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  1. Ruy Lopez

    Ship Auctions

    In Shroud cay then, at what time approximately?
  2. Ruy Lopez

    Ship Auctions

    Thanks! In which free port could we meet? I have Outpost at shroud key and can build one easily on Dariena or Tumbado
  3. Ruy Lopez

    Ship Auctions

    1: 1 Mil
  4. Ruy Lopez

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Of course, gf. There was a moment when I thought we were going to win. I learned a few lessons, I hope we'll meet again soon
  5. Ruy Lopez

    Where is the honor? Where's the fun?

    Enough already with the "go to PVE", it has nothing to do with I tried to expose I like PVP and PB (have not I already said that I really like this game?). In fact, the consti they robbed me was captured by me to other player, when I was part of a defense fleet of La Habana This is about to protect (or donĀ“t gank) the players when they leave the missions , which is the fastest way to progress in this game. Please devs @admin, include this suggestion in the new mega-patch, it will be the easiest way in the history of video games to get better reviews and more retention:
  6. Ruy Lopez

    Hall of Infamy

    Please, see this post: Here is the first report: when leaving a mission at Gasparilla, happy with the newly captured Essex, this group of players was thrown on me like hyenas to the smell of blood
  7. First of all I want to make it clear that what comes next is my personal opinion, and does not represent any group of players, including my clan. I'm tired of hearing many veteran players that the game is deteriorating and losing players because of the developers, because the changes in the game are almost always to worst. That the game is very hard and that almost all beginners do not last even a week. Well, my opinion as a quasi-novice is that the game is very good, but that the community of players is destroying it, and I explain why. A community as small as that of Naval Action is very susceptible to poisoning by the influence of groups of toxic players, even if they are few. And more if the game is not finished, the mechanics are in alpha and you can make use of exploits (we are all aware of the problem of misuse of the Alts). I call toxic players to those who do not respect the contrary, use all the exploits they can to their advantage, and enjoy ruining playing time to other players. Their motivation is more the revenge than the fun, they only present battle if they are much superior and abuse of all players that they can, not giving time to those that begin to develop like capitans. I think this is the main reason why rookies leave so quickly, and that fewer and fewer veterans are left. For me the limit is exceeded when attacking capitans who are training in missions. Missions are the school for those who begin and for those who want to dominate a particular ship, and also the source of income for many, and must be respected by all honorable players. That way we will get many more and better players to fight with. The best solution is in the Devs side: please, increase the time you cannot attack or be attacked to 5 minutes and / or implement hyper-speed when leaving a mission. But we also have a solution: denounce this type of players and publicly showing their shameful actions. From there I'll start myself in this other post: Please forgive my English, it is not my native language.
  8. Ruy Lopez

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Was a good fight, and also the very first PB for some of the spanish players (including me:) Could be the begining of a great (un)friendship... Congrats
  9. For the point of view of a newbe and solo player. I want to make PvP but the probability of loss my vessel is 90%, too many veterans with very well crafted boats out there.. 1) So please, give some reward to the losser of a PvP, based on the damage caused. 2) Do not allow gank. The difference of BR between players has to have a limit, and the revenge float has to have a very difficult task. 3) PvP vessels have to be cheaper. I have to spend 1 week of play time to buy a Surprise and cannons plus repairs... I am not willing to risk all this time in 20 minutes of unbalanced battle