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    Flipped over and sunk after being rammed

    Hi So i was attacking a fleet to get my slots open on the inger .. half way in the battle i get the Notes on Best Rudder Angles and then i'm rammed by a backwards sailing constitution which then throws me ship in the air few hundred meters and i land upside-down losing the notes and everything i had onboard I managed to snap a few screenshots while i was falling The ship was cab/sab very agile inger with no significant mods on it . But could i get compensation for the notes pls? I've already done the F11 bug report shortly after dying thanks
  2. John Sheppard

    Sail Management IMPORTANT

    that exactly is what i'm asking for
  3. John Sheppard

    Sail Management IMPORTANT

    actually it WAS done historically every time a ship had to tack .. granted they weren't removing ALL of the square sails but they did remove most of them and they depowered the spanker and trimmed staysails we do not have any of those controls so atleast to lower the ammount of square sails would be nice we are currently doing this by going in battle sails which helps even 1st rates come out of the tack with 2-3 knots positive speed but going in battle sails has side effect that you lose some of the staysails as well and no seeing a ship going at 2 knots upwind with staysails would not make me believe that it has a diesel engine coz the staysails work much like an aircraft wing they create high pressure on windward side and low pressure on the other thus pushing the ship away and the hull of the ship or in fact a special pusher plate would help to convert that into forward movement i see no logic going 50 degrees in wind with those giant airbrakes on (square sails)
  4. John Sheppard

    Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    no not really too lazy for that but bellona's mast is 102 that means middle section is 76cm and 24lb penetration at 750m is 75cm .. pretty close just need to be a few meters closer or 32pd have 85 @ 750 and 71 @ 1000
  5. John Sheppard

    Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    yes i know that i was doing that also specially oceans were prone to this more than others but .. all i'm saying is that there was actually a maximum distance where your shots wouldn't penetrate anymore .. now there isn't and for top masts ok .. but there's no way you could take off the middle section off a lineship close to or at the limit of your range certainly not with a 24pd armed ship from 1000m away . now it's only a matter of putting enough shots in
  6. John Sheppard

    Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    After testing for few days now i find that the mast thickness nerf was a mistake . now we see lineships ships shooting at top masts form 1 mile + away and after few broadside taking them down just as before .. only now on longer distances like others stated the increase in HP is meaningless coz now with lower thickness more guns can penetrate the masts thus the damage per broadside is much higher .. sometimes twice as high as before shooting at masts from such a long range and doing any damage is unrealistic . besides the fact that the masts were really thick historically the fact that they are round and have a very smooth surface means that every shot that is not aimed directly at the center of the mast will bounce off .. tangent shots can't do any damage but in the game they do so pls increase the thickness back to 120+ to simulate real world i don't think any ship would waste ordinance taking this long distance shots and hoping for 1 in a thousand chance to hit the mast dead center . chain is the a much easier way of disabling a ship .. ofc in real life it would cut off all the ropes and rigging parts and that's why the ship would be disabled not coz it got a few holes in it's sails but you are already working on it so it's ok demasting must be something you prepare to do in advance . like loading double charge and not something you can always do without any side effects currently people say "ah he's angled away so my regular ball won't penetrate the hull .. so why not just shoot masts ? got nothing to loose .. i will reload before he turns" whereas before if you were serious about demasting you had to load double charge in advance .. mast shots shouldn't be target of opportunity this dumbs it down too much and makes it un-tactical (is that a word?) coz there is no drawback to shooting at masts now
  7. John Sheppard

    Sail Management IMPORTANT

    HI With the new physics and far more accurate sail percentage effects of square vs jibs it is now more important than ever to control the ratio of square vs staysails ships deployed on the ship in battle My suggestion is pls add 2 more keys so we can mange our square sails percentage . For example : We can hit the W key to set sails to 100% (as it is now) but we can also have 2 other keys to increase/decrease square sails ONLY so say we want to go 35 degrees upwind we hit W till 100% and then press another key that is currently not in use (like Y?) to bring the square sails all they down to 0% leaving only the staysails active then use another key to increase the square sails when we're at a better angle to the wind i think this is not very hard to do . you already have the calculation of how many staysails / square sails are are there and in battle if you suffer damage to your staysails vs square sails will affect your performance either upwind or downwind
  8. John Sheppard

