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  1. Somebody wake me up when the games becomes playable for PvP-players, thank you. Meanwhile i go back into my cave. Winter is long.
  2. Important changes from my perspective

    Too less of a change and too late. Sadly.
  3. The idea was generally good. One thing that you liked destroyed it: The BPs you could get from it. They were the reason players tried to cheat and killed their alt just to get the chance of getting the VERY IMPORTANT PB-SHIPS BLUEPRINTS! Its never a good idea to give important meta items through rng or events, we still suffer from that. Paints would have been enough to reward the players to come out and seek for a good fight. Wouldn't have been gamebreaking, but what we got was just a stupid idea.
  4. Do you even think before you right? Because if you think, you would come to the conclusion: A. In that Portbattle were 25 players in that got demoted, if everybody has like one alt together with his main account, that are 50 reviews they can write about that game. Compare that to the 2911 reviews in total... not that much of a deal i would say. B. Since when has LV ever done anything of matter? Do you really believe he's mighty enough to 'crush' a game? C. Did they all write bad reviews? Have you prove? D. the game is bad and thats why we have bad reviews.
  5. Or like Life is Feudal MMO: Seemless Server transition
  6. Statistics surely shown the absurd time we spend to get these ships! If you spend over 1000 hours in a game, what is wrong being rich in it? You reached endgame, you deserve it.
  7. Your optimism in all honor, as long as the devs stay the same that we have right now, the game will not get a rebirth. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, you know?
  8. You can't simply change the monetizing way of a game that was greenlighted and is accessable through stream probably. But yeah, would have been the better choice from the beginning. I would have paid 5$ per months without hesitation.
  9. Game runs in a borderless window when you set it on fullscreen.
  10. How to safely do missions (Alt needed)

    Does not work for pirates btw. You can jump into their missions eventhough they are in greenzone.
  11. How to safely do missions (Alt needed)

    The way I showed up here is a typical alt abuse with a absolutely safety of not getting jumped, the way you showed is the legitimate way where you can still get caught inside the mission (did it myself, first rates don't sail that far in 3 mins)
  12. 1. Log in your alt account 2. Grab a mission with your alt account. 3. Make your Main account ready to do that mission. 4. start the mission with alt. 5. sail to that mission with your main 6. jump into the mission with your main account in the last 10 seconds possible. 7. enjoy a safe mission.
  13. If the game becomes purely PvE, why exactly do you develop these kind of things? We could just close down both PvP server and all play happily on PvE-server.