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    Fleet ships need to be buffed, re crewed with humans or have dramatically improved command options. One of the single most annoying aggravating/infuriating elements of NA is the utter uselessness of fleet ships to do anything more than carry cargo. And before anyone uses the counter "just sail with clan mates", I'm in a clan, a Rear Admiral & rich, yet it is still almost impossible in today's NA environment to find any player in a clan or otherwise, who will escort your 3-4 Indiaman for 3-4 hours at a time.
  2. No name, no flag

    The top 10 problems of NA, my view.

    Fanboys take a breath, what I wrote was not a whine or a moan, it is simply an observation. I didn't recommend any changes because I do not know what can effectively be changed to improve the game. NA has good combat mechanics and beautiful graphics, the cannon balls fly and ships get sunk, but that is where it ends for me. I am at max crafting and xp rank, have lvl 3 shipyard, workshop, multiple 1st rates and millions in gold. I can lose a 1st rate and shrug it off, buy victory marks on a whim and lose three indiaman with all their cargo and replace them in a few moments. So what is left for me to do? RvR? I have tried pushing my nation into war by attempting to organize players to generate hostility on enemy ports, no interest. I have even tried raising hostility on enemy ports alone to generate a port battle, again no interest. Wheres the patch to fix this? So because RvR in my nation is dead what do I do? PvP? While in a Santi, I recently watched three friendly third rates and a second rate run past me going in the opposite direction while I was trying to get upwind to join a battle that they had declined to join because the odds were to even. By the time I reached the battle it was closed and the three friendly ships inside were lost. I have seen this scenario in one form or another repeated over and over again. But lets say I accept that my fellow countrymen won't fight and I take my 5th rate alone to MT looking for a battle, in NA players consistently shy away from 1 v 1 or even 2 v 1 in order to fight 5 v 1, meaning I would just be spending an hour to have the privilege of dying. What patch could be employed to fix this? I have seen L'Oceans broadside modded Bellonas with no effect, fleet ships disappear in patrol zones, Surprises overtake Lynxes going to windward, ships with one hull bar almost fully repair while in battle, Ingermans doing 15 knots, multiple Indiaman sunk by a single player in a snow and much, much more, but no patches are needed because these are desired game mechanics. Fans of NA in the form it is now have a right to like it as it is and the developers have the right to continue to move it in that direction but I just don't see myself going along for that ride.
  3. No name, no flag

    The top 10 problems of NA, my view.

    After logging over 2600 hours into Naval Action I can honestly say that I enjoy Sid Meier's Pirates far more. Why this is the case I'm not sure. I can recall what seemed to be a golden age of Naval Action back before 2017, but what made it so, and why it no longer has this quality I am unable to pinpoint. Perhaps it's the player base or maybe it's the players themselves that have changed. Or maybe instead of one thing or ten things that have gone wrong, it's the hundred or so small changes that have caused the game to lose it's luster. Either way I no longer have a desire to play NA or even own it.
  4. No name, no flag

    Port Battle, Hostilities & Setup

    Questions related to generating hostility and port battles How is hostility generated to create the conditions for a port battle and what is the duration of the hostility generated, 2 hours, 24 hours? Once hostility reaches 100%, how is the port battle set up, is it automatic, or do you set the time for the battle to begin. What happens after a successful port battle, is administration automatic or are there certain actions the winning clan need to perform?
  5. No name, no flag

    A new approach to Portbattles, with troop ships involved

    Why not just rework the war supplies feature like the OP said. Instead of war supplies they could be called Infantry Regiments or something similar. Each regiment would have a weight of 400, which would allow only larger ships to be used as transports. An invasion flag (port specific) could be substituted for the smuggler flag, with the objective being that the aggressor would be required to land a certain number of infantry regiments into the port within a certain time frame. The defender's task would be to prevent those troops from landing. Hostility could still be used, but the port battle itself would be rendered obsolete. The only downside would be that either the number of troops landed would need to be very high, to prevent swarm tactics, or a smaller time window utilized.
  6. That's what I'd like to know. Sometimes you sail a long way in a battle and it be very realistic if that distance wasn't lost. Maybe the game should calculate the distance travelled from the point of entry and then give invisibility for the time period necessary to make up that distance in the OW. This would allow players who put in the effort to have a better chance of avoiding contact after leaving the instance.
  7. No name, no flag

    Too many 1st rates!?

