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  1. Why did players leave?

    No not really the the rvr is what it is and in some cases people needed alts to compete effectively but now that has changed with the mechanics, as for the vm was not that important last time I played No one had to at all, but they did, but you could do it also but id guess chose not to. would also like to point out chose an mmo that people don’t have multiple accounts or multiple characters in ? So the alt issue is a load of bs sorry
  2. Why did players leave?

    The only problem with alts is that they give false figures with the amount of players playing the game that’s all
  3. I believe I live in the most beautiful country in the world yours would be 2nd 😝
  4. @admin good move 👌 to those that have thown toys out if there said cot please sit the f down and chill for 5 seriously is this change going to affect you that much I don’t think so. But if you quit over this then maybe the game is better of without you so good bye. reading this is really making me wont to play then I remember downtime 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 glad to see a good change maybe the next change would be to allow custom sized PB’s so smlller clans have a shot at playing with the rest of the playerbase and some more pve content
  5. Why did players leave?

    Well mostly most people “completed” there end game there is nothing new, there is new ships coming I believe but that’s only interesting for 10mins, and from my stand point having downtime smack bang in the middle of my main play time kinda stops me playing to achieve something so i played something else with the intention of playing more on the weekend but I put time into another game and haven’t come back 🤷‍♀️, I hope after this ui and tutorial is done which is also a good thing the focus on some pve aspects even as a pvp player I don’t mind some pve now and again and a lot of pvp players don’t realize they need pve players to make the game work. also a lack of players to do anything with does not help unfortunately I have also contributed to that by no longer playing but it would help once they have implemented new things they let old players know via steam mail atleast they then could try it out and possibly stay
  6. @Jeheil although I don’t play any more and I’m sure it’s very hard for you to keep up the happenings of the sever I would really like you to keep it up you do a fantastic and very comical job and I still watch regularly, maybe incorporate NAL to L2TK also for some content I am holding out that with NAL around and looking very spiffy I hope NA finally gets some real love and grows and maybe I’ll come back
  7. Eliminate Nations

    Just to settle this seccess issue for everyone if both servers had a 1000 players it would look like this EU starts with a 1000 would have lost 580 players globals starts with 1000 would have lost 570 players at no point is this a success it’s a disgrace, so please stop saying EU is working it’s not yes it has numbers but they are still declining and not increasing so no it is not working it’s not even stable. the split was a bad move it should of been instead a mechanic that helped prevent the night flips also 700 - 900 players on avg a day there’s no need for 3 servers that number barely fills one server but we need mechanics that help 1 server work as I said I’m thinking on @Intrepido‘s suggestion it may be the way to go but I’m still unsure about it but it’s a good start as well as @Grundgemunkey has given a reasonable suggestion also
  8. Eliminate Nations

    i'm torn tbh i don't hate the idea but i don't want to scream about it from the roof tops, may i think more on it before i give a suggestion of my own? EDIT: the issue is i'm probably wanting the game to go of in a bit of a different path then you so i'm trying to keep that in mind also, couple of major changes i would like to see that i'm sure you wont like 1. No more nations per say more representing them as a Clan 2. War companies - conjoining of clans to fight over Realms/Cities
  9. Eliminate Nations

    I have a suggestion but it’s the middle of the workday for me so will either suggest it in my own thread or wait for @Intrepido to do his and add mine there as typing on my phone would be annoying
  10. Eliminate Nations

    The thing is no matter what someone will always be asleep at work or busy with there family’s the world is a big place that’s why it’s gonna be hard and one possible answer is no RvR till the weekend some will hate it some won’t 🤷‍♂️
  11. Eliminate Nations

    Hmm the only thing is we need to consider the pve players to also the map design could hinder some PB as some would have more shallows for example not a bad idea though Would like to here it
  12. Eliminate Nations

    I’m not disregarding your point or examples but seem to not realize the the minority have destroyed the player base and there is no forgive and forget so the game just dies, as for Chris I listen to his points as well as yours and surmise my own, no offense bearwall is also not good for the games future as he seems to completely selfish I may be wrong but he’s attitude in reply’s says otherwise
  13. Eliminate Nations

    Just a foot note I have proved in this thread alone that the Eu is in a worse position then global % wise they were fortunate to have numbers is all
  14. Eliminate Nations

