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    Retag griefing

    Real next level is sailing a square sail trim on an upwind ship!
  2. I will answer to this patch announcement as it would be a player driven suggestion. I support suggestions that add flavor to the meal. Currently the naval battles we have are the curry we all love, but certainly everybody gets not enough battles. This announcement favors a rageboarding mechanic as it would be more historical than what we have. Sadly history is not made to provide us fun nowadays. So it is here too. Battles will become monotonic. Therefor I disagree with it. Fun before historical correctness. This game has many flaws that need proper fixing. The battle instances are non of them.
  3. Nelsons Barrel

    International Man of Mystery DLC

    Still Alt accounts are the root of any bigger exploit/broken game play we seen in the lifetime of this MMO e. g. ship cloning, PB trolling, pvp mark farming, recent trader overloading, a broken economy and at last no reason for any nation to take important ports like cartagena.
  4. Nelsons Barrel

    Reuse the old Connie model USS Chesapeake.

    A change I would like to see as it prevents all confusion of having the same ship twice in. Put one of the old skins on it and we are fine.
  5. Nelsons Barrel

    Turn off crew models

    Reason for that could be that many forts have multiple layers of forts inside of it...
  6. The old one has a worse shaped hull and 2 bow chasers less compared to the new one.
  7. With the new addition the old conni has absolutely no reason to exist.
  8. Nelsons Barrel

    Port Battle Screenshots (New BR)

    Imho RvR got dull the moment I (and probably all the others) realized you always will fight the very same guys over and over again. No new players come into this game with maybe new ideas how to play. No, we just are stuck with the very same teams for ages. Fighting for the very same ports we don't need, that cost us money and most of the time we know which is the better team before it even happened. And for every PB one team has to waste time in hostlity grinding. You can change the meta, but that raises the level of fun only for a limited time. The game stays eventually the same.
  9. Nelsons Barrel

    Port Battle Screenshots (New BR)

    Why not both? You like deathmatch PBs, others like 3-circle-conquest-PBs. Both have different tactics involved. I favor addition of content than pure changing of content or even reduction of it.
  10. Nelsons Barrel

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    Your overuse of question marks makes your post look silly. A rank ingame is just a PvE-rank and has nothing to tell about the expierience to fight in PvP. And those players you named here, they are definitely not PvP-players.
  11. Nelsons Barrel

    Introduction of breaks / Einf├╝hrung von Pausen

    Expierienced players go afk while the battle is ongoing without fearing to immediatly die.
  12. Nelsons Barrel

    Small boat (AI) encounters, with some meanings

    Content is good.
  13. I will tell you why the hate, eventhough it should be straight obvious. You can counter any frig that might be OP by bringing in a mixed fleet, may it contain fir fir taggers and big ships to finish or what not. A le broken on the other hand you can't counter with another le broken as you can't chase it. It's straight impossible. A pure troll ship. I bought the DLC btw and tested the ship in pvp.
  14. I rather would enjoy a nice little frig to be OP than the le brokens we have all around OW.
  15. Probably too many PvP kills with that boat.
  16. BTW. does the high BR of First rates mean a port flip takes way less time and missions?
  17. Delete all your meta ships for PB, craft the ones you never touched before and fill the PBs with them! Actually well done to reduce the numbers needed to fill a PB that way, will solve a few issues of low pop.
  18. Nelsons Barrel

    What are your favorite myths?

    Earth is round.
  19. All go out at once and click at the same time to join and who gets in gets in.
  20. Nelsons Barrel

    Sinking while server shuts down for maintenance

    Server should just kick every player out of every battle instance before server really shuts down. I really don't know why that is not in yet, but it solves a lot of issues caused by maintenance shutdown.
  21. Will Diana be a future DLC ship?
  22. Nelsons Barrel

    DLC ships in PBs needs to be fixed ASAP

    Most nations struggle to find 25 players for one PB...
  23. Nelsons Barrel


    Basically that was the way to print money a while ago, get money for damage and keep all ships afloat.
  24. Nelsons Barrel

    Deep Portbattles and Small ships

    Some people still don't understand the difference in 'Conquest' gamemode and 'Deathmatch'. You don't win by killing your enemy in PBs but by blocking circles. Same thing as in every other multiplayer game, players become to greedy to kill and forget the main objective. A PB takes roughly 40 mins right now. In that time just a few first rates will sink, especially with multiple repairs. One could argue to decrease the accumulation of points or even to change the gamemode to our old PB style what now is the PvP event zone ROE.