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  1. Banished Privateer

    Target is too far...

    or... fix the game mechanic that's causing "target is too far" to trigger BEFORE the tagging countdown is over. The same issue reported dozens of times with instant battle start after clicking "attack". No 10-15 seconds countdown, instance starting instantly.
  2. Banished Privateer

    Patrol zone griefing

    He is clearly trying to survive a gank situation, 1v3 that he has slim chances of winning. You try to gank him 3v1 and complain that he's running away. Who wouldn't?
  3. Banished Privateer

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    Steam allows having multiple accounts on the steam platform, you can even use the same phone number.
  4. Banished Privateer

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    All it will bring is annoying revenge fleets and being chased for 3-6 hours. I mean sorry... we already have it happening in the game, it will actually enhance the effect. We have the illogical paradox happening in NA of ships being faster in OW, but slower in battle and vice versa. Loodsman + Sail Force + OW revenge-ganking with revenge fleet forming a net around the battle. What's happening in NA is a player is escaping the battle and being tagged again, escaping again, being tagged again and we have a loop repeating until the certain player dies or surrenders. This should be considered griefing, but it's hard to mark it as griefing because it's caused by a game flaw and designed mechanics...
  5. Banished Privateer


    @Thonys oI would kill all AI if I could (so they disappear even just for a single day so, uffff)
  6. rediii knows everything, after all.
  7. Banished Privateer

    Replace EU Trader with new mechanic

    @John Jacob Astor 1. Every player receives free labour hours every hour. No need for using contracts 2. Player with EU Trader does not save up or whatever, he over pays 4x for the resource, so 3x is the cost of LH. Are you sure that between 1x and 4x you can't find a spot for you to profit? 3. EU Trader only provides raw resources. Players still need to make furnishings and other materials and burn all the hours on that. That's what's the most profitable from shipbuilding case, sell end-product materials.
  8. Banished Privateer

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    @admin speaking about logic, if teleport fees go live, I want ability to teleport to every port of my nation and every free port on the map (without having outpost there)
  9. Banished Privateer

    Clarification needed on Tribunal vs Ingame Chat Report

    Ignore function does not work in battle chat.
  10. Banished Privateer

    The brave Dutchmen of Cartagena

    I will gladly 1v1 you and hence you picked that Western music theme, we're gonna do it in Essex (*HINT* bowsprit *HINT*)
  11. Banished Privateer

    The brave Dutchmen of Cartagena

    He got it on his second attempt, not bad.
  12. Banished Privateer

    TESTBED - Port User Interface Feedback.

    @admin I just tested new transparent Discord Overlay and it's so awesome I would actually think it could be much better than the current clumsy game chat window:
  13. Banished Privateer

    TESTBED - Port User Interface Feedback.

    Allow us to take hostility missions right from the map. Skip the nation choosing and annoying scrolling through dozens of ports like this: _____________________________________________ It took me also a while how to check the details of the ship being sold. I tried to put my mouse over the ship name "Surprise" and nothing. I tried to click on it and nothing happened. These are the first natural actions of players trying to find more details about the ship. Knowing they are somewhere out there, I figured I need to put my mouse pointing at the square box with the number... Also, I don't really like the new card info compared to the old one. It looks better with the skin, but it's hard to access the most important information: I marked the most important information, it's spread all over the card box and takes a few seconds to process, unlike the current card box. Some of these are small font or placed somewhere in the corner, which is not very handy: ___________________________________________ Last note, the repair warning looks ugly in port, reminds me of "Reinforcement Zone" marker which is identical and that's what I thought it is before I checked it: ^^^^^^^^^ Which on the side note covers the "R" marker and compass, while more logical would be putting the card box at the top in the empty space:
  14. Banished Privateer

    My port, my monopoly.

    Do you understand the fact that a group of 25 players can actually make like 20x more cash in few hours than from port tax after a few weeks? Do you understand the fact that all the lost ships in hostility, screening, PB, all the summed up costs of the capturing process most of the time exceed the income for months? I think only Cartagena is the port that could recompense the losses in a relatively short time. A 1st rate with proper mods and guns costs probably between 5 to 10 million gold. Let's say on average one side loses 5-10 ships, that already a total cost of 25-50m gold.
  15. Banished Privateer

    My port, my monopoly.

    Yes, I'm talking 2 months timeline. I guess no one is attacking Marsh Harbour, Harbour Island and William's Bay because of the timers? Maybe you didn't come up with that idea, drop the timer and you will see soon attacks on these ports. West End was attacked several times, at nights, days and it always gets defended. Speaking about useless ports, You can see only 1 end of the story which is Nassau. On the other hand, you forget of all surrounding ports of Nassau that produce all the trading goods that make traders earn millions of gold by being sold in Nassau. You've gotta look at the big picture, pal.