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  1. Santísima Trinidad

    Do we have any topic about the ship? I couldn't find one using search option, maybe naming problems? I was also wondering why on paintings ship has different bow figure and doesn't seem so flat like in game? Some paintings present it with gold ornaments also which we have white/grey in the game. Why so models and paintings do not present ship in a brick-red colour?
  2. Black Market

    Try that on daily basis, especially with something big like 1st rate or whatever. Do that in KPR or Gustavia.
  3. Black Market

    Smuggling is a totally broken, illogical and fake feature in game (with current implementation). First of all: 1. Smuggler happily waves his national flag while trying to "secretly smuggle" something in or out. It's like a text on a forehead "Hey idiots, look at me! I'm your enemy!" 2. You try to rush into port, enemies sail around trying to "screen you out". Once you get to the port, you're 100% safe while few seconds ago you were most wanted in the area 3. Can't put contracts in enemy ports. Can't buy ships and take them out somewhat safely. Can't, can't, can't - list is long how much this is limited 4. Smuggler has no downsides, there is no reason for players not to use smuggler tag 24/7
  4. Patrol zone ROE is still an issue - BR limit

    on many occasions ships survived battles on both sides in Fleet Patrol, just takes skill - you know
  5. Clan/Warehouse Management

    and it's good. Spies just ruin the game, I never liked the spy aspects of the game.
  6. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    We already have it and it's called Chronicles of Elyria.
  7. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Wait, so RUBLI escaped carebear nation and Jon joined the winning side, makes sense.
  8. They can always come in smaller ships than mercury Privateers, pickles, lynxes, that way you can go 20 or so.
  9. Problem is... Battle Info doesn't tell you how many players are dead, how long battle is going on (15-20 mins can mean that half of the fleet could be dead) and how many players escaped the battle (not the case in fleet patrol) or surrendered. This is also annoying when you don't know the timer and battle closes few seconds before you click enter or when you try to get a better position to join and it closes.
  10. Clan/Warehouse Management

    Spies are irrelevant. The only reason I would use them is to prevent some stupid multiflips or other bs like that. If nation A wants to fight nation B, I guess both nations will have fun, so why need for spies?
  11. Clan/Warehouse Management

    Spies usually do not leave clans they plan to spy on
  12. Caribbean Invasion News

    Welcome to Caribbean Invasion News! Do you wanna stay up to date? You're in the right place! Clans joining the new invading nations: RDNN/LEGO/PLANB/CHAOS forming a Russian clan called REDS RUS clan moving over to the Russian nation PODW announced change to the Russian nation while several other Russian clans in pirates did not decide yet. Several new clans formed in Prussian nation (PRH probably after British clan WITC, ROVER clan, LIONS left Dutch nation and joined Prussia) PFK leaves the Swedish nation and joins finally their true side - Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. FBOX will departure from the pirate nation and join as well. Polish representation in British nation (RED clan) is undecided at the moment.
  13. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    10 PvP marks for killing @z4ys in 5th rate or bigger (not some pickles). Reason of bounty - being cocky asshole in grape bug topic. Clearly proved that z4 has no idea how to grape and pretended to be expert in that matter. Being rude boy know-it-all and you-all-suck-at-raking.
  14. Clan/Warehouse Management

    OK, what happens when they don't leave discord?
  15. Broken grape

    Now on multiple occasions balls kill more crew than grape. When bug occurs, grape kills only 1 man per shot. 17 grape hits = 17 crew kills, sometimes even 0.
  16. Clan/Warehouse Management

    We have discord bots, but that doesn't affect in-game actions. How do you know who left clan if he is still on discord? etc.
  17. Workaround for occasional ship control loss.

    I think Devs should remove bot trying to escape battle when a player is gone. Bot should just either sail away or fight enemy ships.
  18. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Hey, look! French, Swedes, Pirates, so many nations united
  19. Clan/Warehouse Management

    1. Seems not needed. By a definition, you need to be a member of the clan to participate in RvR. No need for other fake forcing people into clans. I make always make a one person clan or join a clan, become RA and then leave a clan. Seems like an unneeded obstacle. 2. Big clans have hard time functioning. One thing is getting robbed by officer, other thing is trying to figure out if any of officers stole something from warehouse (e.g. you have 10-20 officers in 100-200 members clan) and you start to question all of them or demote and lose your trust. Other thing is when you run some sorts of forum, discords etc. you have 50-200 members clan and someone leaves clan without notice. Without logs, you have to run through entire list of members to figure out who left and revoke his permissions. Third thing, clan economy is a third leg in NA. You can't tell which members contribute to the clan warehouse and which don't, trying to just request free stuff. This really makes it so only small clans with people you know personally very well work. This totally ruins the purpose of having a big clan. Big clans are always a great chance for new players to have a good start, too bad it's rotten.
  20. Clan/Warehouse Management

    There was a discussion about Clan Leaderboard made by admin.
  21. Clan/Warehouse Management

  22. Thickness meta is back

    Hey, you also got your alts on 7UP or just your main? I guess you got bored of Russia, bro. You probably needed more SAFETY.
  23. Thickness meta is back

    He says 100m is too far for bellona to stern rake, but all he actually plays is some pickle and cerberus. On my rake I have few guns at perfect 90 degrees angle and he says it's a bad angle too.
  24. More Hull Repairs Used in OW

    Yes, just like spending few weeks or months sailing.