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  1. seanjo

    Holy Grail of Shipwrecks

    LOL...just LOL...
  2. seanjo

    Holy Grail of Shipwrecks

    Spain enslaved and murdered millions of natives while stealing their land, in the name of religion and profit. People slag off the British Empire, but it's excesses were nothing compared to that of the Spanish and Portuguese Empires...and the Ottomans...
  3. seanjo

    Holy Grail of Shipwrecks

    Exactly it was/is full of valuable goods stolen from the indigenous Natives.
  4. seanjo

    What is this?

    How could they be at head height?
  5. To quote, the number used is an example only...
  6. seanjo

    Allow rejoining of a battle

    People would just go get better ships for the job.
  7. seanjo

    An advanced PvP guide

    One thing it's taught me is I need a bigger screen, 19" monitors don't cut it anymore.
  8. seanjo


    Shades of Elite Dangerous...
  9. seanjo

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    Hit something at speed and the sudden deceleration should demast you.
  10. seanjo

    Screening fleets

    I've been in many PB's where screeners win the day, it's essential in the British Nation because our elites are so weak they flounce off at the slightest setback.
  11. seanjo

    Victory - too much hull exposed

    British sailors and officers made it the best.
  12. seanjo

    Battle Joining Circle

    Oh, I'm definitely a thicko!
  13. seanjo

    Victory - too much hull exposed

    Seeing as the HMS Victory is the only surviving ship and the others were defeated and/or captured, the HMS Victory should be treated as the superior ship of the three.
  14. seanjo

    Battle Joining Circle

    I did ask for different scenario's, I don't think it is that confusing, but it's nice to see you are concerned for us thickos.
  15. seanjo

    "EXTRA" In Ship Crafting

    Excellent...but patch notes might as well be in Latin for me.