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  1. Hardee's Tactics

    This topic was discussed, I'm sure, but I am trying to find the best copy of this book available. To me there seems to be a lot of different reprints that don't include everything. I'm trying to find the best copy of this book for my own personal study. Help! and Thanks!
  2. UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Boom boom!
  3. This game is fun!

    There has been a couple of post somewhat complaining about this game lately, so here is why I think this game is fun! I can create an army of 180,000 men fighting for cause against the country I love so dear, march on its capital, and kill everyone I encounter just because I can and want to! I love this game, and it never gets old. I played this campaign on the easiest difficulty btw.
  4. Decisions, decisions...

    I agree with AB, the north is fun to play, and congrats on playing through the whole campaign. It is a marathon!
  5. I went through similar struggles when I first got the game way back when. Your casualties are too high. You should never lose 20,000 men in one conflict. One thing that is pretty basic and fundamental that took me a while to take seriously and implement in my tactical philosophy is cover, and flank. Once you find cover, stay put and flank. Advance to cover, hold and flank, advance. This is simple, yet crucial to keeping casualties down. Also, protect your flanks with skirmishers, cav, and light brigades. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  6. At least I got a free psychological diagnosis.
  7. That's a great attitude to have.
  8. UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Y'all are awesome!
  9. Legendary CSA campaign

    @Col_Kelly My Mistake! I knew you knew what you were doing! Ha
  10. Legendary CSA campaign

    No disappointments here, makes total sense! My other question is with Fredericksburg. I could have sworn that you needed to win Prospect hill and only one between Telgraph Road and Marye's Heights.
  11. Legendary CSA campaign

    I was waiting anxiously towards your actions near Sharpsburg, but "Live to fight another day" is a solid strategy, especially for the CSA. Did you take a defeat or draw?
  12. The game is not fun after Chickamauga

    I share some of these feelings.
  13. Lander's Road - Ultimate General: Civil WAAR

    The mission of the Field Artillery is to destroy, defeat, or disrupt the enemy with integrated fires to enable maneuver commanders to dominate in unified land operations This will be our mission while serving in the Iron Crops. Call on Red Leg and we'll be there. Boom boom!