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  1. Good reviews

    Neither of you are wrong tbh it’s a little hard to find pvp around my time the pop is low around 170ish but you can still find it but I really feel we need pve content and fast that’s whats gonna grow our pop right now
  2. Good reviews

    Actually the ui buys time for them to put content into the game, just ask your selfs how inviting is the game when you log in right now? Truthfully it’s really not it’s about first impressions and right now it’s not great people who keep saying the ui is a waste are looking at everything from one side, all you guys are looking at it as long time player, think this way a bit, let’s take the automotive industry is a great example of this let’s take a big selling vehicle in aus/nz the ford ranger the latest one around atm has one to two differences to the previous model it’s had a facelift and a slight change in steering from mechanical to electric it’s stays as the biggest selling utility vehicle and most of the changes are cosmetic so why does it work cause people think it’s fresh and new in actuall fact it’s the same running gear, same with the ui it will give the game a fresh new feel it’s false economy but it works and is proven to work, I agree we need a bunch of content and whether we get it or not is up to the devs honestly feel they should leave pvp alone for a bit and give us some new pve and I’m a pvp player I only log into na to kill people or be killed simple, I’m not saying the pvp is in a good place but it could be with more players and more players need pve as I stated already most people start out as pve just to get a feel and an understanding for the game and some of its mechanics same as the tutorial it’s a quality of life products that should be here already but hey there doing it now so it is what it is
  3. Good reviews

    They really need to though
  4. Good reviews

    This made me laugh a lot
  5. Good reviews

    I fully agree with you on the content, but I know a lot of players that stop playing or will not play cause of the ui which is sad but when you get a game and the ui is just crap it isn’t exactly inviting all the same, and a lot of the old players arnt coming back let’s be honest here they feel they got what they wanted out of the game or just plain got fed up it would also help if they knew what the changes are
  6. Good reviews

    Right now that’s an issue from your point of view cause you have the skills to play the game, someone new wouldn’t the game has be created arse about face so right now they basically need to do the starter things that should of been done to start with, you think as a new player loggging into a blue on blue screen as the ui doesn’t really make you want to play does it then you log in and where do you start what do you do so tutorial is a must now, then I don’t care what anyone says they need to get the pve content into the game or something to actually do and achieve, 90% of people starting the game pve not pvp they then transition to pvp which really needs to have its rules delt with Honestly it’s has a resonable learning curve but people having the basic skills and understanding angling shots and manual sailing puts them in a good position to being able to play and from the tutorials I tested it’s really a good start also @Christendom is right the game hasn’t changed for a while just same things different mechanics and honestly they need to add more I get they want to get the pvp right as that’s were they started I just feel that once they work on the pve the Pvp will have to be tweaked again cause what the pve content can bring to the table
  7. Good reviews

    @Sovereign good reviews will not help this game at all it may bring some fresh blood but the ui is not ready they have a tutorial being made. The best thing they can do is get there heads down finish both the ui and tutorials then push for new players both of those items will improve the retention of players, then they have to push content into the game and get there final end game rules set in stone, so pushing for new players now with good reviews will just get players in who get fed up not knowing what to do or where to begin will create more negative reviews it’s a patience thing now
  8. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Thanks Armed for the fight nice return fight a little rusty nice to be back And Thanks @Aster for putting up with me lol
  9. Forged Paper DLC

  10. Workaround for occasional ship control loss.

    @admin @Ink I experienced something like this this evening during a fleet mission, i also had a fire on the ship that put me into fire shock whilst still having survival on couldn't turn my crew from guns or sailing finally got dc'ed and could not log into the game again got stuck on finding the login servers, unfortunately lost my L'ocean cause of this, also have a witness to this @Msk who was there in the mission I didn’t lose connection to ts or discord and could also log into other steam games
  11. Why did players leave?

    No not really the the rvr is what it is and in some cases people needed alts to compete effectively but now that has changed with the mechanics, as for the vm was not that important last time I played No one had to at all, but they did, but you could do it also but id guess chose not to. would also like to point out chose an mmo that people don’t have multiple accounts or multiple characters in ? So the alt issue is a load of bs sorry
  12. Why did players leave?

    The only problem with alts is that they give false figures with the amount of players playing the game that’s all
  13. I believe I live in the most beautiful country in the world yours would be 2nd 😝
  14. @admin good move 👌 to those that have thown toys out if there said cot please sit the f down and chill for 5 seriously is this change going to affect you that much I don’t think so. But if you quit over this then maybe the game is better of without you so good bye. reading this is really making me wont to play then I remember downtime 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 glad to see a good change maybe the next change would be to allow custom sized PB’s so smlller clans have a shot at playing with the rest of the playerbase and some more pve content