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  1. Such is a lord.... part 2

    What about ports taken before this patch? Will we start getting any conquest marks for those?
  2. In battle reporter?

    Does anyone know what the reporter is used for in battles? Its in the top left and has largely gone unnoticed, just thought i'd ask.
  3. Cap Francois battle today

    What an I missing in the admiralty store? I play on the global server. As far as I know the only way to get conquest marks is through port battles.
  4. Cap Francois battle today

    You know, if there were more ways to get conquest marks like completing epic events in the open world then that would help balance out things like this. Not that what transpired here wasn't wrong or anything. . I just wanted to throw that idea out there since this seems to be such a big topic.
  5. -Buy the game multiple times. -level up multiple accounts by hand. -Sail those accounts around the world and set up outposts. -Multiple accounts means multiple windows open. Its a lot of micro managing. -Level up said accounts in crafting levels so you can actually craft the higher end materials for ships such as high grade notes. These are just a few of the things people with multiple accounts have to do to get these "advantages" you all speak of. Are they unfair advantages? Lets analyze this process. Leveling up an account from starting rank to max rank takes about 150-300ish hours depending on how good you are at getting damage in missions. Sailing these accounts around the world and stationing them wherever you want is another 12 hours minimum of mindless babysitting. Each of these accounts must then be leveled up individually with crafting levels so they can have more of a labor hour pool, and so they can craft things like high grade notes. In total we're looking at about 600 hours per account before they're really functional in the sense everyone is talking about. I personally DO NOT have the patience for this. I have ONE other account myself, and I hardly EVER use it because I simply don't have the time for it. If these guys have the time and patience to do these things listed above, more power to them. I don't see it as an unfair advantage as much as dedication. Feel free to call it a "pay to win" advantage, but lets be clear- they aren't paying for another account thats immediately max level in both crafting and crew. The said account has to be outfitted, sailed, and managed same as every other account does. The people who actually do this are power gamers. EVERY game out there will have power gamers. No matter what you do to the rules or mechanics there will ALWAYS be players out there silently slaving away for 14+ hours straight. I'm not here to take sides on this topic that this forum has divulged into. I'm just stating what I think are facts. If you can only play for 2 hours a day then chances are you will never be able to compete with a guy that plays for 12+ hours a day or even 6+ hours a day. Its a problem EVERY game out there has and always will have. Does it suck? Yes. Is it unfair? Absolutely. But just remember YOU have a life while the other guy doesn't have much of one. Whose the real winner here?
  6. Looks like its been pushed back to 15th of may
  7. To those of you diligently working on the test server, thank you. When can we expect this update?