    England Declares War on Poland!

    those who check global chat might remember that when we decided to not take les cays the first time that evening there was a lot of shit from PFK clan and others in global laughing about brits and saying that we were too afraid to take their port.. we let that slip coz we didn't wanna wipe you out but we had an agreement .. i personally warned Murdock in teamspeak that night that if they don't stick to the agreement we will come and take the ports and he said ok isn't that right? i saw complaints about polish attacking brits almost daily in nation chat mostly from small clan traders or ppl without clan .. ofc they didn't take any screenshot and i believe the polish were targeting that kind of players on purpose so they won't have any proof and now you say it was only those 2 incidents .. well we can't prove it but you're lying and we both know it so stop pretending pls so.. we warned you that if you start doing funny stuff like this or help others screen against us we will come and take les cays and we did .. it's nobody's fault but yours
  9. John Sheppard

    Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    i know this would be hard to do but it's just an idea : Is it possible that you could add us the option to run a little "simulation" (it's ok if it takes couple of minutes) where the ship would be put in battle (whether we actually see it on screen or not doesn't really matter) and the game would calculate the max speed of the ship on different points of sails and generate something like a graph , store it in the ship as it's specification and use that in OW? and perhaps make it optional so if you're in a rush to help a friend and throw a refit on a ship that you just crafted/bought you don't have to wait .. your OW will be lower but would be ok there must be some graph for each ship dictating their performance in OW this is how you were able to make them sail a little better upwind in OW than they sail in battle so could this simulation/calculation edit that data for each specific ship?
  10. if you are talking about the little degrees number we see left from the ship icon in the compass then i think you are confusing leeway with heel (unless i'm miss-reading something) leeway is when you point your ship to 90 degrees on the compass for example but it travels to 80 coz of the sideways motion heel is the wind pushing the side of your ship making your guns on the windward side point to the sky and the guns on the other side point in water
  11. i think that leeway is currently too much especially on larger lineships i do not believe that a ship with a length of 60 meters can achieve a sideways speed of 4 knots in reality without breaking apart . if the sails can indeed apply so much power without ripping the masts off pushing the ship sideways against a mass of water 60x8 meters then they should be able to push the ship forward at over 15 knots (due to much smaller mass of water in front of the ship and the fact that the shape of the hull is optimized for forwards motion not sideways) so there must be something wrong in the calculations here either the mass-inertia of the ship, the draught (submerged part of the hull) or the mass of water that needs to be pushed to the side to make such a sideways motion possible is not being taken into consideration i'm perfectly fine with smaller ships like snow-rattlesnakes being able to sail sideways at those speeds due to the large proportion of their sails compared to their weight and size but lineships should be far more stable in reality if there was such a strong wind acting on the side of the ship i imagine it would force the ship to heel a lot instead of pushing it sideways , not at those speeds anyways perhaps you could make the ships with large height to length ratio heel more and even force us to fold the topsail sheets in 90 degree winds or more? edit : apologies if some of this doesn't make sense english is not my 1st language
  12. John Sheppard

    Didn't get victory mark

    i was under the impression that it only matters if you are lord protector of a port that is still under the control of your nation ie still brings control point also if there's a defensive port battle for one of the ports you're protector of and you don't show up to defend it then you lose your status even if your nation wins that's my understanding how it works so far (could be wrong)
  13. John Sheppard

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    few minutes ago outside San Juan Del Notre being attacked in my fir/fir indiaman with only 12pd onboard by a teak/fir VLTRA surprise
  14. John Sheppard

    Didn't get victory mark

    ok thanks