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  1. 4 Redeemable Forged Paper

    I wouldn't sell mine anyway.
  2. 4 Redeemable Forged Paper

    Same here, I have four left and will not abandon my nation no matter how crappy it gets.
  3. a few suggestions from a new player

    1. They used to have co-ords in map so you could plot your position but got rid of them. 2. There are different ships as you gain rank and do higher PvE missions.
  4. Reinforcement zones

    Stop whining about the safe zones...they are keeping the player base. Any skilled player can PvP in the safe zones if they know how.
  5. I'm guessing it would be too much for the game engine/server to support.
  6. Combat Mechanics

    If I win it's great, if I lose it sucks.....usually it sucks!
  7. Ship Speed Calculator

    I haven't had time to explore the different fits etc. for different ships, but WOW...just brilliant, thank you for all the time and work you have put into this.
  8. "new" forumstyle is chaotic

    You know you can change the way you see the forum with the buttons arrowed?
  9. Remove safety zones

    So you want an unskilled PvP free for all where you can choose the easy kills instead of trying for the challenge...I understand now, you want your own version of carebear zones.
  10. Remove safety zones

    Skilled PvPers don't get put off by safe zones, they use the gameplay to their advantage, the skilled players are getting kills in the safe zones every day.
  11. Remove safety zones

    If you want PvP freeports like Great Corn or Tumbado are hotbeds of PvP activity unless of course what you want is easy victims to boost your stats. The safe zones are encouraging and keeping the player base.
  12. Reinforcement zones

    The safe zones encourage new players, which this game badly needs. Reward PvP, even if you lose, some gained XP and gold would offset the loss of what might be a person's only valuable asset.
  13. Not all of us think PvP is the be all and end all, some of us think that turning in circles firing cannons is pretty repetitive, don't get me wrong, I like a good fight, but not every moment of every game hour, I like to trade I like sneaking into enemy ports and seeing what I can acquire, that isn't for everyone, but it's OK for me. The game has a market, it was designed to be multi-faceted, not just for fighting.
  14. Barter possible in contract

    You can do that through the trade facility, already.
  15. cotton sails stacking correctly?

    You can only fit them to class 5 and below I believe....could be very wrong on that...