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  1. Good .. Perhaps we will see the "Le Nerfed" less now and ppl will go raiding in other ships as well coz before more than half was Requins .. why? well no matter how retarded you were, you could always kill someone and get away with it .. atleast in front of KPR coz nobody would be able to catch you if you're in a Req . Plus if you did manage to screw up and get killed oh well you haven't lost anything . @admin Le Requin and Herc redeemables should be an un-tradable Permit that you then have to go and craft the ship yourself .. and for ppl who want to redeem it in ports that have no infrastructure ok you can give the option to buy a resource package for 20PvP marks (like the other ships can be crafted for PvP marks) We see a lot of ppl coming to die every single day basicly trolling and not caring if they lose the ship coz they can have another one for free. It's become coward's ships
  2. Well i cangratulate you but i believe we both know a lot of ppl who do that .. the overwhelming majority of players i would say coz it's defintely not the PVP players.
  3. Oh yes we forgot about the PvE players it just occured to me that they will die by the thousands due to them usually sailing live/white possibly foating battery builds and 8knots is usually more than their max speed in realistic conditions. And in fleet mission where you have atleast 2 ships shotting at ur ass almost all the time so you will at one point end up having less crew than an enemy If anyone here used to be in british nation before the introduction of DD you might remember how many ppl cried about losing expensive ships to AI by being boarded. The number of times i've build a PB ship for someone to lose it within the first 30 minutes... Now it will be even more common as you could potentially keep your speed above 3.5 knots now the 8 knots thing hm...
  4. Well that's why this is an issue and why i bring it up that if you don't have boarding prep all the time you die .. and if you do you die again so what's the solution?
  5. i was able to have decent boarding prep around 60 throught the battles while being able to reload just fine . i agree reloading both sides is pretty much impossible but hey in a PB you're almost always using 1 side untill the last 20 minutes clusterf@ck
  6. Indeed it is no longer possible to hug or stern-camp much bigger DD-enabled ships coz all they have to do is turn their sails just a little so you don't notice or slam hard on brakes and board you .. that's it you're dead if they atleast 5 rings . On bigger ships .. we did old setup vs new half boarding setup in 1st rates and the ppl using the old tactics got pulled and killed very easily due to lack of preparation in both battles However full boarding fitted Ocean was able to almost kill everybody even when they had prep coz while having prep allows you to dissengage before you take too many losses (200 crew killed) 50 seconds is not even close to enough time to 1. Enable sailing 2. Wait for your sails to go up and 3 Gain any speed. I believe that boarding cooldown should increase It's not even neccessary to have someone wait next to you to board you again before you can get away I also don't see how full boarding oceans will have any dissadvantage in PB (as i unitually thought would be the case) since some ships will still be rigged for brawling and you have no way to tell which is what as an enemy untill they actually board you . Slowing someone down to 8 knots and maintaning relative speed of within even 2 knots is a joke for someone who knows basic manual sails even if you're in a live/white ocean trying to board a teak/white vic I expect that some ppl will say that "oh well you just have to fight at distance" but this also doesn't seem possible if you go for any reasonably tanky ship-builds the enemy can always go for lighter build just charge and rageboard everyone in their path as REDS proved in Conil PB vs GNF (mostly) the russians were able to rageboard pretty much everything even tho they had vics and GNF had oceans Also no matter how light your 1st rates are unless they're fir/fir full speed build and you're only going to sail 135-225 it's not that hard to slow you down enough to be boarded . That's the issues i see atm . Not saying it's bad we just need to tweek some stuff and adapt Altho the fact that hugging and stern-camping bigger ships is now pretty much impossible against players who have a vague idea of what they're doing is a good thing IMO (i know the ppl who do that will dissagree specially if this is all they have been doing )
  7. OK me , Batman , Greg and some other ppl just did few battles together against eachother 1v1 and group (port battle mock up) While this change will stop small ships being able to stern-camp bigger ships with grape and hugging (if the big ships keep the DD on) it has the consequence that if you're in a big engagement or PB , then if you don't have boarding prep ALL THE TIME you're dead .. simple as that .. taking a L'ocean very cramped/hammocks will just delay your death as eventually someone will have more crew than you
  8. Br for 3rd rate is defintely too low and will probably be spammed which is kind of ok historically most of the lineships in battles were 74 and not 1st rates But why is the Trinc same BR as a bloody 3rd rate? Also the Victory's BR is way to high .. only 20 lower than L'ocean? even with the 68pd carros it can't stand up to the ocean as it's just not enough guns Also the Victory will remain useless untill it's leaking problem is fixed .. being able to 1shot a Victory with a bellona is absurd yet easily doable (tested it) It's also not historically accurate as well since if anything the victory should be the hardest ship to leak as it was noted that it sat very low in the water such that the bottom deck was like only meter and a half above the water therefore had to be closed in rough weather . So PLEASE fix the vic's leaking problem
  9. Hi So i was sailing my Teak/Wo Bellona around Key West (while it was still spanish) when i was attacked by 3 Hercs The Requin that was escorting me managed to keep them occupied long enough for me to escape after which the chased me all the way till 30k from tumbado when they finally cought up with me (i did a defence tag on first one he stopped to let the second one catch up) and there we go in combat So they were quite close able to close the distance very fast and slightly downwind of me (my best point of escape) . What surprised me was that most shots were bouncing off at bad angles .. shots that would destroy a snow or requin that tried to do the same to me before.. One of them tried to stern-camp me but each time he turned he was taking the full broadside from my 2x longs and carronades on top deck , bellona .. what really surprised me was that the hercules DIDN"T go in reload shock and suffered only minor damage after taking 23 shots ?? All while being over 13.5 knots in OW and at least that much in battle So after few broadsides like this i finally managed to (almost) strip down the armor on that herc and put 8 leaks on him which only served to slow him down slightly Meanwhile the others were working on my sails and crew .. i was down to 65% sails and 400 crew at which point the fully healthy herc stick on my side slightly in front of me angle towards me and start shooting.. doing quite a bit of damage to me but i could only bring 4 guns on him .. My attempts to shake him off were not very succesffull ... The guy was obviusly not a bad player as he was able to use the sails to prevent me from shaking him off .. I managed to get him off twice by pretending to turn into the wind only to turn back down again flip him around and give him the other broadside which again didn't do very much even tho i scored 7 hits (Herc too low in the water?) anyways i died in the end Ok i know 3 herc is death sentance for any lone ship but that being able to sit on my side and do sooo much damage to me while i did so little is BS .. that was before the HP nerf but i don't know how significant was that I feel that full broadside from bellona at this range (100m) should be able to blow a ship like this to bits .. i've sunk or crippled snows and requins that tried to stern-camp me before with a broadside like that but the herc hadly seemed to notice II know i could play better and probably there are people here who would be able to sink 1 of them but before you say something like "You should just stop and board him" pls keep in mind that they would 1. hear the whistle .. able to speed away and even if they didn't and i succesfully board the one guy on my side , the other 2 guys would be able to park behind me and put me in crew shock with grape.. and the damaged herc can always pull away and repair leaving the other 2 on the bellona I like the suggestion that some ppl have posted about musket fire and i do believe that 50 muskets shooting on the deck of that herc from 5-7 meters away would be quite a problem..
  10. John Sheppard

