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  1. Caribbean Invasion News

    Welcome to Caribbean Invasion News! Do you wanna stay up to date? You're in the right place! Clans joining the new invading nations: RDNN/LEGO/PLANB/CHAOS forming a Russian clan called REDS RUS clan moving over to the Russian nation PODW announced change to the Russian nation while several other Russian clans in pirates did not decide yet. Several new clans formed in Prussian nation (PRH probably after British clan WITC, ROVER clan, LIONS left Dutch nation and joined Prussia) PFK leaves the Swedish nation and joins finally their true side - Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. FBOX will departure from the pirate nation and join as well. Polish representation in British nation (RED clan) is undecided at the moment.
  2. Lack of chasers severly limits gameplay

    Looking how players can't hit me at 250m, I would say it takes skill Maybe it's not hard to hit a 1st rate from 2000m, but try to do the same with 5th rates and smaller ships. Considering dispersion, your accuracy and calculations error, balls travel time (in that time I can turn and change my heading or position). Yes - it is hard to hit above 2000m.
  3. Lack of chasers severly limits gameplay

    It takes skill to tag someone above 2km, that's almost maximum range. Bigger issues are: 1. Super accuracy of stern chasers 2. Defensive tags (I feel like this case was partially fixed with moving draging circle on targated player, because then enemies can join much closer. Nonetheless, it still remains an issue in 1v1 situations where one side is slightly faster, but not fast enough to get close during 15 seconds). 3. Area control as default mechanic (or rather lack of it is a problem)
  4. Caribbean Invasion News

    Fact, more experienced players know better how to stay in safe zone. It takes skill and knowledge.
  5. Caribbean Invasion News

    BCC and SLRN rear admirals, true noobs
  6. Caribbean Invasion News

    I didn't attack Brits for over 2 weeks considering their situation on the map and Russian aggresion. Now I got a good reason to hit them again
  7. Caribbean Invasion News

    I will still hunt Brits until Saint Louis is in safe hands.
  8. Add Friendly Clan feature needs rework

    More bureaucracy = more laggy nation = more delays & problems
  9. Add Friendly Clan feature needs rework

    No problems in Prussia.
  10. Should I join?

    Poland is neutral, so all neutral ports belong to Poland.
  11. Naval Action Meme collection

  12. Should I join?

    It was traded to them by Dutch and it's right by their capital. I guess it gives them the right to the claim.
  13. Should I join?

    You have no rightful claims to it
  14. Should I join?

    I wasn't asking you, I am asking Poland.
  15. Should I join?

    Can I have Saint Louis, please?
  16. Should I join?

    Playing GB is truly enjoyful. Nation chat is often more funny than global chat. If you're getting ganked at Jamaica, never report enemy or call for help, there is a secret code: "I am giving 2000 teak logs for free at *insert location*. First come first serve". They have that funny guy commenting on forums, Horatio Hornblower and remember, GB is despotic monarchy, Batman is the king. He always comes in and says "I'm Batman" at least expected moment. Gregory is that bad guy that tries to destroy all SOLs and frigates and enforce laws so everyone use only shallow ships. Avoid him at all cost. On the side note, Prusia is boring. Don't join us, thanks.
  17. [PVP EU] battle results

    Russia attacking Brits has no consequences. Horatio Hornblower is now focused on biggest threat - Poland.
  18. Naval Action Meme collection

    Sshhh, they won a war and got a peace treaty with US President.
  19. Naval Action Meme collection

