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  1. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Some very good fights were had. I look forward to many more!
  2. Rum and repairs

    One part of the game that could be easily tuned is the time it takes to repair sails. Sail Repair could be slowed down, making it less useful for sudden getaways while also being more taxing on crew. As it stands, you don't even need to fill the repair jobs on a ship to put up new masts and courses at a truly amazing rate.
  3. White Peace - France-Denmark Trade Conflict ends

    I want to congratulate all parties on (to my knowledge) the first major diplomatic achievement after the server-wipe. May stability bring great things to the Eastern region!
  4. Three reasons to use Traders Snow

    I have a Snow, and I have to agree that it is downright amusing watching the fat hull zoom through the water at maximum speed.
  5. Demasting

    I'd also like to know when the thickness will be changed. Hopefully sooner rather than later? Right now, fighting in 6th rates is lots of fun for me - a big part of that is that they can still reasonably demast each other (the mast buff was only for higher rates). I'd love to be able to demast bigger ships again and I know I'm not the only one.
  6. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    I really like the idea of the invisibility increasing after repeated tags. I don't like the teleport, but I have to admit it's better than infinite-revenge tags. Whatever we try next I hope we get it soon so we can fully test out, for better or worse.
  7. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    Yep. And even that is assuming they didn't already tag an AI fleet halfway from their production port and disappear into their destination port without being seen.
  8. The Conquest. Part 2. ATTACK ON THE REGION

    There were good parts about the old conquest system that used assault flags, and there are good aspects of the current hostility system. It looks like your proposal combines a lot of the good parts from both.
  9. Looks great. Can't wait to try it out.
  10. PvP - what does it mean, captain ?

    As @Ruthless4u points out, there are many ways that players can compete. To me, the real thrill of PvP combat is looking past the movements of the enemy ship and the firing of its cannons and coming to a guess as to what the other player is thinking, planning, and worrying about.
  11. Some thoughts on PVP

    I especially like the idea of the "Basic Brig" as a free way for people to practice a square-rigger.
  12. Reboarding

    That's great!
  13. Major combat bug - cant use rudder / crew doesnt do anything

    I have seen a very similar bug months ago, when an ally of mine was graped and received a crew shock. Even after the crew shock wore off, cannons would not load and he could not assign his crew between the different tasks. This is a fight-ruining bug for sure!
  14. I haven't done as much testing as you, but I think that you are right. I had a Spanish Rig on a ship and I swear it gained 0.2 knots or so going downwind. But now, that same ship will only hit it's listed speed of about 13.6. Makes me wonder if something changed with Spanish Rig, or if I am just mis-remembering.
  15. Patch 10.1 - Changes to conquest

    Mysterious! Can't wait to figure it out.