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  1. Boarding Action Screen Overlay.

    Meh, I've only got a 19" flat monitor that's well over 5 years old. I'm stuck with it for now.
  2. L'Horizon Balistique

    F11 is all I got....have you restarted the game?
  3. Make Naval Action more realistic

    Great ideas, not good for game population though.
  4. How strange...if I right click on the heart and select "open in a new tab" (Chrome) it opens in a new tab and I have successfully "liked"????
  5. " I LIKE it " ......Doesn't really sort the problem though.
  6. The Case Against Repair Items

    Didn't all used to be like the Basic Cutter, a time-based repair system with no need to carry repairs?
  7. Just checked it on MS Edge, still the same response, unable to react to content...I use Chrome normally. I go on other forums and don't have this problem on them.
  8. It would be nice to have the boarding overlay on top of the rest of the UI so we can see the latest damage dealt.
  9. I've looked in my forum settings and can't see anything that would affect it.
  10. Yes it is.
  11. heavy bottles

    It's a known bug I believe.
  12. I click on the heart in forum posts and every time I get this: What am I doing wrong, is it a setting?
  13. Are AI battles always open?