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  1. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    bit late but here is a screen shot of the US vs GB at Islamabad not a win this time, a few of our numbers couldn't make it unfortunately o7 US players good on you for bringing 25 we'll cya again soon
  2. Contact List

    Hi all As discussed in a previous post starting up a contact list for clans, please let me know either in the comments or pm and will add you to the list. this is mainly global but happy to add EU & PvE also. All i require is : Clan Name, Primary Time Zone the clan plays in, Server, Contactable Players, Best time to contact the player (server time, 24 hour clock), trying to keep it simple @admin could you pin this for me please United States of America Verenigde-Provincien Espana France Great Britain ARMED - Oceanic - Global - Jeheil (08:00 -12:00), Rebrall (07:00 - 11:00), PaladinFX (21:00 - 02:00) Denmark-Norge Sverige Pirates
  3. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Yes cause most of them are sheep not bulldogs
  4. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Think people forget it's a war game, and as a diplomat it's pretty boring when everyone is wearing fluffy slippers, holding hands and giving each other cuddles, im all for the health of the server and helping and nurturing smaller nations to grow but a huge portion of us play this game to shoot cannon balls at each other. and if loosing one port kills a big nation like GB or US with resonable population then there is bigger issue that needs addressing. all of you need to pull heads out of your rectum and be prepared to lose some pixels I can name 2 ships you could have ready to go with mediums in less than an hour of PVE with a bow figure that Is all you need. So what you scared of loosing now? And to all the clans who don't work together and charge each other for ships and repairs seriously need to consider how much you hinder each other as players. There are few clans that can make this work successfully to all nations you need to embrace your newbies and help them grow it's not up to other nations to protect your newbies and teach them the game it's great that we do this as community but it won't help with player retention that's fact rant over 😡
  5. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Usually who sinks you first 😝 And this is why you are my favorite jester 😂😂😂 and as for explaing things to ausi did you start with g'day mate and used c***t enough times?
  6. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Not really all you did is force ARMED to take a port from MARS and that was MARS's actions towards GB clans not you and your communication and now we're gonna bring OW PvP to your door step that in my eyes is a win/win for us both and besides as long as you leave the ports from gasperilla to New Orleans as ffa you welcome to take them. I would advise you come talk to me on TS at some point but that ball is in your court and bare in mind we have 2 shitty TZ to communicate around
  7. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    @Teutonic ok no idea what you class this as btw 😝 I suppose an agreed war maybe After a conversations with @Skully & @Fastidius, SCAR & ARMED are going to fight over the bottom half of Haiti we will move into Tibs, SCAR will move into a port of there choosing and fight over the les cays area as I know there is some really good trade goods I'm sure we can both leave them FFA ports in between times, as this will be mostly AUSI prime time if other clans whish to be involved I would suggest you talk to myself @Jeheil (sorry you missed this convo) @Atreides and for the Dainish side talk to @Fastidius @Skully or toss
  8. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Well After we take isla we won't take any more ports up there all that is out FOB to come ow pvp with MARS and any other us clan that's keen, @Blackjack McGee now I've got some sleep and it's not 2 am for me now listen very carefully please 1. I never called you guys bully's ever I advised you guys on not making the Same mistakes we did last patch. 2. Complaing about the time we flipped it was not your best decision at all as I said I stayed up till 2am to flip this port on the later side of our play time do you had a shot of defending it 3. Saying you will flip it when we're no around was a bit stupid to say the least I know @Christendom & the rest of VCO along with CKA will be there to defend it and we could just flip more of your ports and multiple if we so wished, on that note that's not good for the game so let's not go down this path. I can assure you now this will just be OW conflicts only unless you want it to be a port war your choice
  9. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    I think the lessons here are 1 don't make the mistakes we made last patch i.e. Attack a growing nation aka Spain yes gb did this last time around but it was a mistake we learnt from it so should the rest of the server, Hind sight is a wounderfull thing. 2 don't jump others in hostility mission that are not against your clan or nation cause there will be consequences for it
  10. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    @Blackjack McGee my problem is not the acts against the Spanish it's how you engaged the gb clans whilst in a mission not in ow or trapped them on there way to a mission
  11. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    @Teutonic ARMED are ow conflict with MARS only not the US
  12. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    I agree but when I know rear admiral's who still can't manual sail or get out of irons in 4th rates then it's hard to define people by rank
  13. i should of been a bit clearer here crafters have no purpose in the game everyone can do it i believe they need to give crafters an identity maybe even give them different avenues or fields to follow such as gunnery crafter's (ability to put bigger cannons on ships for example), book crafters (can create elite upgrades & books), specific ship crafters(can use heavier woods but get more speed aka manipulate ship stats to a degree), just ideas terrible names though
  14. i think the thing in my opinion you overlook is not everyone wants the same pvp, at current we have RvR, hunting traders & seal clubbing (this is just about dead but will still happen) i do agree with you to a point but im looking at the game from some one new who wants to pvp, RvR is intimidating unless you have 15+guys already playing with you, giving people content like give us a blacklist/hit list were traders & ship craft'ers (with an offer of a ship crafted, marks or gold) who get jumped by players get the chance to get redemption on there hunters thus creating the thrill of the hunt and at the same time creating the hunter becoming the hunted. it gives hunters/solo pvp'ers a purpose in the game they already crying about the safe zones, which were needed to keep the new players around. Give us PvP events gives new players to experience of the amazing fight engine we have whilst getting the challenge of pvp without sailing for hours and finding know one and getting bored and leaving the game ill brake i down bit by bit so we can discuss more