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  1. Agreed 'Set Sail' would be better and that is a really washed-out ugly button.
  2. Overall this is a massive improvement. Icons seem logically positioned and I already find the new UI easier to use. You can do pretty much everything in 2 clicks. It looks attractive and everything is easy to read. Biggest problem remains the port graphic which is fine for the OW at a distance but simply doesn't work close up. As many have said, I would like to see a new more attractive and atmospheric graphic for this, with some ambient sounds and more of a feeling of being in a busy port town. Immersion is good. If not a new graphic then why not just have it exactly as when you first undock in OW? with the ship a little way out in the bay? A bigger ship would never be positioned at a jetty anyway. Most ships, even Brigs, would be out in the bay and would be serviced by the port with smaller barges etc. The close up to the port with the wooden jetty just doesn't work for me. It's a shame cos everything else looks so good.
  3. SUGGESTION: Use the padlock symbol ONLY for things that CAN be unlocked, but have an X for something that simply can NEVER be used. eg. The mortar on a non-mortar brig should be an x showing that this ship can NEVER have a mortar. With the padlock symbol, a new player will be thinking, 'cool, how do I unlock the mortar on my Pirate Frigate?' Either way you need some visual representation of what cannot currently be used and what can never be used.
  4. SUGGESTION: How about an 'Outpost Office' or 'Library' to store unused: Books, Labour contracts, Blueprints and Permits? With tabs for each outpost so you can see what documents are stored in what port. Stuff would be a bit more organised and it seems daft that a book takes up same space in warehouse as 10k iron ore. It could easily be incorporated into the existing 'Buildings and Crafting' window perhaps?
  5. The overall design flavour like the icons, windows and text are great, same as the OW UI. The opening screen is good too. Excellent. But as mentioned above, when 'in port' the whole screen is dominated by the current OW Port building graphics with wooden jetty. That works fine in the OW from a distance, but close up these graphics are not detailed enough. I too preferred the feeling of being in a bustling port town. You have mines, shipyards and plantations to manage, supplies to purchase, trade deals to make and plans for war! This feels like you are in a tiny little hovel village about to go on a fishing trip. A better or more detailed Harbour/Port graphic is needed. Some ambient Port/Town sounds would go a long way here i think? It's nice to see the ship you are in yes. Perhaps you could have the focus on the ship but with a new harbour wall or jetty and then just the suggestion of a port and town around it with sounds? something like these perhaps: (these are oil paintings so they would not fit in with the ship models, but they show how you can create the atmosphere of a busy port without the need for complex 3D models) Also, not tested it yet, but I hope that you can 'pin' the windows in place to where you want them? (or it remembers where they were last positioned and sized). I prefer the windows to be in fixed positions, having to move them around or resize them each time will be annoying and messy.
  6. Re: new boarding speeds: Sorry for over simplifying and stating the bloody obvious but increasing the speed at which boarding can take place and nerfing DD will massively increase the likelihood of battles being resolved by boarding. The problem with that is: Ships, cannons, smoke, fire, waves, sails, explosions....good Pressing buttons to bagpipe music....not so good So having more of it might not be a great idea, even if it is historically accurate. If there is a problem with tactical game play then leaning more heavily on the weakest (you might even call it 'shit') element of the game, might not be the best solution.
  7. Hullabaloo

    Reuse the old Connie model USS Chesapeake.

    lol I read cheapskate too, which is ironic seeing as the post about sticking an extra couple of bow chasers on a ship and pretending it's a new ship :)
  8. Hullabaloo

    keyboard crash

    Thanks for help. Was already unchecked. I am intel i7 400GHZ, 16GB Ram, Nvidia 980 so should be coping with game ok I have updated driver now, I will post if it happens again Cheers
  9. Hullabaloo

    keyboard crash

    no no. I havnt had to change the batteries! Just take out and put back in again to depower it. same batteries go back in (soz no IT skillz)
  10. Hullabaloo

    keyboard crash

    maybe don't even have to reboot, will try that. But no issue AT ALL except Naval Action chat window
  11. Hullabaloo

    keyboard crash

    Y i did that, went to windows login and would not let me put in password. Remove/replace batteries, then bingo.
  12. Hullabaloo

    keyboard crash

    Hi Not very IT literate, so apologies if this is daft. I have had a problem with my keyboard lately where it completely stops working (on any application). Shutting down the PC and then taking out the battery and then replacing them solves it. The thing is, I use this PC all day every day for work and often evenings too for gaming. I am typing all day and this has only ever happened twice. BOTH times whilst typing in the chat window in Naval Action! Considering that prob makes up for about 0.1% of my total typing that would be a massive coincidence, possible yes, but very very unlikely. Is there a known issue? I am using a Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 500, Windows 10. I am terrible for updating drivers. Just thought I would let you know
  13. Hullabaloo

    Le Req is changing the game!

    Black Sails! Flares, A cool looking paint job, Crew sounds, a fucking penis shaped bow figure! Whatever. I would have happily handed over some cash for that for a laugh.
  14. Hullabaloo

    Le Req is changing the game!

    Yes this is a fair point, perhaps properly rebalanced as a 'craftable' ship they might have been good additions to the game. I'm not blaming anyone for using them. But they were a method to raise cash that was detrimental to the wider game I think. DLC's should only be cosmetic.
  15. Hullabaloo

    Le Req is changing the game!

    Yes that is true. I did say 'in theory That's a problem with the economy though. And you did have to 'work' for those riches, you have played a lot, and that's why losing ships matter less. That might not be the case for the player you sink. Your 'reward' for that is that you can sail a 'very fast' purple Bellona with cartegena and copper. Would you care if you lost that? Would you just throw it away? Perhaps not.