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  1. Nelsons Barrel

    Hugging exploit

    Musket sniping should be a thing, but definitely needs a mechanic to be not all time passive on.
  2. Nelsons Barrel

    Epic Event attempts since change in chain

    Determined Defender made them quite ezpz. LO/WO loceans and enjoy.
  3. Nelsons Barrel

    La Requin - how to fix a broken ship

    I don't like the fact that the ship sinks when structure is at 0%. I don't like to sink and so the ship should never get structure damage. I paid real money for it!
  4. Nelsons Barrel

    Server is down!

  5. Nelsons Barrel

    Connection issues on servers

    PvE server is not offline
  6. Nelsons Barrel

    Questions to developers

    LGV (refit)
  7. Nelsons Barrel

    How to stern rake consistently?

    Point is, be close and aim for the gun decks (the lower the deck the more crew it has)
  8. Nelsons Barrel

    Alt Trolling Nation Chat

    As of the 'openly admitting to be an alt' I can add this where he openly admits fighting against US players the day before in US nation chat.
  9. As VCO is attacking a VSCO port, quick question: How are the friendly clanlists looking on both sides?
  10. Nelsons Barrel

    La Requin nerf needed

    The ship is a disease. Too low in the water, broken mast hitboxes, broken pirate refit...
  11. I had two fleet battles yesterday to test out the new patch. What comes in my mind is that with the recent leakage system ships can stay afloat for the whole period of a repair circle without any structure or broadside left as long as they drop down their sails down to 0% (so only 50% of waterintake). I doubt that change was intended by @admin . To sink those ships you have to stay at them and kill all crew but that is hardly possible in fleet battles. This reminds me of a strategy players used two years ago when we had mega-pump-mods that were able to keep you afloat for over 20 min in ships like essex and trincomalee without any broadside (back then we had no inner structure). It was solved by nerfing all pumps to values we have right now. So my question would be: Could we please go back to the leaksystem we had before?
  12. Nelsons Barrel

    Admiralty Connection DLC bug?

    Could you add a drag-and-drop-function for towing? That would be superb.
  13. Nelsons Barrel

    DLC Pood Edinorog

    And I want Instant-win-DLC, too! No for real, this everything-a-DLC politics must stop before it spreads too much. Poodies should require one rescource to craft like cartagena refit carta-tar and it would be fine.
  14. Nelsons Barrel

    Admiralty DLC Extra Outposts (P2W or...)

    I stand to the point that extra outposts are p2w, as, we all already discussed that it gives you an advantage of being closer to the hotspots everywhere on the map, if outposts are opened for that point. They are superior in economy perspective, yes. But with the knowledge system they are not for pvp. You need for an alt all the important books that most players only could affort for their main, if at all. I know many players that to this point never got the chance to get Art of Shiphandling together. And in that aspect a main account with more outposts is superior.
  15. Nelsons Barrel

    Premium ships 24 hours

    At least there could have been a 'ingame'-paywall too. So you pay with real money for the option to get the ship at all and THEN have to pay like 1 million ingame money to redeem it. Would solve some kind of problems of 'its a free ship to troll'-issues. But I think its too late for such a change.