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  1. "Battle Connection Lost" Bug

    I had a battle on my own about an hour later during the same session and it was fine
  2. "Battle Connection Lost" Bug

    Yes i have also experienced this. Never on my own but when I play with a certain player this has been happening over the last few days. It has happened to him in every battle, it seems to be a bug that is associated with individual players. The same player also had a problem on the PVP leader board where his score was -2717 and his nation was changed to NE I F11'd the instances where i was involved.
  3. Bovenwinds Refit issue

    Ever since I can remember but its not fixed in categories so it's hard to explain but it kinda makes some logical sense: EG: You cant have 2 different sail refits simultaneously or 2 Bow figures, that would be daft. But you could have Boven sails and British Rigging, or a crooked hull with cartegena (even though they are both hull) British AND french gunners? never tried it, I doubt you can have Almeria AND Guacata gunpowder at the same time. If you have Pirate Refit then you can't have French too! but you could have Pinot Ocote masts ... etc etc. Hope that helps :/
  4. Bovenwinds Refit issue

    That's right, not all upgrades can be paired. I think you can only have one Bow figure, one hull refit and 1 sail refit, something along those lines
  5. Joined a battle at Shroud Cay, the player 'Lardwick' boarded a Swedish Cerberus 'swartzenberger'. Combat News: 11:20 - 20th November 2017 The Cerb was afk and had no cannons. Lardwick sailed over and boarded it. He got angry when I joined the battle. That's about suspicious and 'caught red-handed' as you can get for pvp mark farming. I imagine you will be able to see if there is a trading/combat history between the 2 players, even if there isn't I still say he's a cheat, any other explanation is too far fetched imo I have recorded and saved battle, if you need it so see it let me know (and instructions on how to post it). IMO something needs to be done about pvp farming, its obviously rampant and makes you question everything you see in combat news which is a shame. Cheers
  6. The last episode in the series. The disposable Surprise rides again, The Long Cannon de-masting meta, m m m my La Mona, Indefatigability, Burning Victory, The 6th Rate Blob and Sailing off the edge of the World. I continue to be a hopeless noob https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvwCnfx1OIA&feature=youtu.be
  7. Whether the Surp is OP or not is maybe not what's important? The fact is, is that everyone is sailing them, whatever the reason. Admittedly this is over simplifying, as different ships are used for different purposes and at different costs, but as a general rule: if too many people are using it: nerf it, if it is being underused: buff it. That's the way to get the widest range of ships out in the openworld.
  8. Totally agree. The ubiquitous max speed Surprise was getting a bit dull, OP as a boarding vessel. Even I could cap another 5th rate in it and I'm hopeless, its no wonder they were everywhere. We need to see more imaginative ship fits and a wider range of ships being used for pvp. If you want big speed then you need to pay a big penalty and crew seems the obvious choice. This has already got me thinking about different ships and set ups.
  9. lol? It's news to me too, glad I didn't say it. This is a discussion thread. The idea is to discuss things. You may feel the leaderboard is a positive thing on balance and that's fine. I don't, for reasons I have made clear. Different opinions is what it's about, I don't even care that much. It would be better if people actually tried to engage with the discussion rather than just misquoting or (deliberately) misinterpreting what someone has said, in order to try and 'win' the argument.
  10. Just when you thought you were out they drag you back in again! ..... Please read posts properly if you are commenting on them. I didn't say people hated it. I use it for info on pilots, cos it's a resource you have to use cos it's there and being used on you. But there is a general consensus that many players play in such a way as to make themselves look good on Zkill (ie. lots of easy kills) rather than taking on challenging pvp. It took me a while to realise that I should stop looking at my own stats on zkill and when I did that I was freed up to play much more challenging pvp. As soon as I didn't care about stats, I took more risks, didn't bother ganking noobs and enjoyed the game more. If you've played a lot of Eve you will know that the very best players don't have particularly green zkillboards, they have quality kills. In the same way, being top of the NA leaderboard is not going to be a particularly good indicator of the best pvpers. So i think it's a shame that this has been deliberately introduced. Right that really is it, i'm not commenting on this anymore.
  11. OK, this is the last thing I have to say on the matter. No, it wasn't you. It was someone completely different. The guy he was attacking was an Ensign, the lowest level, a brand new player. Absolutely you learn by getting killed, I have no problem with that. That's not my argument, my argument is: The thrill and enjoyment of pvp should be motivation enough. Having rewards for pvp, yes, but a leaderboard reward only grants more stuff to the players who already have the most stuff and promotes the ganking of inexperienced players as that is the easiest way to get to the top of it. It's purely an exercise in ego massage, there's no need for it, and it promotes cowardly pvp tactics, eg. deliberately targeting inexperienced players. The only reason to be pvping at KPR is to go against players that you know are less experienced and have less resources than you, with limited chance of revenge fleet as everyone knows the majority of experienced Brits are at Belize. So while they MIGHT be learning something by getting ganked and losing their ship to a more experienced player, the attacker is only killing a weaker player to get on their name on the leaderboard with little risk to themselves. There is always and was always pvp to be found, I havn't noticed any difference since the leaderboard was introduced, other than increased preying upon new players. Eve Online has been there and done this. They don't have this for precisely this reason. Unfortunately there is an outside app called ZKillboard. It is generally universally acknowledged that this has a negative effect on pvp and player behaviour. However, at least with Zkillboard, with a little exploration, you can see who the cowards padding there killboards with easy kills and taking no risks, are. With this in game leaderboard the cowards are not even exposed. It's just sad imo and they should get rid of it.
  12. Oh Ok, perhaps I was using the wrong terminology then, the Ensign wasn't in a TBrig he was in a Snow. He's not killing trading ships, he's killing fighting ships but captained by new players. He's gone to KPR because he knows that the Brits have gone to Belize and KPR is full of noobs. I assumed that was what 'seal clubbing' meant: killing noobs, either way the fact remains: he's top of Leaderboard, he's at KPR. He knows there are easy kills there and he wants to be top. I'm not blaming the guy, he can do what he likes but If there was no leaderboard he prob wouldn't bother. So the leaderboard is a bad idea. You are quibbling over terminology now, so now I know you know I am right If i can give you a quote: "Don’t be an assh..le. Let people go too. If you see the guy clearly don’t know how to sail because it is his first week in the game and he asks to let him go do it. You can tell if people are new. He probably doesn’t have anything valuable in his cargo hold anyway. Breaking people’s bank is a sure way to get them upset with the game." - Koltes
  13. Just seen current leaderboard leader, seal clubbing at KPR, he just sank an ensign, what a hero! I rest my case. I respect ur vastly superior knowledge of this game Koltes but i think you are wrong about this one, this is what it promotes.
  14. I like that idea. Or u have 'agents' in outposts that you can teleport to so as to manage and craft, trade etc but your captain is the only one that can sail and can't TP (essentially the same thing)
  15. I mean the NEXT target. Eg. You have 2 Pirates, near an area where there are likely to be many enemy ships they might want to attack. They do a ((faraway) tag one on the other and go into battle instance and then immediately leave. They both then come out with cloak and warp drive and then fly towards targets or fly upwind to position themselves downwind of opponents. But anyway, regardless of that, the point still remains that players who have just come out of battle instance are able to warp drive to other targets while invisible, which is daft.