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  1. RNG kill

    darkjoker runaway today to save his ass from the French fleet, letting Lars and other DNP die.
  2. Alt Farming - Guayaguyare

    Well, we just got 2 players caught. I know when something is suspicious, we even got a video.
  3. RNG kill

    I hope he kicks out this asshole darkjoker from the clan.
  4. Inger flip

    LMAO, that bowsprit, well done Cr33D, great skills xD
  5. Inger flip

    Bowsprit can break from balls, you sure he wasn't shooting at you?
  6. Speed Record

    Notice how he got all 5 knowledge slots unlocked, I don't wanna know how much he carebeared for it.
  7. Auto-Maintenance

    When you dock to port, your ship will be repaired and your crew refilled to the maximum without clicking anything. Life quality improvement.
  8. Alt Farming - Guayaguyare

    Make a new Tribunal, it's not related to this one.
  9. Speed Record

    WARMANNER tarns better than Connie. @warmanner(sorry)
  10. Naval Action Meme collection

  11. Inger flip

  12. Can't tag on OW

    I can't PvE Devs plz fix it.
  13. Can't tag on OW

    I can confirm something is broken, Indiaman tagged my Santissima and is trying to kill me:
  14. Can't tag on OW

    Agreed, Prussia sucks. You also wrote Sweden with a small letter, please have some respect towards @rediii and our noble friends.