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  1. Inger flip

  2. Can't tag on OW

    I can't PvE Devs plz fix it.
  3. Can't tag on OW

    I can confirm something is broken, Indiaman tagged my Santissima and is trying to kill me:
  4. Can't tag on OW

    Agreed, Prussia sucks. You also wrote Sweden with a small letter, please have some respect towards @rediii and our noble friends.
  5. Red Banner Fleet [REDS] - PvP EU

    That was before these posts, if you even understand
  6. Red Banner Fleet [REDS] - PvP EU

    I clearly said I didn't insult anyone from REDS, yet I was attacked personally by two players, make it three. I just commented battle you shared. Maybe time to stop being paranoid and childish, thinking everyone is against you. 1000 coalitions, 1000 nations, 1000 players, everyone against poor Russia. About clans, do they matter? It's just a tag next to a name and I can play with my friends from any nation I want anyway. dron441 is member of EVIL, qw is member of powerful KIWI clan, yet you all refrain to them as RUBLI. Seems like it really doesn't matter.
  7. Can't tag on OW

    PvP was banned by Devs.
  8. Capsized Trincomalee

    I know how speedometer works in this case, but I do believe that change from +/- speed affects turning a lot, while you're actually going 0.5 knots forward/backward. I know I can't ignore sideways movement, but what I mean, imagine my forward/backward movement changes from +0.1 knots to -0.1 knot and suddenly the entire turning of ship behaviour changes. It feels like turning model is coded based on positive/negative speed and while speedometer is summing up all vectors, it gives weird results and effects of turning while in reality it shouldn't turn that way.
  9. Alt Farming - Guayaguyare

    It happens. In missions and normal battles. I don't think you get rewards for Friendly Fire.
  10. Alt Farming - Guayaguyare

  11. [PVP EU] battle results

    @Lucky L Hachiroku needs a new ship
  12. Alt Farming - Guayaguyare

    The thing is I never noticed Polish/British players killing an enemy in Combat News but getting killed (in that area). Might be just a coincidence or... hint.
  13. Alt Farming - Guayaguyare

    Accounts created 1-2h ago get kills near Guayaguayare. Noticed that a lot of British/Polish players get killed there, while none sail there (especially not Polish lol) This account is created 1-2h ago.
  14. New ship tv serie The Terror

    Not much naval combat or sailing lol