    One of the pleasures of Naval Action is crafting and sailing the different ship types. If you restrict the number of 1st rates a player can own at one time you restrict one of the games more interesting features. The realism factor, important as it is, is more threatened by other game mechanics currently in place such as the teleport feature, extensive in battle repairs and fleet ships that disappear in patrol zones just to name a few.
  8. That might be true but I cannot imagine a situation where a player would discard gold or silver currency won in a fight. They would load it on their ship and thus become a target themselves.
  9. Increasing the risk to PVP gankers by forcing them to carry their rewards home is a good thing. Like the admin said traders have all the risk now so why should PVP players get a free ride.
  10. No name, no flag

    A new approach to Portbattles, with troop ships involved

    Perhaps make it necessary for the port battle ships themselves to carry the infantry or marines, which they must land at the end of the battle to take the port.
  11. Imo I don't see these changes causing people to quit. Super mods that can only be acquired by the PVP elte, fleet ships that disappear in patrol zones, etc. these cause people to quit, I don't see the creation of physical money as a deal breaker for new players.
  12. That is all true and there are even accounts of pirates passing fake checks to buy supplies. That said, there wasn't a magic transfer system in place, the coin still had to be moved by ship at some point so that those transactions could be settled. Port upkeep could be solved by the issue of credit from a national bank that clans could settle every month. A single ship or group of ships would be loaded with the necessary amount of coin and then travel to the port to make payment to the bank issuing the credit. It could also be arranged that the clan wouldn't need to make payment in the port in question only at the national capital or even county capital and then it becomes the banks responsibility to provide the currency via ship to it's port branches. And perhaps that transfer could take place in the form of player missions.
  13. I'm for this. I trade and use four Indiamen and go long distances with them so this would effect me directly. Risky yes, but I'd like to try it out.
  14. There shouldn't be an exclusive list of favored clans. This would give the larger and/or older clans a significant advantage over smaller or newer clans and would probably stifle competition in this area. Historical currency sounds good so long as you can get it by trading or combat.
  15. No name, no flag

    The Case Against Repair Items

    Any repairs while in combat with the exception of rudder and leaks should not be allowed.
  16. No name, no flag


    You can all ready get your distance by using the trader tool so I don't see how this suggestion would be a bad thing.
  17. No name, no flag

    Names for Capes, headlands, bays and Rivers

    Geographic points on the OW map, including capes, headlands, bays, rivers, inlets, coasts, islands, etc should be named. Named places would enable easier points of reference in communication and increase the overall value of the OW map.
  18. No name, no flag

    Merge the nations!

    You cannot successfully force people to adopt your play style and that is all this is. You want more RVR so you want to make other plays change the way they play the game so that you can have more fun and not care at all whether or not they are enjoying themselves too.
  19. No name, no flag

    NA Servers high ping

    Just logged off NA, after two weeks of this the ping rate is so high during combat it's a wast of time. I'll check back in a week or so to see if there is a change.
  20. No name, no flag

    NA Servers high ping

    I doubt this very much. Recently during game play, I pressed the windows key to check the forum. Immediately after doing so the cursor shot to the top left of the screen and hovered there. I had to log off the computer to restore it to normal function. During the same game session, the ping rate went to 5500 and my ship and the enemy ships occupied the same space for about ten seconds.
  21. No name, no flag

    NA Servers high ping

    In the mid US I have a 30ms ping, 25 Mbps download and 5.00 Mbps upload and I am getting a steady 60-70 on Global then it shoots to 850-1000~ and sometimes even 3200-4500.
  22. No name, no flag

    Kiting Issue

    How would gun range play no role in a gunfight?
  23. No name, no flag

    Kiting Issue

    Seems to me this is an easy solve. If your out of range, your out of the battle. Darkness should also play a role. At night fall the range is halved. Battle timers are a rediculous mechanic.
  24. No name, no flag

    Ping erratic, then logs me out

    Having erratic ping rates in the mid U.S.A. Ping will go from 65 to 350-3400. Also ships will freeze for two-five seconds every few minutes or so. Issue is on Global Server.
  25. No name, no flag

    Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    I already explained the reasoning behind why I believe Padre Eterno would be a good choice. If it did not sink at sea, the ship would have probably lasted well into the eighteenth century. There are no plans because there were no plans. Ships during that period we're built to a set of builders rules not plans. The ships design could be reasonably reproduced based on it's dimensions and tonnage.