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  1. Lack of chasers severly limits gameplay

    Looking how players can't hit me at 250m, I would say it takes skill Maybe it's not hard to hit a 1st rate from 2000m, but try to do the same with 5th rates and smaller ships. Considering dispersion, your accuracy and calculations error, balls travel time (in that time I can turn and change my heading or position). Yes - it is hard to hit above 2000m.
  2. Lack of chasers severly limits gameplay

    It takes skill to tag someone above 2km, that's almost maximum range. Bigger issues are: 1. Super accuracy of stern chasers 2. Defensive tags (I feel like this case was partially fixed with moving draging circle on targated player, because then enemies can join much closer. Nonetheless, it still remains an issue in 1v1 situations where one side is slightly faster, but not fast enough to get close during 15 seconds). 3. Area control as default mechanic (or rather lack of it is a problem)
  3. Caribbean Invasion News

    Fact, more experienced players know better how to stay in safe zone. It takes skill and knowledge.
  4. Caribbean Invasion News

    BCC and SLRN rear admirals, true noobs
  5. Caribbean Invasion News

    I didn't attack Brits for over 2 weeks considering their situation on the map and Russian aggresion. Now I got a good reason to hit them again
  6. Caribbean Invasion News

    I will still hunt Brits until Saint Louis is in safe hands.
  7. Add Friendly Clan feature needs rework

    More bureaucracy = more laggy nation = more delays & problems
  8. Add Friendly Clan feature needs rework

    No problems in Prussia.
  9. Should I join?

    Poland is neutral, so all neutral ports belong to Poland.
  10. Naval Action Meme collection

  11. Should I join?

    It was traded to them by Dutch and it's right by their capital. I guess it gives them the right to the claim.
  12. Should I join?

    You have no rightful claims to it
  13. Should I join?

    I wasn't asking you, I am asking Poland.
  14. Should I join?

    Can I have Saint Louis, please?
  15. Should I join?

    Playing GB is truly enjoyful. Nation chat is often more funny than global chat. If you're getting ganked at Jamaica, never report enemy or call for help, there is a secret code: "I am giving 2000 teak logs for free at *insert location*. First come first serve". They have that funny guy commenting on forums, Horatio Hornblower and remember, GB is despotic monarchy, Batman is the king. He always comes in and says "I'm Batman" at least expected moment. Gregory is that bad guy that tries to destroy all SOLs and frigates and enforce laws so everyone use only shallow ships. Avoid him at all cost. On the side note, Prusia is boring. Don't join us, thanks.