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  1. Basics

    You're right, it's not an argument, it's a fact, and your objections won't change that.
  2. Basics

    It's a niche game, it's not going to appeal to COD players.
  3. For some reason, devs remain very quiet when it comes to MOD physics.
  4. Am I going to have to move my ships from non protected ports?
  5. Please strongly nerf the clan power in game

    Jesus! a constant never ending whine about PvP, I can get PvP anytime I want it, just have a base with ships in a freeport. But that's not the real problem, is it? You obsessed PvP ers want easy victims, not real competition, and ganking new people is what kills the player base. Green zones have kept the base at around the 500 (EU) mark. As for clans, ego's is the main problem I've come across and is one of the reasons I stay away from them.
  6. Can't log in via Steam

    Login to steam first.
  7. Able to turn yards with no sailors assigned

    Dammit I need an Endy now!
  8. BattleTimer exploit ?

  9. Port Battle System is Pathetic

    Form a clan of loose affiliates, a clan that has no internal economy or warehouse, just a pooling clan for those loners, like me, that would like to get involved in PB's but don't want to be in a full-blown clan.
  10. How to make players come back?

    How to make players come back? The phrase you are looking for is: "How to encourage players to come back?" Sadly, this is a niche game, it is inherently slow, it's population will always be low.
  11. Hardcore pvp server

    I like to trade, I enjoy trading, it has more than PvP for other people.
  12. Hardcore pvp server

    No matter how much you want it, people who don't like PvP aren't going to be forced into doing it at your behest. This game has more dimensions than PvP.
  13. Hardcore pvp server

  14. Its official , i am stopping with naval action again.

    Anyway, don't you know, only white males (European) can be racist!
  15. Its official , i am stopping with naval action again.

    No one's defending it, it's just a fact of life.