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  1. Luigiebox


    ^ Same for me
  2. Luigiebox

    Upcoming Patch

    @admin any patch notes?
  3. Luigiebox

    Hotfix for patch 14.

    Any patch notes? @admin
  4. Luigiebox

    Upcoming Patch

    @admin when wil The ui come?
  5. Come On devs get rid of it already nobody wants this!!
  6. Luigiebox

    PVP servers merge

    Such a baby bye bye
  7. Luigiebox

    Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    @admin @Ink any update notes?
  8. If you Dont like it Dont play it then? bye ps you nag like an Old lady its annoying
  9. When is the new ui coming? @admin @Ink
  10. Luigiebox

    Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    It Sure is quiet today?..