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  1. Problems such as these can be reported here: http://forum.game-labs.net/forum/38-support/ Sh*tposting on an announcements page will not help your situation. I have (surprisingly) found the developers helpful when dealing with technical problems.
  2. The game is not ruined, its not perfect, but definitely not ruined. Our clan has players in every continent and we experience zero ping issues. Not sure how the game is a grind, I haven't done a single PvE mission or trade run in last 8-10 months... the game is what you make of it and if you decide you need to grind (and quit the game because of it), then that's not the developer's problem. They are not asking people to commit to the game, they are politely asking players to spend 5-10 minutes in the next month to clear out their redeemables. With the time it took you to write these forum posts, you could have unpacked your stuff. Good day sir.
  3. too hard for new players

    Joining a clan like KOTO will lead you to believe that you need to run missions to progress through the game. This is simply not true. Yes it is useful for the first few ranks, but you can earn much more money and get the same amount of experience from PvP. Don't let players trick you into thinking you need expensive ships and upgrades to PvP. For every skilled captain in an expensive ship, there are 20 players in fir/fir trash ships waiting to be sunk. Not to mention, it's the only true way to get better at combat in the game. It all depends on your priorities, just pointing out there are other options than the current course you are on
  4. Ships should be in alphabetical order in craft screen

    @Gregory Rainsborough is talking about the ship crafting menu. The suggestion is to organize the ship names alphabetically from top to bottom. Currently the names are random and not intuitive when looking for a specific ship to craft. This is something that has bothered me for awhile but never said anything in hopes that the new UI will fix this issue.
  5. Its strange the developers decided to make demasting easier when it was not a problem before. I always felt that mast thickness was one of the few things in the game that was perfectly tuned, it makes no sense to me why they lowered it.
  6. The merge happened like 3 months ago... unpack your stuff in a free town and use your 30 days deciding on a nation. You could spend a week in each nation and pick the one you like the most (just an idea). Just be thankful admin gave us a month notice, I can only imagine the storage space being used on afk players' redeemable inventories
  7. BR Hello Kitted + RoE

    Especially since the hp has been buffed
  8. BR Hello Kitted + RoE

    Yeah but Trinco, Endymion, and Indefat are off limits and very common. The current system encourages ganking and punishes solo hunting.
  9. BR Hello Kitted + RoE

    I have been asking for a fix for awhile now. It drives me crazy I cannot tag 5th rates in my Prince.
  10. Angling means nothing if ship is made of fir : P My T/T trinc was bouncing shots (angled) from an ingermanland last night.
  11. I didn't say that there's anything wrong with being a carebear or PvE. I sympathize with you that other areas of the game are being ignored and agree they should be improved. But the fact is PvP and RvR are the sole focus of this early access game that we are playing and if you take away those rewards, then that severely limits our content which has taken the developers 2-3 years to get to this point.
  12. Spoken like a true carebear Do people cheat? Yes, it's human nature, but it's only a small percentage of the game population and they risk getting reported every time they do so. PvP and Victory marks are better for the game as a whole, it has been proven twice now. I would quit the game at this point if PvP marks were removed. If you want more econ and PvE content, then go suggest it in the proper discussion. I will agree with you there. But removing PvP content is not the way to progress the game (imo)
  13. Agreed. Get the bots out of hostility grind and get the deep water ships out of the damn shallows!
  14. Patch 15: Tutorial testing and many other things

    @admin is there any reason that shipbuilding RNG was decided instead of returning crafting regions?