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  1. PvP - opisy walk

    To francuski klan, mam nadzieję że wiele to tłumaczy
  2. [PVP EU] battle results

    I will fight anyone... besides the fact that experienced players are very experienced at avoiding fights and newbies are easy to get caught. These 2 things combined make it quite obvious who's been targeted. Most of the time I avoid fighting low-rank players like Master & Commander and below that. That's my personal codex I try to obey.
  3. [PVP EU] battle results

    It's not about good or bad players, it's about these that care. Right now the % of players that care about something else than the end of their nose is very small.
  4. [PVP EU] battle results

    Of course, it's not. I remember the days the vast majority of Brits actually did fights around Jamaica for pure PvP and fun.
  5. [PVP EU] battle results

    That statement is 100% wrong lol, you had everyone in the fleet who cared. I fixed that for you.
  6. Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    I would say it depends on the ship. For example, 1st rates speed lose is very low, so I figured depowering for that ship might help. Same for the ships that for some reason struggle at last 15-30 degrees like snow, essex, santa cecilia.
  7. Farm with friends - marks confiscation

    I'm sorry to say, but steam doesn't give a single hello kitty. I've written a complaint about being banned from the game with impunity because of the unrelated forum issue.
  8. Farm with friends - marks confiscation

    You know right you accept the rules during installing the game? You don't need to write your signature below the rules, you click "Accept/Agree to rules" Yea, this is absolutely fine if it happens every day 2-3 times. My alt is really my brother and I am better than my brother so I kill him 4 times daily, nothing wrong with that))
  9. Farm with friends - marks confiscation

    Are you mad because your friend was exploiting the game and breaking game rules by farming PvP Marks with alts? Be happy that he wasn't banned.
  10. Cotton is bugged in EU Trader

    Did you try 560? Just to check if it works with EU trader at all and is just a pricing bug.
  11. Mast Hits

    Not trying to argue as I proposed "hardcore mode" myself but rather for NA Legends. About the modifications being visible, I would say the vast majority should be possible to be noticed with an experienced eye, like wood types, trims, planking, rigging, all have some visual differences.
  12. Mast Hits

    Currently game indicates several hit/action factor recording option: Hull, Sail, Cannon, Crew, Module, Fire, Shock, Assist, Kill Whenever player hits a mast, it registers as a sail hit and you can see splinters coming out of mast. What does it mean? Technically nothing besides that you hit a mast. Was it effective? We can't know without a shot log which got removed. My suggestion: Add new hit factor "Mast" and only record it if shot penetrated enemy mast, for example: "x5 Mast"
  13. Mast Hits

    I'm not wasting my time on a dead server to build a 1st rate, thought you're playing on PvP EU because there is a player using your name from KBEAR clan. To make it logical. So far you failed with any logic behind your reasoning. Also if you check "likes", lots of players seem to agree with my suggestion.
  14. Mast Hits

    Wait, so you believe that 140 ms ping difference is so important while using 1st rates with turn rate 2.0 and speed 9-10 knots?
  15. Mast Hits

    I don't have 1st rates on global server, I'm playing PvP EU.
  16. Mast Hits

    I guess you didn't read this part of my message: As long as this game contains information about hull hits and such, I would like to see mast hits added too. It's either everything or nothing. We can't have it 50/50. Hitting rigging has no effect in this game. Sorry, that's how it works in this game. Every mast has thickness and HP. It is fixed number of shots. There you go, ship with studding sails: so how does the fog of war would prevent me from seeing them? Another thing is double ball/double charge. Shot log would tell me which one hit me. It was removed. There is no visual difference in this game between normal ball and double ball. Is it logical? "Fog of war" *cough*... Double shot - Two round shot or other projectiles loaded in one gun and fired at the same time. Double-shotting lowered the effective range and accuracy of the gun, but could be devastating within pistol shot range — that is when ships drew close enough for a pistol shot to reach between the two ships. To avoid bursting the gun, reduced powder charges were used. Guns sometimes were double-shotted with canister or grape on top of ball, or even triple-shotted with very small powder charges which still were enough to cause horrible wounds at close range. With all respect, in this game we see always a single ball.
  17. Mast Hits

    I'm very experienced at demasting and I certainly don't need a shot log for it and this thread is not about bringing it back to the game. If you want to, we can set a duel fight on demasting only, let's prove who possesses the real skilful knowledge.
  18. [PVP EU] battle results

    Pirates were on different comms too, you see ALOHA on our thingy, Russians on their Teamspeak and some EXILE, but that's not the point. The point is that it is just pathetic that hostile nation can have a fleet right outside British capital and most of the time the major British clans don't give a single hello kitty. Now you can have excuses that there is a safe zone, no danger, blah blah... but back in the day without safe zones... this was very pathetic. When I started playing, once enemy fleet started blockading KPR or was spotted nearby, British would assembly defensive fleet in no time and engage, drive away enemies. Then it all became "who cares about KPR", "only rookies around, forget about it", "leave KPR"... Now it becomes "It's safe zone, who cares, ignore them". That is just very pathetic and shows the weakness of the nation. My friends told me that like always there was a huge drama in nation chat about this fight, about the blockade. This also shows a bad example for the new players, the biggest clans and best players in the nation totally ignore hostile fleet right next to the capital of the British Empire.
  19. [PVP EU] battle results

    @monk33y is only useful as fireship and scout, there are no other uses of such a unskilful captain, thus you won't see him often in real combat. Just in OW cutter sailing around, believing his a national hero.
  20. [PVP EU] battle results

    I bet 5m of gold that GB would lose a port battle against Russia. I've already seen enough screenshots of complete defeats against VLTRA, that is enough information for me on state of the nation and its strength. Yesterday a small group of pirates proved also the weaknesses of the nation right outside their capital. A fleet of 25 captains feeling safe in their safe zone decided to engage medium size pirate fleet. British captains being too confident experienced a complete defeat and compromitation: 13v25
  21. Mast Hits

    Let's get some facts straight: Hit markers show only when your hit penetrates (hull only shows when you penetrated, not when you bounced shots). Thus, if you hit a mast, it shows sail hit and you did not penetrate, that is highly illogical. First flaw is "sail" hit while it was mast hit, second flaw is fake information as your shot should not be registered if it had no effect. Second fact, before we could live with that as we had shot logs giving us all needed information - it was removed. Learning some data like mast thickness and penetration by heart is plain stupid. Don't pretend to be an idiot like there are no mods like Elite French, Pino Ocote Masts that can modify your mast thickness and change it even by 20-40cm... That's not a small difference. Do we see if enemy has thicker masts? No, there is no visual indication on any mods in this game. All rigs, strong hulls, light canvas, studding sails, copper plating and other mods are imaginary mods with no visual representation in combat.
  22. Mast Hits

    Realistically even 4pd longs would penetrate masts. https://media.giphy.com/media/UmBdALbYTmCJ2/giphy.gif