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  1. Depowering sails

    When you press "T" to depower, your crew reefs the staysails. Simply put, you want to depower anytime you don't want acceleration from your triangular sails. This is easier said than done but with experience it will be easy. The possibilities are probably endless but I can think of a few useful examples. In terms of sailing: Except for running straight downwind and pointing dead into the wind, your staysails are always providing significant acceleration. You can really notice this at beam reach and even more at close-hauled - as your square sails start to be less effective heading upwind, a bigger share of the sailing force comes from the staysails. So long as your ship doesn't slow down to the point that its rudder starts to be less effective, depowering at the right times allows you to pull off tighter turns, both tacking and wearing. In terms of gunnery: Especially at points near beam reach, the force from both types of sails causes your ship to heel. If you are taking an elevated shot to windward, this heel can be beneficial. However, if you are aiming low to windward or high to leeward, this heel might make your shot impossible. Depowering halts the wind pressure on the staysails - this allows you to quickly and easily limit heeling. Reducing the heel coming from the square sails is another matter, and requires you to reduce sail and/or turn the yards. In terms of self-defense: In PVP fights, players will try to damage your rigging. Depowering will reef the staysails, hiding them from taking damage from cannon balls and chain-shot. Because of heeling, all ships are vulnerable to leaks on their windward side (shots below the waterline that let water into the ship). Having a leaking ship is not a fun experience, and ranges from inconvenient to deadly. Depowering when a windward enemy fires on you protects from leaks.
  2. Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    That is the million dollar question right now. Maybe it could work like a inverse depower - a button that when hit, orders the sailing crew to begin reefing all square sails.
  3. I would like to officially volunteer as a moderator on PVP-Global. Other than the "another language," I easily meet the requirements. Please message me if you need to ask anything. Cheers!
  4. Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    With the changes to the wind curves, the Agamemnon really feels unique. Despite it having a 2.01 turn rate, my ship was able to out-turn an AI Constitution under the right circumstances. Also, it's ability to stop and/or reverse was impressive. The long rudder turn time led me to plan my actions slightly longer ahead. The ship can really pull off some interesting maneuvers, assuming you have your main courses intact (not at all a guarantee in most fights).
  5. Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    Well, guess I will dust off the ol' Agamemnon! It will be very interesting to see how this affects balance between the ships. I imagine the "big rebalance" will of course have to wait a bit while we test the new wind curves.
  6. Whether in a huge clan or a tiny clan, the biggest key to success is to have fun. My philosophy is if you are having fun, you will do a better job learning. And there is a lot to learn in Naval Action! I think one skill that is very important (and takes time to learn) is to pay attention to all the ships in the battle. It only becomes easy to do once you practice, practice, practice - eventually the basic operation of the ship starts to be less intentional and more automatic. I did tons of practice on AI, especially when the "PvE challenge" was run for prizes. After this point you can spend more and more time watching the ships around you. At first, you want to focus on enemies - do they have guns loaded? How are the sails set? What is their HP? Paying good attention to your fellow captains can be even more rewarding, even if less directly useful than observing the enemy. Knowing when an ally is going to get in a bad spot ahead of time gives you a huge edge, allowing you to prepare for when it comes time to shield their weak side or push them out of an untimely boarding. Paying good attention is a skill that took me a long time to learn, mostly through arranged fights, duels, and the odd open world battle. After joining Global's [BLACK] clan, I learned to do it even better - a lot of the clan's members (especially the "old sea dogs") have a fighting culture with a big emphasis on aggressively protecting each other. Fighting in this "no captain left behind" style is very rewarding and can be great fun. And so we come back to my original point - the most important thing is to have fun.
  7. Opinions of a Newcomer

    Yes, the ships are absolutely gorgeous and I love them. But the damage model in this game is fantastic - it's what really keeps my mind turning when it comes to Naval Action.
  8. Am I doing something wrong?

    Hey, I have heard of this once before in this thread: Very disappointing if you thought you were buying a book! I hope they can fix it for you.
  9. I think Caguairan used to have a good role as a budget wood if you didn't have reliable access to Live Oak or Teak. Right after the "big wipe" Teak was only available in like 5 ports. Live Oak is still mostly limited to the American coast, but now that Teak is available in more than a handful of ports I imagine most people just build out of that.
  10. Looks great. Glad something was done with epic events - it was about time! Some unexpected changes too. Swivel guns? Very cool.
  11. Limit Chainshot

    This is an interesting question. I'll hold off voting until I think about it more. If we want to make chain-shot less of a go-to in battle, there are a bunch of changes that could be made: Increase load time for chain-shot Increase ball damage to sails Reduce chain-shot accuracy (deviation from point of aim) Worsen chain-shot ballistics (worse arc and/or slower projectile) More aggressive falloff for chain-shot damage Personally, I like one or more of the last 3 on the list. Talking just about the endless repairs in battle (separate but related issue), I have some ideas: Increase weight of hull and/or rig repairs Increase time needed to repair sails Increase the crew needed to repair sails Give all repairs diminishing returns (next repair will restore only 75% of the HP the previous repair gave you) Personally, I like the last 3 that I listed. If we want to get crazy, during sail repair we could allow hits to the rigging to do damage to crew. Can you imagine patching canvas while cannonballs are flying through the rigging? To the crews in Naval Action, that's their everyday life!
  12. "Guide" for new players

    If we want to include some (very slightly) more advanced concepts, I suggest we provide a link to the "Boarding Guide" written by the devs. It is helpful to learn how to win boardings, but is also great for picturing what the crews are actually doing in the boarding actions. For example, why is it bad to defend against Musket Volley? Once you can picture the actions, it becomes a lot more obvious (and fun).
  13. Cartagena caulking refit

    I really like the idea of a wide variety of upgrades in this game. In fact, I think we need even more to make a greater diversity of builds. But some upgrades will always clearly be best-in-slot, a choice with no downsides, or both. Cartagena Caulking is the both. When upgrades are too strong, it actually detracts from the variety of builds I hope we can achieve, since everyone feels compelled to use it. This one could definitely use a speed debuff - after all, we are apparently applying such a great quantity of tar that the ship itself thickens. =)
  14. Naval Action is now -60% OFF! Grab your cheap copy!

    There might be alts that enter the fray, but there are plenty of real players too. Help chat today was full of a stream of new captains with all kinds of questions, and some days that channel is pretty dead. I wish there was a tutorial I could point them to other than saying "go to youtube," but it's good to see new players nonetheless. =)

    Few things irk me more than people describing good seamanship, organized groups, and a taste for battle on the seas as "pirate like." Maybe I'm not as well read as some, but what historical pirates engaged in gunnery duels? Just because the standards from PVP2 are woefully low, doesn't change the fact that most of the incredible stories of age of sail battle involve naval captains, not pirates. If King of Crowns can inspire some of the national players to act more like the real captains that inspired this game, then I say it's a good thing.