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  1. Demasting

    Railguns? Please?
  2. I compare ships to their worthyness to be used in a battle. The bucentaure is currently useless.
  3. Thanks for making the bucentaure so useless compared to other downwindsailers like locean or santi. Constant speed in battle 45° upwind is 2kn, locean is twice as fast. The turnrates are too fast to balance the ships right would be my guess overall.
  4. Your question about doing a 'perfect' sternrake is what tells me that you haven't. If you haven't noticed, there is always a delay when you click to do a broadside and when the first cannonball gets shot, with increasing ping that delay gets slightly bigger.
  5. It's amusing, you guys make up that whole ping thing while you never encoutered it. If you would, you would see that you notice the ping more inside ports than in battles.
  6. You get used to it. Stop with your lazy excuses to kick out half the playerbase this game has/had!
  7. I know its hard to imagine, but you can actually click a few milliseconds earlier than when you have a low latency!
  8. Did that, tried that, worked with 250 ping.
  9. Naval Action is not a counter strike clone where you need latencies under 50ms to play. Even with a ping of 200 its playable.
  10. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    The idea is great, the point it will fail is gonna be how to balance rescources in the different timezones. Should that balancing happen to my expectations, it would safe this god damn game.
  11. Global chat should be different then...
  12. Curbing PVP gank fleets

    Welcome to Naval Action, my friend! Where fair fights were duells, but duell room got closed. Only 'fair' fleet battles are found in Portbattles or planned beforehand.
  13. There are only active moderators in the prussian fleet and only two so far (one is admin). Every other moderator is inactive or stepped back. On EU Global: None.
  14. Alt PvP mark farm abuse

    They should punish players that make deals to produce pvp marks too.
  15. Future Tournament Types

    Duell room anyone!?