    Low FPS / Performance Issues

    if you still have issues after this i would highly recommend to split your disk , create a separate 50GB partition and install windows 7 there i'm confident you should be able to run it atleast as good if not better than my shitty GPU currently is.. Yours is supposed to be atleast 40-50% better than mine according to benchmarks
  11. John Sheppard

    Low FPS / Performance Issues

    Don't worry about it i do it to all computers i service . Even desktops require this. Do hold your breath however coz as soon as you start a huge cloud of highly radioactive dust will come of it and you must not inhale it .. ok just kidding ofc about the radioactive part but you'll be surprise how much dust can come out
  12. John Sheppard

    Damage inconsistency or RNG?

    seemed like quad shot to me from the damage it did to my double white merc .. i mean snow has the same amount of guns as the merc .. ok one more but it did 4x the damage i did to it does a bermuda cedar/crew space Tsnow have 4x the HP and/or thicnkess as the the double white+basic hull merc? doubt it ... it didn't had carronades i could clearly see guns and last time i checked the AI only uses mediums
  13. John Sheppard

    Damage inconsistency or RNG?

    Yeah i know all this but i say again .. in the case of the AI Tsnow i shot double as well and done nothing even tho all 10 shots penned in it's right side armor sooo .. 1. I was point blank almost touching the Tsnow 2. I did not do any damage to its bow/stern 3. Tsnow was Cedar and i was double white oak In the case of the spanish ocean again i was keeping myself perfectly lined up and mine ship was exactly alongside and i mean perfectly lined up to the point that if something was in front of us both our bows would be either touching it or not .. ofc you can say that he was fir/fir .. that doesn't make sense in a port battle but let's go with it .. ok fair enough that explains how i did damage to him but WHY THE HECK didn't he do ANY damage to me for the 5 minutes that my HP seemed to be "locked" .. i have been in plenty of PBs and fought/used live/white oceans enough to know exactly how much damage to expect and i'm telling you i've taken far more damage in one broadside from 300m than what i took from those guys firing at me from 2m repeatedly.. sooo.. any other explanations?
  14. John Sheppard

    Damage inconsistency or RNG?

    It was a PB , don't think anyone would "experiment" with 6pd armament on an ocean during PB and after this "skirmish" or "melee" however you wanna call it he was doing normal damage to me I would love to make a video but sadly i'm barely able to run the game as it is . Like i said this is not the first time
  15. John Sheppard

    Damage inconsistency or RNG?

    yeah the carros maybe went over but his other 3 decks should had done damage to me .. a lot of damage from this range .. Plus i was doing A LOT of damage to him with every broadside he was losing 20% armor which is normal it was me who wasn't taking any damage that's why it's strange Second screenshot they attempted to save the guy by pushing me off but it's supposed to show that after this time i still have pretty much same HP like 2 minutes before even tho he had time to fire twice .. Also pls do take in account that already few minutes had passed before i even took the 1st screenshot so you can see that i was undamaged .. and even this damage that i had in the 1st one was damage that i suffered long before this situation