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  1. Banished Privateer


    Should definitely look like this:
  2. Banished Privateer

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    Where did I accuse Admin of bias? Stop being a clown, I never accused Devs of interfering with gameplay or siding/helping nations. Ever since I play, idiots and clowns accuse Devs of helping RUBLI, PODW, BF, Russians, AHOY, ALOHA, TALER, Prussians, *insert someone you lost to* etc. Seems like Devs help half of the server...
  3. Banished Privateer

    Please Dredge Kingston/Port Royal Channel

    So much salt around KPR...
  4. Good solution for people that love PvE, very fair!
  5. Banished Privateer

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Was changed when RoE was fucked up most likely.
  6. Banished Privateer

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    It was like that for a long time, first time noticed by KOTO in the patrol zone.
  7. Banished Privateer

    Hugging exploit

    I'm judging by my own experience, no need to go into detail. You believe you're right, I believe otherwise. Discussion can be ended here.
  8. Banished Privateer

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    Wind changes: 1. Are needed to change situation where one side loses from the beginning because of the bad wind 2. Needed when someone gets beached, trapped or runs ashore (to have a chance to get out) 3. Cannot be too extreme as they change situation dramatically What I dislike about wind change is that it's 100% coded and fake feature, always same/similar degree change and between changes wind is static. In my opinion wind should be changing constantly to a small degree. Make wind more natural and changing all the time.
  9. Banished Privateer

    Hugging exploit

    Good joke. 1 good broadside and ship is killed or disabled.
  10. After login to OW, you cannot join PB for 30 minutes, so that basically means gg wp. If server crash is longer than 30 minutes, I'm not gonna sit in front of PC and wait for the great resurection or spam refresh button.
  11. Banished Privateer

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Yea, I really believe Privateer was fighting you 😂
  12. Banished Privateer

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    Wow, you're a real racist or discriminating Russians (yes, capital letter, show some respect)
  13. Banished Privateer

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    To truly judge RNG we would either need to collect data of hundreds turns or get detailed information from @Ink or @admin. Everything above is a pure speculation and frustration after lost battle by French.
  14. Banished Privateer

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    I am happy he doesn't like me, that would be disgusting. @z4ys RNG has flaws, that's the "broken" part of it, for example on the coding level, here you can educate yourself more: http://www.pcg-random.org/other-rngs.html We don't know anything about what RNG method is used in NA, what are the odds etc. RNG is pseudo-random. It cannot be truly random by the definition.
  15. Banished Privateer

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    Your way of thinking is so limited, wow. What if wind chance is not 50/50 but for example 75/25 in favour of the next counter-turn??? Example - wind turned clockwise Next wind turn chances: Chance for counterclockwise turn - 75% Chance for clockwise turn - 25% Wind turns counterclockwise Chance for counterclockwise turn - 25% Chance for clockwise turn - 75% Wind turns clockwise. _______________________ This is still RNG presented above. It could be 99/1 chance and still RNG. Have you ever seen developer state that both wind directions turn have equal 50% chance? If you remember very old Port Battles without land, the first wind rotation was always in the same direction if I recall correctly. All praise the RNG!