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  1. LGV Pirate refit

    Not crying at all Each time i was ganked, it opened up a 1v1 battle for my fleet mate lol
  2. LGV Pirate refit

    We all know this is how Russians PvP
  3. LGV Pirate refit

    Back on topic... As a PLGV owner, I would say that it is a great novelty ship. It is a beautiful ship to sail and its black paint job alone is enough to strike fear into your enemies hearts. Performance wise, there is much to be desired. The biggest downside is the lack of firepower, which makes ship handling and speed very important. We have experimented with several different setups and there are still unique ways to sail this ship, but it is not near as good as it was upon release. I am curious to see if any changes are made during the upcoming 5th rate rebalance. Overall, I'm glad I spent the marks on the ship. If you are expecting a superior battle ship, then I would not recommend it.
  4. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    And how do they know our ships are not fir? This screen shot is just one example, not a blanket statement. These situations reoccur every day (often times with me in a fir ship) What do you suggest should be done @Fargo? Or do you think that battles should only be fought 3v1?
  5. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    The biggest problem I am running into is players retreating from 1v1 and 2v2 battles. If players are scared of evenly-matched fights, then there is something fundamentally wrong with this game (or the collective mentality). I think this suggestion would go a long way in encouraging fair fights and should be implemented asap. Here is an example from last night, where 2 Frenchies had sailed to KPR only to run away from a fair fight:
  6. Mast Hits

    Seems logical to me. +1
  7. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    This has been suggested before and I think it is a no-brainer. However, I would suggest that smaller BR wins do not award more than 100% of the possible PvP marks. By giving smaller ships more possible marks, it will only encourage more ganking in 6th rates. For example, if 3 Snows attack a Wasa (150 BR vs 250) they would still yeild more than 100% of the possible marks (according to your suggestion).
  8. Change to BR attack limits

    Update: Prince/Snow cannot attack Endymion. It is worse than I thought...
  9. Reinforcement Zones PVP1/2

    100% agreed. max rank players in 1st rates shouldn't be able to hide inside reinforcement zones. The cutoff should be somewhere around Master and Commander... by that point, new players should have a handle on the game. I actually wouldn't mind seeing the reinforcement zones buffed for new players if something like is was implemented. But as long as max-ranked carebears are protected, I have to agree with @Pagan Pete
  10. @admin Patch notes please?
  11. Eliminate small ship griefing

    @Malachy put down the Connie and give 6th rates a try They are the only true pirate ships in the game besides the LGV refit (which is not worth sailing now) and maybe the Surprise/Reno. Do this for a day and I'll sail a Connie for a week
  12. Change to BR attack limits

    If I recall correctly, the restriction was added to prevent small ships from screening port battle fleets. If that is the sole purpose, then I certainly think there is room for adjustment here. Without clarification from the developers, it's hard to tell their true intentions.
  13. Change to BR attack limits

    Sorry I misread your post at first. The ratio appears to be 1 ship class above the ship you are sailing. For example, the biggest ship a 6th rate can attack is a 5th rate
  14. Change to BR attack limits

    150 BR vs. 625 BR Similar to a 5th rate trying to attack a 1st rate, which is very do-able