    >kiddo, lvl uknown (probably ensign) >hello kittyn' fanatic of NA >uses TV Series name on forums hiding his real personality >starts lots of shitstorms and dramas >writes everywhere propaganda about Britain - best nation >such stronk, much powah >everyone join Great Britain, rule Britannia rule the waves >kek XD >Is more patriotic in online video game than most people in real life >Takes everything super seriously, considers online pixels as real life >Ultimate racist, calls enemies spantards, frogs, scams, traitors and such >Players from his own nation hate him and disagree for his forum shitposting XD >To prove his point, spams patriotic songs from youtube >Gets beaten by most nations >Great Britain is unbeaten, British Empire will rise again >Threatens everyone with a war on forums while losing most wars and ports near safe zones >Only success is taking few neutral ports and few shallow ports from US in Bahamas. >Claims that British Empire is now much better and stronger without all traitors >Forgets to check map situation >Cartagena lost, WO/LO ports at Florida lost, George Town and Caymans lost, Misteriosa lost, ports around Belize lost. >Rule_Britannia.mp3 plays FULL VOLUME, before starting to cry >Sh*t, let's write something on forums, will make me feel better >British Empire is the strongest nation, join us today! Kill the traitors, spantards and our enemies. If you surrender to GB, we won't kill you. >Feels good, man. >OMG, stupid forum users posting again screenshots of British fleets getting destroyed >Let me insult them using ad hominem arguments, stupid players, get rekt. >Thanks Devs we have safe zones, now British Empire will never ever lose Jamaica again, such stronk empire, so safe, wow. >Time for bed, enough forum PvP for today. Tomorrow will be a better day for British Empire > @Batman? @Banished Privateer? @Jorge? What are you all doing here? >We found you Gosnell. Captain? Major? Or maybe Admiral already? Admiral Gosnell xD >Fok, how did you find me? God save the queen! >Sets house on fire and jumps out of window >In reality just falls on the floor from bed >It was just a bad dream, Gosnell. >Keep calm & Britannia rule the waves. >Wait, what time is it? >Right, need to tow my ship for the next PB, but I've already used my tow, damn. >Right, I know what to do. I need to contact my master. >Ah Lord, Scotty the Beam Master, hear my words! >I need to get my HMS Victory for PB today, plz gib beam me up, Scotty. >You filthy, dirty peasant, how dare you awake me? >Ah, forgive me almighty Scotty, my Lord. >Say the words as I taught you, Gosnell >Our King George, who art in port, hallowed be thy Name, thy British Empire come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Caribbean. Give us this day our daily repairs. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive traitors, who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from Lord Vicious. For thine is the British Empire, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen. >Very well, your ship shall be beamed. >Damn, that's Lord Theytus! >Horatio, kill Theytus! He's here to ruin it again >Aye, aye, that Froggy Traitor shall die from the British hand! >Ah snap, that's Spanish Armada! >They are about to kill a British trader >Horatio hides in forest, watching Brit die >Stupid Spantards, they will pay for that! >Let me just get back online on forums, they will regret these actions >Pirates near Port Morant, killing British 1st rate >Russkies Putins flipping British ports >US attacking us in Bahamas >Swedes taking over highest value port >Polack killed a British cutter (Eh, that means war!) >Frogs ganking some Brits at KPR >Danish DNP raiding Panama and Bluefielfs coast. >It's all fine. Long live the British Empire. We are strong, stronger without all those traitors! >Tomorrow will be a better day for us.
  20. 1st rates with 100+ cm thickness is silly. Nothing really can penetrate them, you must go 0-20m away side by side perfect angle to hit it with only 42s, maybe with double charge 32s will do something too. Smaller ships can only chain, chain, rake, rake, chain, board.
  21. PvP marks alt farming.

    There should be no warning for farming if it's abused with alts on a mass scale. Perm ban on all accounts, no demotion. If you just give a warning or demote, player doesn't care. If he farms 500 PvP marks, he's done for next 6 months+
  22. Hoist the Colours!

    Caymans near George Town (ports that GB lost) and Kidds Island RUBLI beating Russia in their home. RUBLI and BF attacking some Polish ports on Haiti as well in past. You know very little about winning yourself
  23. Mast HP/thickness needs buff for higher sections. It is super easy to demast tops and mid sections, on many ships mast is gone with 1 ball hit. You can spray balls from 250-500m and demast ships while you can't penetrate hull and damage the ship. Thus, very often faster ships just get distance, demast tops from 250-500m and then they have a huge advantage. I would also review damage drop with distance. I can understand penetration drop, but there is no point shooting hull from 500+m because it deals almost no damage. Rule is simple 500+ meters, always shoot sails and masts. That destroys the combat.
  24. [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    British elite? Ah, sorry. It's not 2016/2017, I forgot we're in 2018.
  25. Belle Poule is a very small ship, but smooth. Also, trust me you will never see many Belle Poules around, they are only good in the good hands and they will easly get killed by a good player. As simple as that.