics are involved in RvR and randomly asking nations to take random ports will surely backfire at some point. Although chaos is fun 😀
  4. Capn Rocko

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    Wind definitely gave us a fighting chance in that battle. If I remember correctly, the US had 900+ points by the time we engaged them. We couldn't have won the battle without the wind change, but we still had to make smart choices and defeat our opponent quickly. On the other hand, wind was very unfavorable in the recent battle for Baracoa to the point we almost beached ourselves fighting for position. By no means would I blame the loss on wind change, but it definitely made it more difficult on us. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that wind is a big factor in battles and I know first hand how the changes can lead to less than ideal decisions. But blaming a loss entirely on wind is just silly. Surely different choices could have been made to alter the outcome (different ships, spawn point, tacking through the wind, etc.). After all, the starting wind can be predicted rather accurately prior to the PB. I haven't seen a video of the North Inlet battle so it is hard to say what could have been done differently. But from my perspective: the French had to fight a very difficult opponent, in a very difficult situation, in a very difficult port layout. It would be surprising if they had won. Maybe the Kidds Harbour PB will give the French a chance to redeem themselves.
  5. Capn Rocko

    Nerf all Mods to promote NA

    Or that too. If you want a 15.5 knot ship it should be fir wood IMO
  6. Capn Rocko

    Nerf all Mods to promote NA

    Get rid of Elite Pirate/Spanish refits and I think you will find more balance. The normal versions are fine and I don't think every upgrade needs an "elite" version. For instance, its probably a good thing we don't have "Elite Copper Plating". Overall, I like the mods and wood types the way they are. I am having fun in the game and enjoy the variety of builds people come up with.
  7. Capn Rocko

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    Not a bug.. but possibly an unintended design flaw: On the ship repair screen, you can press "A" and "D" to move the crew slider. This is annoying when leaving a battle and needing to repair crew/armour/sail damage quickly while running away from revenge fleets. Once I leave battle, I usually have to turn my ship with the "A" and "D" keys and if i am using the "A" key, to turn left, then I am lowering my crew slider at the same time. Not a huge deal, but kinda annoying.
  8. Capn Rocko

    Grief Fleets

    I'm talking about when I turn to fight and the player runs away but keeps tagging from a distance, then I give up and turn around, then the player turns around (now chasing me) and continues tagging. This repeats itself for 1.5 hours. I can't fight and I can't leave. I don't mind getting mobbed (in fact I enjoy it) but this is completely different, pure griefing, and should be punishable. Go home.
  9. Capn Rocko

    Improved chat interface ingame

    Messages with enemies in OW should be allowed if agreed by both players.
  10. Capn Rocko

    Grief Fleets

    Shooting sails at a distance for extended lengths of time just to keep players in battle should be a punishable offense. Period.
  11. Capn Rocko

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Considering not much has been done to fix the tutorial and OW UI despite all of the great suggestions/feedback, I'm not even excited about the port UI. No matter how long it takes, it will be an unpolished product that will take another year to fix.
  12. Capn Rocko

    Enable Full Pay to Win

    Give me more outposts. P2W or not, give now!
  13. Capn Rocko

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    The 24hr time drives me crazy too lol. My clanmates will say something like "PB at 21:00"... then I have to subtract 21 from 12 then subtract 5 to figure out what time it is here
  14. Capn Rocko

    Protect newbs from themselves

    I came here to talk about newbie clans but you had to turn this into another "poor US" thread. ggwp. With my experience in Prussia, new players get ignored unless they speak German so they have absolutely no one to teach them the game. Not to mention, they are forced to start the game at Shroud Cay (one of the most popular free ports in the game for every nation). I can't speak for Poland or Russia but I'm sure it's a similar experience. This is where Flinch is coming from in his forum post. I think each nation should have a dedicated newbie clan that every new player is automatically added to (and can leave at any time). The point is to help teach the basics and get players connected with each other. Kinda like an academy. I can't think of a better idea for player retention.