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  1. Happy B-Day =)

    1. Latron


      Thanks man. It's nice to see that some pirates don't hate me yet :P 

  2. Battle of the Bastards - PVP Global Duel Tournament

    @Wraith That sounds like a good setup =) These set-up fights could be lots of fun. It worked in the past!
  3. [Serious] Server Health

    I think this last point is a good one. This game is excellent at letting one play an age of sail captain. But that was a profession that left one at sea for months at a time - many players don't have time for extended play sessions (or have time only certain days of the week).
  4. I like your cat pic =)

    1. Rhodry Heidenrich

      Rhodry Heidenrich

      Hah, thanks. Always thought it was a little fitting. 

  5. US Victories General

    If this thread gets even one new captain interested in trying his hand at PVP, then I say "good job!" (Not a USA captain so I will refrain from posting down the line.)
  6. "Hardware upgrade" sounds great. Thanks for info by the way.
  7. Yep, the suspense always kills me! Love it when the devs push an update, even if it's just bugfixes.
  8. [H] Brace Function. How to use it…?

    Are you sure you can't work the sails while the crew is in Brace? I thought I did it before.
  9. Should planking do more?

    I think the current iteration of crafting is pretty cool, but anything that makes designing and crafting ships more interesting is good, in my opinion.
  10. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    How exactly was it "tough" to be Great Britain in early February? Too many ports made it hard to decide where to live? Or maybe keeping up with all the ships we crafted for the nation (those orders would really pile up). If you were actually logging in during that time, you would know the really tough part was getting anyone but Doug to do open world PvP. We got a lot of experience fighting as a pair though. =)
  11. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Hmm I guess that makes a little sense. Always hard to tell what these Pirates are thinking. =)
  12. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Why are people asking Pirates to one-port them? Speaking from personal experience having 1 port, it's not as interesting as it might sound.
  13. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    I think we are in agreement. Since the port battle time is so rigidly set, most captains will find it easier to delay an attacking force than defeat it. In the current system, once the attackers are "late to their own party," they can't have a PB. As it stands, the job of the screener is not to defeat the enemy force in a glorious battle. I would love to have a screening battle or five and then conquer your region.
  14. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Since the original intent of the thread is long lost, I might as well jump in on the screening debate. Without engaging in a debate about whether screening is good or bad (I don't care), let us discuss another question - is screening fun? During our attack on PaP I was attacked by 17 British players. 5 of them stayed with me to capture my Agamemnon and the others left the battle for other prey. I gave them a hell of a time lasting more than 30 minutes, and employed lots of tricks to stay alive, keep my ship intact, and keep fighting. Without a doubt I can say that I'm a better fighter for having been ganked. But my problem is the 5 guys ganking me didn't seem like they were having fun. This goes for the many other screener battles I have been in. In most of them the screeners did not have as favorable odds as the battle against my Agamemnon, and end up sinking en masse in store bought Frigates and Renomees. They may have won the day by delaying a PB, but they don't seem like they are having much fun either.
  15. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Some very good fights were had. I look forward to many more!