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  1. [HRE] Lanfire

    GB Political Status

    Yes, please Buff Santa Cecilia. Its so terrible to sail, so i let it only in Port. Even hunt NPC`s is shit with it. ATM, its better to take a bathtub filled with stones and a sail on i, then take the Santa Cecilia. Im a proud holder of this beautiful ship, but Please @admin @Ink: Buff it !
  2. [HRE] Lanfire


    I will do it. ohh, and BTW, the cannons on a Ship in NA are a great way to deal with eco terrorists like Sea Shepherd
  3. [HRE] Lanfire

    Change teleport again

    +1 im vote for this option. But now the problem is, they make fake battles near land and use a game-bug, so enemys dont have a chance to get into join circles and join this battle. maybee we must find an solution to solve this problem too
  4. Yes i do. Then try to change pvp-Marks to Victory marks or otherwise. dont work
  5. @admin @Ink 1. Nice Patch, good work 2. Guys, you should really stop drinking so much Vodka Victory marks only for players wo fight in PB? Sorry, it is now almost impossible for small / solo players, to come to big ships, without buying them overpriced in the shop. Sometimes you might really think you do not have all the cups in the closet anymore. Please also think about the small / solo players. Sorry, but that had to be said now !
  6. [HRE] Lanfire

    Bitte Um Hilfe, Warum hören die spieler auf ????

    Ehhhmmm, du kannst unterdessen Eve ohne zu bezahlen spielen. Nennt sich Alpha-Account. Hast einfach nicht alle Skillpunkte zur verfügung Klick mich, um mehr infos zu erhalten
  7. [HRE] Lanfire

    Bitte Um Hilfe, Warum hören die spieler auf ????

    Low-Sec is eigentlich sehr gut bevölkert und du bekommst auch einige gute Fights. 0-Sec ist so eine sache. Ist zwar gut bevölkert, aber wenn du im Blue-Ball-Gebiet wohnst, haste immer noch 50 jumps xdxd Jedoch ist hier eher das Problem, das die meisten Carebaers sich dorthin verzogen haben und selbst wenn du solo mit ner Wolf/Hawk/Worm unterwegs bist, wird direkt ne 5-20 mann Cruiser/Battleship Homedefense-Fleet geformt.
  8. [HRE] Lanfire

    Bitte Um Hilfe, Warum hören die spieler auf ????

    @CTC_ClanLeader Skill-Injector nennt sich das und bringt je nach Skillpunkte, wo du bereits hast, pro Injector: 0–5 Millionen Skillpunkte zum Zeitpunkt der Verwendung = 500.000 nicht verwendete Skillpunkte 5–50 Millionen Skillpunkte zum Zeitpunkt der Verwendung = 400.000 nicht verwendete Skillpunkte 50-80 Millionen Skillpunkte zum Zeitpunkt der Verwendung = 300.000 nicht verwendete Skillpunkte 80 Millionen oder mehr Skillpunkte zum Zeitpunkt der Verwendung = 150.000 nicht verwendete Skillpunkte Aber nur, weil jemand in einen Titan "Einsteigen" kann, sollte er noch lange keinen Fliegen. Das sind dann solche Leute, die Tacklen mit ihrem alt-char in nem Hick/Dick irgend ein PL/NC. Battleship/Carrier, ohne zu schauen, wer es überhaupt ist, öffnen ein Cyno, springen durch und wundern sich dann, wieso ihr "Opfer" plötzlich selbst ein Cyno zündet und sein Titan plötzlich von 10 Titans, 20 Supers und ner 100 Mann Subcap-Fleet umringt ist . Tja, Baiting successful
  9. @Ink @admin Please add the following feature to Naval Action. This will give some more realistic. Let us load different ammunition for each deck, same as AI already have: Why: Historic ships could load various ammunition on different decks Example with 1. Rate: Example with 5. Rate: Weather Deck: Chains Weather Deck: Chains Top Gun Deck: Chains Gun Deck: Balls Top Gun Deck: Double Shot Bottom Gun Deck: Double Shot Example 2 with 1. Rate: Weather Deck: Chains Top Gun Deck: Balls Top Gun Deck: Double Charge Bottom Gun Deck: Double Shot
  10. [HRE] Lanfire

    Add Upgrade Full Thickness

    Oh non, ce que tu ne dis pas ^^ Desole pour mon mauvais francais, mais j'ai prefere dormir a l' école au lieu d'apprendre cette langue feminine inutile. Salutations de Suisse alemanique And here for all, who cant read french: Oh no, really now ^^ Sorry for my bad French, but I preferred to sleep in school instead of learning this useless female language. Greetings from German-speaking Switzerland
  11. [HRE] Lanfire

    Add Upgrade Full Thickness

    How about when you start fighting? In the last 6 days, if your Enemy dont sit in a Trader-Ship, was the only thing that got to see from French ships, the stern. And once you get to see the broadside of French ships, it's only when you've tried to chain the other ship. Search and find the error with you, not in Upgrades ^^ And here a little hint: Dont try to kite SOL`s for over 600-1000 meters, if you want do dmg ;-)
  12. [HRE] Lanfire

    Port Status

    Why it should be 2-3 days? In History, if a governor has decided to close a port to some nation or single ships, he dont have tell this 2-3 days before. In some cases, he has immediately send his troops and close the port for all leaving/incomming ships, which were not of his nation. So, you guys always crying for more realistic in this game and if we get this realistic, you crying again to chance this
  13. [HRE] Lanfire

    Connection lost after won PB Barahona

    Here a better screen:
  14. [HRE] Lanfire

    Connection lost after won PB Barahona

    No Port and PvP-Marks for you: Here some salt for your Tears ^^
  15. [HRE] Lanfire


    omg, @Ink Please, give this player ingame a tag like the "recently sunk" but with words "Dumbest-Cheater/Player-Ever" ^^