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  1. Server Merge Poll

    Interesting thread back and forth by both parties, by chance do many of you watch letter to the king or read the global PB results? cause global has a good coverage of all players in different time zones yet very few night flips, funny that!!! Yet I don't recall any mechanic to make this work, maybe those against this in the eu side should actually look into this why this is
  2. Tally pics are the wrong way around for GA. & CCCP 😜
  3. VSCO Challenges GA to a 5v5

    I want you both to fight and I want to watch
  4. VSCO Challenges GA to a 5v5

    why so much organization just shoot each other?? but if you want to 5v5 just do it. you dislike each other so much ports shouldn't even come into it. Ports should be contested not bargained with. do it over a weekend and I'll happily sit in and sink anyone who miss behaves that includes GB players I'm sure there is a few others that would to
  5. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Look at the end of the day the US guys should of recognized an issue when they almost lost a PB against 13 guys in gb vs there 25, im not trying to kick you while you are down. Really happy to see you fight Ike you did vs the rats. But the opertunity to get better and having 3-4 really good PB fleets between a few nations went to poop when the alliance or pact was made. to the guys in my side crying about why we fighting the us look and the PB results of this fight it could of been a lot better if we all had the time to improve and mold our groups into one instead of splinters and hope for the best. @IndianaGeoff no offense bud but when the rats or gb can walk up to any port of yours and take it we don't need to fight and the us are welcome to make a port close to gb anytime Christ if push came to shove I could even get you a gb escort to the port
  6. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Not saying you can't but the opertunity to get better was there and still is but you all went after the rats instead
  7. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    that i was right that the US Should of stayed fighting the brits aka ARMED CKA & Elite and practised against us they are not ready to fight the rats but hey
  8. Foreign clan alliances

    The counter to black is show up and fight. Stop seeing them as something to be feared and see them as the opertunity to learn and improve. The other thing to change is stop being afraid to risk pixles, A question why do you think grabbing the best 25 to vs black is going to achieve? Again add real clan wars there is far more benefits in this then just alliances
  9. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Outside of capital waters is ffa the point is that we could represent a nation not be tied to it and it would be heaps more fun
  10. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    I also covered heaps here http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/22954-norfolk’s-three-steps-to-heaven-or-hell…/?do=findComment&comment=472284
  11. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Ah And capitol waters will remain safe for that nation so no fighting is allowed inter nation at these ports or areas
  12. Norfolk’s three steps to Heaven or Hell…?

    Yes I know it's fine like I said before until we are told no I can only but keep asking 😁
  13. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Ok what happened a few weeks back when the US took a Port of Spain, it didn't go well, the same would happen here you imagine a new, growing or recouping clan getting bullied you would have half the server after your head lol
  14. Foreign clan alliances

    Ok I got fed up with reading most of this at page 3 sorry for any good posts from then on, its is very clear to me pvp Eu and pvp global want two very different things here. and until @admin or @Ink allow the two servers to be completly split this back and forth between us will just get worse and possibly just get abusive. adding this rule to EU clearly works for them,they have there comfy RVR time slot they have balance across there nations which is good congrats to them I'm happy for them, however pvp global is one step away from having every one take the black imagine being a new player and every port is black and every player is in the black, a new player would just quit. We actually want open warefare inter nation and outer nation why can't global have this? I don't see any reason why,were happy becoming war company's and represent a specific flag. Just look at @Norfolk nChance thread on this three steps to hevan or hell
  15. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    I have one thing to say about all this BS, Clan wars mofo's that would solve all the problems
  16. Norfolk’s three steps to Heaven or Hell…?

    @Norfolk nChance you mentioned the emergence of a superclans and people being bullied etc, I missed that sorry, just think back how the community reacted to the US hitting Spain a few weeks back the same would happen here to plus with the safe zone many could rebuild anyway and come back swinging or enlist some help so it would actually be better for us I think. now I would like @admin or @Ink to join the conversation as it would be good to hear there points 😁
  17. Add 3 Server Types instead of 2

    ^^ this is makes me happy, the unrealized fact here is the map is big enough to sustain us all in our preferred avanue of game weather that's pve pvp or rvr and as it's alpha we here to test and suggest options to improve the game, on release we can for sure look at multiple servers cause if done correctly we will need them
  18. Seriously? The game needs more content and to start going forward with improvements to game play and people are complaining about the pray button. and the paint job of the wasa I'm sure we can cope with or without these trivial problems for now 😑 some people just hurt my head That being said I'm sure you could put it back in as easily as you removed it, as for the paint job how about just add paints back keep more people happy. Happy community happy game 😜 also @admin the global community is really calling out for real clan wars, can we not atleast consider this just for global there is thread in the forum about it 😁 @Sir Texas Sir don't they think now that it was possible it existed with the proof of giant squids, not to say most of it was old wife's tails
  19. VCO Takes the Black!

    I actually don't think it matters now as what's done is done, just another point that seems to get overlooked here is being able to fight whoever you want gives people the chance to learn from each other in there own nation and fighting/practicing is more beneficial especially as inter nation fights would be more forgiving over mistakes. And I don't see why I should roll rat just to enjoy the game the way I want
  20. VCO Takes the Black!

    Well not really one single RA missions is around 200-300k that's a 7 - 15 min mission if you can't do that's there is something wrong even a small clan could do this even with one person doing it daily
  21. Global Server Downtime

    Damn thats a tough one maybe even earlier then ?? @Jeheil same conversation as you latest post
  22. VCO Takes the Black!

    Everyone cause that's the whole point 😁
  23. Global Server Downtime

    We're in the world are you?
  24. Global Server Downtime

    Lol it's left (prior current time) right (post current time) so 3 hours prior to its current time shouldn't affect anyone except nz a little that would make DT 7pm currently and 8pm during winter daylight savings, 4 hours would be optimal that would make it 6pm now and when daylight savings happens for winter that would make it 7pm usually when I'm on during the 6-7:30 pm the server is in a lul till the ausi guys log on also it would make it early morning EU (6-8am) and very early us (2-4am). (Times are a rough guess) this would suck during the weekend as most of us are up later/earlier but no matter what time it is it's sucks on the weekend they should only do maintenance once a week unless it's a patch or update
  25. VCO Takes the Black!

    Or give us proper clan wars 😁