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  1. Contoy swapped to neutral

    What if you make check queue by the highest income? That would solve the problems of the ports turning neutral.
  2. Contoy swapped to neutral

    Then the system sadly is not working as it should be, because by the current game design and based on what admin said - one port pays for the other ports. One strategic port earning a lot of money covers the maintenance cost of other ports (that's the design described by admin). Also how does the queue works? If Conttoy would be the last in queue, then everything would be paid correctly.
  3. A video trailer will help

    I will make a video once gunboat is reintroduced with paints (fireship paint).
  4. Contoy swapped to neutral

    Malachy is right and here is clarification by admin.
  5. Contoy swapped to neutral

    What about earnings of other ports? Admin stated that if the income from taxes will be enough, it will first collect income, then pay maintenance cost.
  6. Please make it its own steam entry

    For example The Culling and few other Indie games used a seperate steam entry for testing. We don't fear that it will be as one game after release. It is just a bit annoying to switch from one to another few times a day.
  7. Suggestions

    As a hunter I hate capturing traders with useless to me traders goods. Before any traders I was hunting, I knew that they carry some stuff for ship building that I always needed.
  8. Suggestions

    You understand that you can't make 90 degrees wind on start because spawning/joining positions are not the same? Attacker can join 360 degrees around the port if that's an island, they can join in many places splitting groups. Each PB is different not only because of the terrain, forts, towers and land, but also because of the wind. That's why I like it, it's not like the old boring system, all PBs the same. Nonetheless, Devs added 10 min timer for capturing circles, so it seems fair to me. I've seen Port Battles won with terrible wind as well.
  9. Suggestions

    2. So far there was a lot of PvP in hostility missions during last weeks. 5. I would rather see more inter-clan relations, not nation-nation. 6. As long as I agree that Wasa is a 3rd rate, I like it as 4th rate. Why? It has the same thickness as other 4th rates but bigger guns. What does it mean? That we can finally penetrate ships in PB. With Agamemnons you had to be 50 meters away to deal any damage at all... Finally we can begin to fight from a distance in a 4th rate PB. 9. There always needs to be a luck factor involved into a PB. Sometimes the attacker has perfect wind and sometimes the defender does, it's not one-sided. I agree with the rest of the points you made.
  10. The system of NPC spawned goods needs to go. This cartagena happening just proved how supply&demand is flawed. NPC production heavily limits supply while demand is extremely high. Port produces maybe 30-50 tar daily while 1000 tar was sold out after few hours. Demand is huge with 400-700 players online, imagine the demand for resources with 1500 and 2500 players online. Supply is handicapped by NPC and will never meet the demand by player base.
  11. Sweden declares war on Great Britain

    You claimed Cartagena after a map reset? Your hostility fleets got smashed each time, you just tried to take it when it was neutral to get it without a fight.
  12. We were not gifted. It was all sold for money. 100k per piece is not that cheap. Think of how admin actually reduced the level of the inflation acquiring over 100m in gold from players. It actually proves how bad NPC-spawned goods system is. It doesn't meet the demands. 1000 tar sold in a few hours while the daily supply of the port is what? 30, maybe 50. The system needs to be gone. It imbalances the supply and demand harmony.
  13. What resources you don't have? You've got white oak, teak, crooked cedar, silver, gold, everything you need You have access to all resources as well as we do.
  14. Sweden declares war on Great Britain

    I heard the Danes are helping Swedish nation with wars like against the French
  15. Sweden declares war on Great Britain

    I never liked cigars, you can have it.
  16. Naval Action Legends Beginners Guide

    @Fellvred I wouldn't argue with it and call Legends a competition if not the hundreds of issues with NA. Fix 1 problem and you get 2 other problems.
  17. Free port of Viques

    Can pirates steal ports from other pirates? No. Can you "raid"? No. Do you have any special pirate bonuses or benefits? No. The only thing extra that you got is outlaw battle, not enough to convince me
  18. Naval Action Legends Beginners Guide

    Current NA will only have PvErs who like fighting bots and traders, maybe some ship builders and crafters remaining. Even the hardcore PvP players that didn't mind the grind will move to Legends.
  19. Naval Action Legends Beginners Guide

    Massive exodus of PvP players to Legends and all PvE players with traders remaining on PvP Server
  20. Because: 1. exploit wasn't fixed yet 2. There was a huge supply the day before and players got 1000 tar. Demand for tar is smaller now.
  21. You know right that it happened once? I am suggesting that it is possible that we lost 12m gold for last 2 weeks because of that exploit. If you haven't seen, players are bidding 250k gold for tar. Show me other port with such huge bid contracts? Crooked Cedar? No. Grietje van? No. In fact, Cartagena de Indias has the highest buy contracts.
  22. What about the gold lost by the contract exploit? It blocked/limited our income as well since we took the port. Buy contracts didn't work, thus generating no income.
  23. You're missing the point. You're blaming us for something that admin did. Then you compare it to damage farming by SORRY in PB for conquest marks.
  24. Are you trying to imply that it was not a setup deal and no one knew about it, including Lord Vicious? That it was just an accident and coincidence that 25 players came without cannons to a PB? No one got killed to make it even more funny.
  25. Naval Action Legends Beginners Guide

    If possible, use the dedicated forum section for NA Legends