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  1. Lander's Road - Ultimate General: Civil WAAR

    The mission of the Field Artillery is to destroy, defeat, or disrupt the enemy with integrated fires to enable maneuver commanders to dominate in unified land operations This will be our mission while serving in the Iron Crops. Call on Red Leg and we'll be there. Boom boom!
  2. Lander's Road - Ultimate General: Civil WAAR

    This is way cool. Great job, AB!
  3. Newbie UGCW Questions

    Sorry! Posting with my iPhone at the moment and it autocorrected to ol' Nate.
  4. Anticlimactic Victory at Richmond

    Some would argue that if the road to Richmond was open, McClellan would not have taken it, but the "what if's" are in another thread. My bad.
  5. Newbie UGCW Questions

    I don't mean to interject, but Col. Kelly is correct. Using roads and open field get you the same moving speed. However, roads move troops faster than Forrest, swamps, and creek beds.
  6. Tick Feature Request

    I never max out army organization. Once I get to 3 corps/4 divisions, and 2000 man brigades, I leave it alone!
  7. Legendary CSA campaign

    I just started a new CSA campaign on the easy difficulty and used your Shiloh strategy. Wow, really gets the war started on the right foot by avoiding those casualties.
  8. Civil War History: 'What If' scenarios

    So what do you think this continent would look like today if the CSA had won?
  9. Civil War History: 'What If' scenarios

    I would like to think that if the Confederate states of America won and had slavery in 2017, that almost every western country would declare war. I havent seen this "film", but it sounds a little much.
  10. Any Advice for Nashville?

    I agree, he seems like the Texans of today! (I'm an Okie).
  11. Legendary CSA campaign

    Bravo, Col. Kelly. Rainy morning where I'm at, so I watched your performance at Shiloh. Excellent strategy and near flawless execution. IMO, that is what separates the good and great players. I just advance in one big line, similar to the history of the battle, and I almost never get to Pittsburgh Landing in time. Great job. I will look with anxiety towards your future movements.
  12. What's Your Favorite Battle?

    I always pay the price, and it probably not smart, but I love winning this battle just because of it significance.
  13. What's Your Favorite Battle?

    Antietam for both sides, because, well.... it's Antietam!
  14. Gettysburg and Independence Day

    McPherson has a book containing essays that address several issues discussed on this thread. "Drawn with the Sword". I read it while I was in college and I just started it again. I highly recommend it.
  15. Gettysburg

    This is exactly what I do. Works every time.