    Clearly not all of those 600 are on your side and I will return some of your own advise to you don’t answer for the whole of the EU. as for a compromise I will put a suggestion together and tag you in it, also why can’t you join the conversation and help make a suggestion that could work for us all instead of being judge and jury as for unfair there was a minority of EU upset with a minority of the the US players and split the majority of the US and oceanic community and you think you did the right thing I suggest you take a hard look at yourself and realize your no better then the people night flipping
  15. Eliminate Nations

    I’m talking about the fact that you would stab anyone in the back to have the game play your way again I will deal with your answers when I can actually answer them properly and have you not reply as usual cause you know I’m right period
  16. Eliminate Nations

    So cause if a few there was a push to ruin the game for many and that ok is it ? Again no thought involved here
  17. Eliminate Nations

    Can’t effectively debate this on my phone will do when I get home, it does however show why your attitude and those with similar attitude are the reason the game is f’d
  18. Eliminate Nations

    I think the biggest thing you seem to forget about when you pushed a server split was you took away a lot of content by doing so by taking more hunters and traders of the water. You say join the EU server but what about the RvR’s they cant RvR till the weekends only, if thats how it is then why not lock every port till the weekend and know one can do a PB till the weekend and make it a FFA event and at the end of the weekend rewards are handed out to those who have most points then the ports turn neutral again. Oh wait wouldn’t that mean we would have to have proper war companies 😲 As I have said if the night flips were such a problem why was there never a conversation with the players to try organize a time that worked for you all? and you can’t say it doesn’t work cause global can prove you wrong cause that exactly what happened.
  19. Eliminate Nations

    as you have stated you would quit out of spite so it wouldn't grow to much, and with players attitudes like this id rather they didn't have a say in the game cause they are deemed selfish and shortsighted and are bad for the game going forward especially as its bleed pretty much 80% of its player base cause of people making bad calls and slowing down development. P.S. one server "working" is never gonna be successful game, like i said get us all on one server with good ping all around drop the other two. Make it so it suits us all PvE, PvP & RvR then spend the money developing some real content such as PvE, more diverse RvR, Then advertising the game correctly grow its player base. Once we have stable numbers then look at regional servers as it would be possible and probably needed to be honest. also i suggest you look at the steam charts it tells as sad story http://steamcharts.com/app/311310#All especially as the game has huge potential EDIT: Peak players (5221 - 927 = 4294 / 5221 x 100 =82% loss) Avg Players (2157.2 - 452.4 = 1704.8 / 2157.2 x 100 = 79% loss) (read the charts) just cause i know you don't do maths very well i said 80% not a bad guess
  20. Eliminate Nations

    At what point did I say it would be bigger?
  21. Eliminate Nations

    ask your self this if they dropped two servers kept global and pored money into development and increased player base through proper advertising then looked at multiple servers cause one would be to small for the player base, why not merge the servers into global, admin has admitted there is a cash flow issue before
  22. Eliminate Nations

    he was talking about you btw
  23. Eliminate Nations

    cool story your so called "working" server is not going to save the game and i have proved you so wrong through out this post about the EU server being successful and when i did you ignored the comment cause you know i am right your server lost 58% vs the 57% on global proves the EU server was not a success you were lucky to have good numbers to start with and that's that, and from what i can tell a portion of that were US players who were not on global were they should of been if they had the server would of stood a chance. ^^^^^^^^^^^ ( @Christendom That's just for you ) all it proves that the split was absolutely not necessary at all and the #nomorenightflips was a small minority within the EU community issue not anyone else. as i was one of the party's involved in making RvR work so we could all turn up and have a good fight i know first hand the US and SEA/Oceanic players are very approachable! and as for saving the player base all you have actually done is split players apart from each other for absolutely no reason other then a lack of diplomatic skill that some of you seem to posses. FYI the port battle timers and the agreement between US players and Oceanic players on global are the same yet you say it has failed, that's very contradictory and proves that there is no need for multiple servers at this stage of the game's development. I would agree for release with a functional player base that you are indeed correct in a server split. Global server peaked a little over 400 after the wipe peak time and that was once btw we never ever reached 800, so a say a peak of 400 to an average now of around 170 so my maths work that as 400 - 170 =230, 230 / 400 x 100 = 57.5% decrease EU peak was 1200 i believe and average now of around 500? by all means happy to be corrected on numbers i don't play EU after all, so my maths here says 1200 - 500 = 700, 700 / 1200 x 100 = 58.33(recurring)% and you call the EU server a success, sure ok as for this we will never know now the players are gone so......., one thing that would of helped also was proper server descriptions if were to have one that is limited in its time and one FFA srever