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  1. Lack of chasers severly limits gameplay

    While we're wishing for things... During battle, it would be cool if we could assign the crew to move two guns from the broadsides to the stern, for example. This would be a small job that takes time and reserves a few crew, and when finished your ship would have stern chasers. They could of course be moved back, with the same cost of crew labor.
  2. Turn inertia - discuss

    It takes getting used to, but I like how lighter ships take less time to start / stop turning, it gives a good feeling of agility.
  3. Not all Battlegroup dragged in

    I was also targeted by a force of screeners. I can assure you, 100% of the battlegroup was pulled in and 100% of the battlegroup fought!
  4. Broken cannons are repaired when they should not be

    I don't think I get my damaged cannons back until I can do a hull repair.
  5. I was watching Naval Action videos and found a strange case in which a ship's cannons are destroyed, and then immediately repaired. The ship was not repairing and had been done repairing for some time. Here is a link to the video in question: At 18:10, the NavyBrig is shooting into the stern of the mercury. Look closely at the gunnery jobs as well as the loaded guns suddenly reloading.
  6. Hmm, is it possible that leeway is affecting the reported speed? Although I would suspect leeway would add to reported speed in this situation, not detract (since the ship is being carried farther downwind).
  7. Ship Speeds - Testing and Discussion

    Thanks for updating Royal Speed Trials Society so quickly! It is a great resource.
  8. Concerning hacks/ cheaters with vid

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. By the way, Le Gros Ventre doesn't escape upwind from Constitution. Next time you might want to try a different point of sail. But maybe your sail profile got hacked too, I dunno.
  9. Concerning hacks/ cheaters with vid

    Anyone who has chatted in battle more than a few times will be familiar with this bug. When you start to type, for a split second you can still give commands to your ship. I notice this most when I am hastily typing in battle-chat a sentence that starts with "T" - my ship will depower (oops) and I will have to quickly fix it before going back to whatever I was typing. In the video linked in the original post, you can clearly see the target LGV dropping sail to battle. This happens just after he typed in battle-chat a sentence starting with "B." Likely he typed too fast, and set his sails to battle. Why he did not fix his error right away is a mystery to me. Calling Captain Reverse a cheater does not help the situation though.
  10. I hope we get this part as soon as possible. Limiting 1st rates is a debatable move, but I want to see how it plays out before giving feedback. However, there is a lot of confusion about the smaller vessels. There are already newbs convinced that they will never get to sail a Rattlesnake Heavy. I want to reassure them but it is difficult when the permits still take Victory Marks.
  11. [POLL] Should 1st Rates be Considered "Rare"

    I agree. Even if 95% of all active players got heavily involved in RvR (we will ignore for now if this is desirable and/or practical), is it best to ignore the other 5%?
  12. Allow combat marks to victory mark conversion

    A less drastic but similar change would have been to increase the cost from the old (relatively forgiving) 100 combat marks price. I am willing to test the new Victory Mark system and then give feedback afterwards. But I hope we get the details of the entirety of this plan as soon as possible. Drastic changes can be hard on the community, but drastic changes that come piecemeal is even harder (and unnecessary).
  13. Mast hp

    Good idea for the mast health bar. Would be a good feature for every player, but also make it less perplexing for newer guys who get demasted. It's hard to teach people to protect their rigging and with something like this they could have the feedback to learn / practice by themselves.
  14. I hope you find both success and enjoyment, for what good is one without the other? Good luck! I'll watch your videos no matter what flag you have, but I have to admit the Prussian one looks good on your ship.
  15. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    With the merge of the servers upon us, I wish a final farewell to the PVP Global Server! Or, as it was known when I was a newbie, "PVP 2." To all I have sailed with, sailed against, and to the select few with which I have done both - good luck in your future endeavors! We had fun on PVP Global and I hope we will have even more in "the Caribbean!"