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  1. Yup, can't do anything - for me it didn't just never load, no buttons worked. Is that what you found as well? If you ONLY install the resources.assets file, that works, but the rest does not.
  2. Has anyone gotten this mod to work on a Mac? I'm still struggling and wondering whether anyone has figured something out.
  3. At Chickamaugua as the Union, hold all of the defensive VPs but none of the offensive ones after the second day (so don't bother attacking, just hold the ones you start with after the map opens up). It's a great way to kill a lot of Confederates (I killed ~70k on BG the first time I played it, although that was before they added the intelligence report)
  4. Great work! Given your stated goal to destroy as many confederate units as possible, I'm curious as to why you chose to win Chickamauga on the second day instead of fighting through the whole battle? Also, it never occurred to me to wait until extra victory points open up and then just defend at Brock road. I'll have to try that next time.
  5. That's ok, thanks for your help! I'll play around with it a bit more and if I can make it work, I'll post here so other Mac users can learn from my mistakes.
  6. Hm... So my problem might be that there are two Managed folders and two Data folders. One of the data folders is UGCW/Data, the other is UGCW/Resources/Data. Both have a folder called "Managed" within them. In the first, this is the only item, so the second seems to be the one where I need to install it. edit: removed screenshots to keep thread clean.
  7. I should clarify - All of the mod features seems to be working when I have the Assembly-CSharp.dll file installed. I can see the new tooltips for weapons, officers are more expensive, etc. It's just that the battles don't seem to run. Should I maybe have replaced the whole "Managed" folder rather than just the one file?
  8. So when I try to play the mod, the battles won't start. If I click the "start" button on a custom battle, nothing happens. If I hit escape and try to return to the main menu, it gives me the quitting prompt but then nothing happens. If I try to start a new campaign, the briefing won't run. It seems to be related to the Assembly-CSharp.dll file. When I only replace the resources.assets file, the game runs fine and seems to exhibit some of the listed features (deadly melee, for one).
  9. Thanks! Debating whether to finish my campaign (just to the peninsular campaign, but I don't have too much time to play so it represents a couple of weeks of play time for me), start a new one with the mod, or trying to port my game with the mod.
  10. Thanks for the advice - I think I got it working. The data files are hidden within the app, that was the step I was forgetting. Back click on the app and select 'show package contents'.
  11. I used those steps when I installed an earlier version of the mod and I remember it being pretty easy. That path is the one I tried first, but the only thing inside my UGCW folder is a folder called browser assets and the application itself. There is no directory called any variation of "data". I also tried the save game location: /Users/(YOUR USERNAME HERE)/Library/Application Support/unity.Game Labs.Ultimate General Civil War but all that is in that folder are my save games and the game log. I wasn't sure where else to look, and I don't remember how I did it last time. Thanks!
  12. Excited to try this (tho won't have much time for the next couple of months). Do you know where I would find the appropriate folder in which to install this on a Mac? I know I've installed one of your mods before but I can't find the folder this time.
  13. Well, so did Grant. As you keep saying, that's who you're channeling! Really curious to see where you go with this campaign!
  14. Really enjoyed your Winchester video - the strategy of local concentration of force to wipe out the enemy units and just holding off everywhere else made for a much more interesting battle than the narrow front defense I usually try in that one (I don't play on legendary, though). Thought you were going to get overrun a few times, though!
  15. I just watched your camp video before Stones River, and noticed that most of the time you add rookies before veterans when filling up your brigades. Has something changed/have you found something new since this post, or is it just for convenience?