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  1. Nelsons Barrel

    Now that chain is limited

    With the new chainsystem implemented and taken part in some real pvp, yes, real pvp, no noobbashing at florida, my impression is that basespeed matters. If you are fast, you will get away from everything, so as expected, fir fir meta, here we go again! For bigger engagements we end up with mastthicknesses of SOLs of 1st and 2nd rate too heavy to snipe those masts. So you cant chain them, you cant demast them... Pretty much unsinkable when you are in a 3rd or smaller. I am really searching for ways to kill floating battteries 1st rates right now when you are not in a 1st yourself, but cant find any. Determined defender made boarding pretty useless, chaining is no more, demasting is nearly impossible and sinking them... yeah sure^^
  2. Nelsons Barrel

    Final Mission Tutorial WHAT A JOKE

    You cant snipe those masts from 1000 metres away, get close, on raking distance, and shoot on masts, they should fall with roundabout 6 shots bottomsection each. Take your time, dodge their broadsides and make sure you are close while sniping, if done right you should make the whole finale exam in half an hour.
  3. Sadly true. Just look how many players complain in chats how they cant skip the tutorial without never ever being able to do it again...
  4. Nelsons Barrel

    A smaller map

    How I see it, even with 2.5k players back in the game we end up again with quarters of the map totally empty and some hotspots with 80% of the players being there. - Could be good or bad. What we still need are reasons to leave capital zones so we can actually use the huge map we have.
  5. And another thing, I miss crewmanagement in the tutorial @admin
  6. Another thing: After the endurance exam you get stuff. I claimed it, but didnt get the ship that was announced, bug? @admin
  7. The boarding tutorial does not really explains how the boarding-game works, i think there is room for improvement, explaining what preparation is, that it raises when you brace, what morale is, what marines do and so on. @admin
  8. And a 'Reset' does not replenish your ammo
  9. The chainshot-tutorial is quite difficult with the 20 shots you have @admin
  10. Nelsons Barrel

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    What gives you the authority to sell other clans ports?
  11. Business opportunity: Sell LO/WO Indefatigables with 42pd carros in ports next to frigate eventzone!
  12. Nelsons Barrel

    Caribbean Invasion News

    What makes him the average-player we have ingame.
  13. Nelsons Barrel

    Caribbean Invasion News

    When they ask for your ingame name you know you got them by the guts, keep goin!
  14. Nelsons Barrel

    Shipwrecks... seem to be pointless now...

    No, not that amazing, most of the time stuff not worth a million. It's just random, sometimes you get multiple, sometimes none for days.
  15. Nelsons Barrel

    Good reviews

    Dont forget that this is not a game you can just play for 2 hours and then leave it besides. I had occassions where i got revengefleeted that often that I played for over 6 hours unwillingly just to save my ship. It is not aiming for the casual player, its only dedicated for the hardcore player that likes to suffer and has many hours spare. Back when I bought the game, the game was not advertised as 'hardcore'. That tag came later on the shoppage.