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  1. Turn inertia - discuss

    The game is already Niche, that is why it will never have a massive player base. I like the turn inertia as it is...it seems pretty well balanced to me.
  2. Safe Zones - A better way

    Yeah quoted the wrong fella, meant to quote Ligatorswe
  3. Safe Zones - A better way

    How would it be a safe zone without reinforcements?
  4. Whaling

    So introduce Slave and whaling ships? or just add a button, like fishing?
  5. Change shipmodels of 1st rates

    They do have a downside already...speed reduction, normally.
  6. Star Citizen

    Elite Dangerous is the best game ever...I'm just taking a break until I can afford a VR capable GPU and a headset.

    The thing about sinking a Chinese Junk is, half an hour later you want to sink another one!
  8. What is next for NA in 2018?

    A Diver perk, so I can finally loot the ship I sunk after taking half a freaking hour to maneuver close enough to it in my first rate, after the lee wind update...
  9. Gunnery Range

    Some did and they did invest in gunnery practice.
  10. What is next for NA in 2018?

    Dunno, the completed UI mebe! and an actual full release.
  11. What is next for NA in 2018?

    Sharks with frikkin laser beams on their heads...
  12. Happy New Year

    Peace my arse MORE WAR! Happy New Year!
  13. books

    It's a game of patience, the good books get dropped rarely, you have to do a lot of PvE...or buy them...or craft what you can in admiralty.
  14. Rework of the Repair System

    What does that mean?...you speak in riddles to me.
  15. Exploiting.

    I think it's time the devs stopped listening to us, developed the game as they envisioned it, and released it.