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  1. Banished Privateer

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    These screenshots look like ganks, not great battle results. The guy is also a low rank, so who cries about seal clubbing at Charleston?
  2. Banished Privateer

    Friendly Trading List

    Your solution to alts and nation leaches/rogues that just suck benefits of your ports and never help?
  3. Banished Privateer

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Yea, I got away without a problem. The thing is we were brawling him without guns (just 2 stern guns) and he made like 100 mistakes in a hunting ship. T Brigs were full cargo slow af. SeeQu got out with 50% sails.
  4. Banished Privateer

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    When people tell me traders are defenseless, this is what happens when 2 Prussian T-Brigs without repairs and with just 4 stern guns and no broadside guns defeat US Rattlesnake: And this is how it's done properly when Prussian hunter attacks US Trading Fleet with Rattle escort:
  5. Banished Privateer

    No More Contracts!!!!!!! Make Trading Great Again!

    So instead of - pay the best price, you want to make the economy camp port 24/7, no thanks.
  6. Banished Privateer

    No More Contracts!!!!!!! Make Trading Great Again!

    With the new UI @admin suggested that we can access ports and contracts while sailing at the sea. Difference between alts and players is that player spends more time sailing and fighting while alt can have 100% time dedicated to sitting in port and updating contracts. System might be ruled by alts, by changes proposed by koiz just make alts more superior again and I will never support that. Another reason why alts are superior is because officers for crafting and combat are not seperate. Other reasons why alts dominate economy - limited outposts, limited buildings, limited outposts, limited sell/buy contracts for items and ships. Alts will always dominate economy unless all these game limitations will be solved.
  7. Banished Privateer

    No More Contracts!!!!!!! Make Trading Great Again!

    Sounds more like - make alts great again. They don't need to sail, just sit in port and bid/buy/sell.
  8. Banished Privateer

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

  9. Banished Privateer

    Slayer, Team Slayer, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag.

    Sank Fleet + Patrol sounds ok, but sank fleets often spawn far from land, about 1h of sailing away. Solve that and we are good. Another idea - make shipwrecks appear after time, make looted wrecks disappear instantly. That will make it more awesome for these who are "late" usually Most players think "all probably looted, no point sailing there" and that is a main stopping factor.
  10. Banished Privateer

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    They recorded me and accused of cheating 😭
  11. Banished Privateer

    Deep water ships sent to shallow ports

    It doesn't ask when you have fleet ships that escape from a battle.
  12. Banished Privateer

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Is Surprise already a meme in this game?
  13. Banished Privateer

    Deep water ships sent to shallow ports

    I am stuck in Mayaguana with tow request in 3h+. Then I have to sail in a basic cutter and my main ship in a fleet around the enemy ports.
  14. Banished Privateer

    Deep water ships sent to shallow ports

    My main ship died, my fleet ship escaped. The stupid game mechanic has it that it sends fleet ships that escaped to the closest friendly port. My deep water ship was sent to the shallow port, that shows how broken the mechanic is.
  15. +/ 3-5 seconds to get sails up (depends how fast you load) +/- 3-5 seconds to turn ship and achieve max speed (takes time) 5-10 seconds of boost (so it has some sort of minimum effect).