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  1. Mortar Brig bug ?

    ok thanks good to know it's not ignored
  2. Having been in a similar situation i have to agree with EDR's point of view if there is a matter of national interest going on (like the capture of a port wich was indeed the case here) and some clan actively helping the enemy (attacking allied nations) i would in fact drop in the battle and if the fellow brit refuses to let the allied nation go after being warned i would use chain to help the allied nation escape .. and as long as this would not sink the green ship i see no reason for complains .. if you attack allied nations/clans then you are clearely against the nation
  3. Mortar Brig bug ?

    @Ink I have to revive this post since nothing has been done to adress the issue you know before the wipe months ago when you aim with the mortar brig you had the white circle on water (that we still have) and when you moved the aim on land it became some sort of a red light showing the location where the mortar will hit .. this has been removed and now it is very difficult to hit a tower/fort that is deep in the land .. even judging wether you are in range or not is difficult could we please have the red targeting "dot" back?
  4. Black Screen crash

    my system is : Win 7 64bit motherboard : B150M-HD3 DDR3-CF CPU : i3-6098P Ram : 8GB DDR3 at 1600mhz HD : Sandisk ultra 240GB SSD GPU : Gigabyte Nvidia GT 730 2GB DDR5 at 5000Mhz and 902 enginge clock it's not overclocked (i even tried to underclock both memory and engine clock but without any improvement) the GPU is running at 48-50 degrees celcius and cpu at 40-43C while the game is running Oh and i have not installed the HDMI audio coz i'm using headphones plugged in the motherboard's audio jack and using VGA cable for the monitor
  5. Black Screen crash

    yes i have tried installing different versions of the driver and selecting the "clean install" when installing it
  6. Black Screen crash

    So ever since the Unity 5 update my game has been randomly crashing displaying only black screen sometimes kicking me out to desktop but i can still hear the sound of the game running the cannons firing etc.. and even though i see the game in the task bar when i try to alt-tab to it (or switch from the task manager) it doesn't appear ocasionally when i'm getting out to destop fast enough i see a pop-up message that the Nvidia kernerl driver has crashed and recovered .. this never happened before the unity 5 update and now it's happnening atleast 5 times per day completly randomly sometimes few times in a row both in battle and OW and the only thing i can do is end process from task manager and relogin fast the nvidia popup reads "Display driver Nvidia Windows Kernel Mode Driver Version *numbers numbers* stopped responding and has successfully recovered"

    ok so i was told we are supposed to grind the xp on Indiaman and LGV normally as with the other ships .. but seeing as the Indiaman is considered a 4th rate and LGV 5th rate and 99% of those ships are made of fir/fir this would be very hard could we pls get all slots unlocked on those ships as before the unit 5 upgrade? thanks
  8. Cheating impossible build types for ships

    this is not the first time... there is obviusly a way to get those kind of ships .. and i want it investigated .. is that bad? can't hurt to have the devs look at it if everything is in order but if everything is NOT in order it will hurt quite a lot of ppl F11 has already been done repeatedly
  9. Cheating impossible build types for ships

    Did i say that all pirates are cheating? i don't think so.. but as this was captured from a pirates player i'm pretty sure i'm in my rights to point that out ..
  10. Cheating impossible build types for ships

    it's not an UI bug .. i've calculated the value and it's consistent with both teak AND white oak planking active it has both bonuses merged
  11. Cheating impossible build types for ships

    excuse me but this ship was captured from a PIRATE player.. hard not to blame him
  12. Cheating impossible build types for ships

    i'm afraid that is NOT the case coz the redeemable indef is live/white oak .. and this is clearely teak.. so it's not a redeemable
  13. Hello .. a friend of mine has just captured a ship from a pirate player near mortimer town only to find out that it's mad of 3 kinds of woods!!! and crafted by no-one i feel that having a ship made of a certain frame type and 2 different plankings which gives you advantages from both is cheating... and before you say it's just a display bug .. i've done the calculations .. both plankins are in effect this is not the first time we see this on pirate ships .. but now we have proof (attached bellow) i will provide more information - screenshots on request
  14. Port Battle Limit

    You all DON"T UNDERSTAND the problem... it's not about nation vs nation.. in british nation there are atleast 15 clans that will NEVER have a chance to capture ANY port with the current situation coz every day the same clan(s) take more ports coz they have players online at any given time .. while the other clans might have players who are all from the same country and that makes them always late as oposed to some clan that has a minimum of 10 players online 24 hours.. i'm telling you that those clans will get ports only when the big clan(s) have had enough and leave the least important ports to minor clans simply coz they don't wanna be paying tax for them and this is simply not fair for all the small clans (nevermind which nation) the other nations don't see it as a problem coz most of the nations have 50% of their player base in one or couple really BIG clans .. for british nation 70% of the player base are in clans with 10-20 members
  15. Port Battle Limit

    well then either increase it to 8-10 (not unreasonable coz like i said this equtes to 2 regions) or remove the nation number restriction even with all our numbers i promise you guys that the british nation can't attack more than 3 ports at once .. even we don't have so many players.. even 2 ports had us stretched thin so there's no problem for the small nations i think if we increase it