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  1. Clan/Warehouse Management

  2. Thickness meta is back

    Hey, you also got your alts on 7UP or just your main? I guess you got bored of Russia, bro. You probably needed more SAFETY.
  3. Thickness meta is back

    He says 100m is too far for bellona to stern rake, but all he actually plays is some pickle and cerberus. On my rake I have few guns at perfect 90 degrees angle and he says it's a bad angle too.
  4. More Hull Repairs Used in OW

    Yes, just like spending few weeks or months sailing.
  5. Thickness meta is back

    60 sounds still ok. This bug always makes it 1 hit = 1 kill.
  6. I would like to know if KIWI clan can attack my capital - La Tortue. If not, nation is playable. Admiralty is mostly useless, only thing I use it for is ship permits or perk reset. @admin suggested many times adding Admiralty to free port and it should be done long time ago. If Prussia loses all ports, all I need to do is ask friend or random player from Global for item I need in Admiralty and trade him or use alt... (TL;DR - waste my time)
  7. Thickness meta is back

    I heard @Batman killed 500.
  8. Thickness meta is back

    Wow, congratz. And 4 days ago I killed 200 crew on 1st rate with rake in one pass. But what can I know about stern raking with my little experience. You seem to not get the point that sometimes it works, sometimes doesn't. No matter what distance, what angle, what ship size, what speed.
  9. Sorry, but I don't agree. I tested it and I liked the NAL project, didn't like implementation. I explained earlier in this topic why.
  10. Thickness meta is back

    This problem is not about any books or upgrades. It's about certain battles. I fought same Bucentaure 5 minutes before this battle 1v1 and grape worked 100% well for me (I won battle, he escaped). Next tag I could not grape and any other friendly player couldn't grape him. Balls killed more crew than grape. @z4ys trying to be cocky expert now, while other players report real problem. Please, grow up.
  11. Thickness meta is back

    1. Angle is good 2. 100m distance is minimum for SOLs, unless you want to miss 90% of your broadside into air/water Not to mention grape is still efficient from 200-250m distance. Any more expertise from you? Things might work a bit different from your pickle perspective, it's ok.
  12. Thickness meta is back

    I posted in support, but I will post here again. I see so many times "we tested all, everything works..." or "it was fixed"... Niagara has still pink masts when fall. Here is grape video: Ship has no armour, no structure, stationary, almost full crew, close distance rake, I get 20+ hits and nothing. 1 grape = 1 kill while crew should be dying left and right on this barely floating ship. Same thing happened to me at least 20 more times in many battles. One battle vs @rediii pirate frigate (me and EliteDelta). I'm not playing this game until fix.
  13. Thickness meta is back

    I posted a video.
  14. Jobe is a useless port besides for some crafters that use coal to make cannons (you can tow ships with guns anyway). We don't use timers on useless ports (or at least shouldn't). Every nation dropped timers from most ports because every nation is zerg now?
  15. Cheat suspected

    I did math before they added Reinforced Bows/Sterns and I never used those mods, my bad.