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  1. LMAO at a nation that abuses mechanics complaining about people "abusing mechanics" Lets see if this thread sits for a month with no responce... ohh wait.. it's against rats so i'm sure it will be all cleared up LOL
  2. other nations helping other nations seems to be allowed. How others choose to play is up to them. nations can help other nations just like tagging each other to avoid fight. its a mechanic and is allowed. think i covered it?
  3. Khyron

    Poll on limited use of repairs in battles

    50% additional every use? so lets say your in a ship that takes 10 hull repairs per use.... First Use 10 Second 15 third 22 and so on, more repairs weight = slower ship... maybe that could be the middle ground?
  4. THIS...... this makes me happy. Besides, i'm sure we know who it is....
  5. Khyron


    1 VM = 100 Cm, just go grind a little? Sell the note cheaper in shop.
  6. never played it... again, this was my first "MMO", 7 posts and half of them you're a dick, you'll fit right in.
  7. how about a 2 week ban like you have for others that have "abused alt mechanics" how about being fair across the board here, you set rules and only apply them to who you want when it's convenience, Yes, Ban for 2 weeks, lower the ranks, how about following through with what you say you are instead of playing favorites. and yes, there seems to be a history of those that yell loudest get what they want. If i'm wrong, so be it, but you should know this is a common perception. what areas was it interfering with? Besides people using it before the Battle groups were formed (great addition BTW) ... of which you banned an account for... or using it to gank players in a safe zone... of which seems to be acceptable to you.... What players what doen't bother me... MODS and Admins now adhering to the rules they set forth do. You think i'm alone in this, I see 1000s (to use your number) of reviewers that feel the same way. Games change all the time, this I can understand... Rules being used to suit the needs of the times I can't... Yes, 1000's in game, not on these forums....
  8. yep, im so over this game, instead of punishing people that take advantage of the mechanic (KoC and his ilk) they just remove it, Developers have this game going in circles... I may as well go back to War Thunder and the like, this was my first dip into the MMO game's, and I have a feeling it will be the last.... Pirates have no Pirate ability, nothing that separates them... i'm about ready to add on to review... Vocal minority control this game..... it's such a shame...what a waste.of a good idea. maybe another company with a spine will make one like it.
  9. Khyron

    Poll on limited use of repairs in battles

    what was wrong with the old system? 2 and 2, done
  10. freaking sallys that cry always get their way....
  11. Khyron

    Alt - Spy

    yep, make one yourself and troll the enemy, it's apparently allowed by DEVS.
  12. Khyron

    Friendly Suggestions...

    can I suggest we get a ruling on some of the tribunal cases from weeks ago? Still need to know if abusing mechanics is allowed. Because I think it's only fair that if those are allowed, It can be retaliated with in kind, and mimicked.
  13. Khyron

    Surrender/Boarding in PvP

    I think a lot of people do.
  14. Khyron

    Safe Zones OP?

    Ohh and please note in no way have I tried to defend BLACK or anyones actions. Im not BLACK and that"s just. Not my role to defend anyone.
  15. Khyron

    Safe Zones OP?

    Not at all.. Nothing im Typing is through gritted teeth or anger. Its just your not gonna believe stuff that opposes your view just like no one believes you guys are pulling Robin hood tactics... GG and maybe ill see u on the Sea while this game is alive. I think we're just wasting each others times. We're both too thick headed lol