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  1. Banished Privateer

    Confused about “griefing”

    If he can't get away, he should try to fight, but the escape-catch paradox needs to be fixed by Developers, not Tribunal.
  2. Banished Privateer

    Confused about “griefing”

    It's hard to call something griefing if I catch up to you in OW, but you get away from me in battle and it repeats X times. It's the flaw of the game, not player abuse/griefing/exploit
  3. Banished Privateer

    Confused about “griefing”

    The chasing game is broken due to differences in speeds in OW and battle... Sail Forces, Navy Loodsman...
  4. Banished Privateer

    Pirate Party Tonight

    Banished is behind everything. Jews are behind everything. Banished = Jew. I'm also behind GB vs Spain war, behind Pirates vs Spain war, behind GB vs Russia war, I'm behind climate changes and global warming and I'm behind boarding changes in NA so I can board all the newbies and rookies and club the seals. Pitts Town was a port that Black Sails, a big lover of pirates wanted to take Hence PGP clan is the owner of it.
  5. Banished Privateer

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    Almost like mining crypto-currencies.
  6. Banished Privateer

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    I use laptop, but a keyboard is an equipment, not software 🤷‍♀️ Trying to figure out where are you leading. Some keyboard features as autocklicers built-in? Macros on mouse softwares etc.
  7. Banished Privateer

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    3rd party software like autoclickers is not forbidden?
  8. Banished Privateer

    Naval Action Meme collection

  9. Banished Privateer

    Pirate Party Tonight

    These ports were neutral, not pirate ports and we never touched Watling, carry on.
  10. Banished Privateer

    Pirate Party Tonight

    Prussia didn't attack Pirates for roughly 2 months and you guys kept hitting our ports (during the night as well) in that time. Time of ignorance and prosperity for you are over. You always screen PBs and you complain about screeners. Pot meet kettle, agreed.
  11. Banished Privateer

    All items were removed from the Clan Warehouse

    Officers can promote members to officers and cannot demote. That's the stupidest mechanic ever... One officer could invite alts into the clan, promote and steal everything.
  12. Banished Privateer

    Pirate Party Tonight

    You're so generous, we will decide which we want Mortimer will be surrounded soon by Prussian ports, carry on. You know players can make 100m gold during single day?
  13. Banished Privateer

    Pirate Party Tonight

    They are worth gold, pay well for our timers
  14. Banished Privateer

    Pirate Party Tonight

    Did I say I wanted a fight? and nay, I didn't alarm clock anything for Rio Seco or yesterday. I just spend time with friends at night and time flies and is passing fast Nightflippers trying to get easy wins, they deserve bounties and such. Just like Chrissy created bounties for Spanish clans and Vazco created Great Manhunt for WTF. #ContentCreators Thanks for all PvP marks donations and lord protector title, didn't have it on these 2 ports o7 No one refreshed titles on it for the past 6-7 months, God bless you.
  15. Banished Privateer

    Hercules - No deck guns in boarding mode

    Also Yacht if I recall correctly?