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  1. Didn't get victory mark

    i was under the impression that it only matters if you are lord protector of a port that is still under the control of your nation ie still brings control point also if there's a defensive port battle for one of the ports you're protector of and you don't show up to defend it then you lose your status even if your nation wins that's my understanding how it works so far (could be wrong)
  2. [PVP EU] battle results

    few minutes ago outside San Juan Del Notre being attacked in my fir/fir indiaman with only 12pd onboard by a teak/fir VLTRA surprise
  3. Didn't get victory mark

    ok thanks
  4. Didn't get victory mark

    we get victory mark after server maintenance correct? not at 0:00 am server time in the end of the week didn't pay attention before always thought it's at maintenance
  5. Didn't get victory mark

    yes i have been in a victorious port battles last week and the lord protector tab shows i have 6 ports
  6. Didn't get victory mark

    ok i just did it : NAS-845913
  7. Didn't get victory mark

    that's risky hehe but yeah could be the case coz i have the same happening with labor hours .. they sometimes don't show up untill i try to use them well i just tried splitting my victory marks but still same number
  8. Didn't get victory mark

    no i have never switched nation
  9. Didn't get victory mark

    nope i'm in port now and tried to restart game even sunk an AI to check if it will refresh but no
  10. Didn't get victory mark

    sorry mate i never had a russian flag you must be confusing me with someone else
  11. Didn't get victory mark

    yes i did multiple times but this was after maintenance.. when i loged in i was in open world i'm GB not RU
  12. Didn't get victory mark

    hi so i am lord protector of 6 ports according to the game and i participated in a successful port battle only couple days ago , got the usual congratulations mail from the clerk (wich i deleted as usual) but i didn't get a victory mark today for some reason .. could it be somehow connected to the fact that i was in the middle of the ocean when server maintenance happened and had a smugler's flag? or is it just a bug? is there anyone who was in open world and DID get a vic mark ?
  13. i've had this problem for a long time also with other games it usually occurs on win 7 x64 and it's an aero problem if you disable aero everything is fine the solution to this (atleast for me) was a critical windows update / hotfix that was provided with my gigabyte motherboard CD even if your motherboard is not Gigabyte you can download drivers from their page .. just select any socket 1151 motherboard and go to support-drivers select win 7 x64 and you should see it in there
  14. Not all Battlegroup dragged in

    Yes indeed i have a screenshot just before the battle where those 5 people were in battlegroup along with the other 15 no the bulk of the battlegroup was sitting there for an hour (we were expecting that the enemy PB fleet would be hiding in battle) except a couple late arivals that came last 10 minutes
  15. Not all Battlegroup dragged in

    also please try to stay on topic this is not about the PB and not about exploits thank you