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  1. Hello, all I have been wondering recently about this question... could the devs successfully implement customizable forts? At the moment I cannot see a way, so I put this question to you all and hope you discuss with me. Perhaps one way this system might work would be in the capacity of the port management screen. There might be an additional section dedicated to port defenses, where one is brought to a map of the port. Here, the captain can click on forts within the port and build them, destroy them, or perhaps even move them. There could also be a system of upgrading... cannon size, heated shot? Having forts in a port would increase upkeep for the ports, as would upgrades. I would also hope for a clan conquest competition, to drive conquest and defense. Working into the new DLC, could we also see forts flying special flags? This all adds to customization, making ports really feel as if they are one's own. At the moment rvr feels quite impersonal, ports hold little to no significance if not for their resources. Perhaps this could change that, allow for more strategic ports and more dynamic defenses and defensive strategy that works with fort placement. These are barely thought out ideas, I simply want to ask the community their opinions on all this. Thank you for reading, happy sailing, Sir John
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    History of the captain

  3. Sir John

    Bring boarding to a new level

    I'm not particularly well trained, so I would trust @Fluffy Fishy on this one
  4. Sir John

    Bring boarding to a new level

    Small arms fire is most effective because of how packed the men on deck are... I would estimate max effective range shipboard to be 100yds having fired numerous muskets, fowling pieces, etc (Although I should note: I have never fired a sea service pattern musket and most of my experience is with mid 18th c musketry, hopefully more india pattern soon)
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    Fleet Question

    You must also assign crew to each ship in your fleet To do this, hit "Manage Crew" just as you would add crew to your main ship. There should now be two sliders, one for your main and another for your fleet (or more corresponding to the number of ships fleeted)
  6. Sir John

    Additional Buffs to Battle Sails

    Plus, harder to demast under battle sails? Could work both of these together
  7. You are undoubtedly correct, I did not mean to dispute that I was discussing the 32lb charge with a friend as I wrote, which led me to throw in that side note and approximate it to a more evident and common charge of the 4lbr (one that NA players would be familiar with.) . I should have been more clear in my previous two posts, and would have related the 42lb charge to the 4lbr if I had been thinking, haha Apologies
  8. Weight Of Gun Weight of each shot Total Weight of grape (lb) (lb oz) (lb oz) 42 4 0 46 6 32 3 0 34 1 24 2 0 25 5 18 1 8 19 15 1/2 12 1 0 10 15 9 0 13 7 6 6 0 8 5 8 1/2 4 0 6 3 14 1/2 3 0 4 2 10 1/2 1/2 0 3/4 (lead) 0 8 3/4 Source : British Artillery on Land & Sea, R. Wilkonson-Latham Same stuff... you were agreeing with me?
  9. Yes! Swivel guns, quarterdeck carronades, small arms fire made quite a few of the casualties in the vast majority of actions In many of the other actions I have studied, uses of grape in broadsides has been limited to double shotted cannons - grape and ball fired together I also believe a word for what you describe is langridge, a common form of grape that was essentially mini-chain shot in both form and function (Side note - a ball of grape from a 42 pounder is approximately the size of a 4 pound shot)
  10. Neither ship would be in any condition to sail for hours afterward... see the very poor state of the rigging on both ships. Also, few of the sails of either ship would be drawing during the boarding action and none of them with much significance at all, probably completely unmanned save the fighters in the tops. The ships would drift together downwind "Bayonnaise had lost almost all of her rigging, was leaking and had her rudder damaged. Ambuscade had lost her mizzen mast and sustained damage from explosions on board, but was otherwise intact and sea worthy. Ambuscade towed Bayonnaise to Pertuis d'Antioche and Rochefort. They arrived the next day." Also... I have a copy of that beautiful painting
  11. The title says it all, I've been wondering what is a greater factor in dismasting and have not received many solid answers Thank you
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    Real-Life Sailors, Muster!

    Couple hours ago... beautiful day here in Nantucket Only had my phone to capture this one
  13. Sir John

    Boarding and DD Adjustment

    ^^^^^ I also feel that ~100 crew on a first rate should be able to defend against 220 in a hercules (and a requin with 350 crew) easily... current mechanics are decent but imo we need more Yes, the time period is way off, but this is a great example of what it might look like... one cannot possibly expect the crew of such a small ship to scale the broadside of a ship of the line that has any sort of defense (even if it be only 50 men firing down)
  14. And if none of this is accepted, how cool would it be to just have a quick animation at the beginning of each battle where you run up the colors and out the guns? A simple (in layman's terms simple, not sure how complicated it may or may not be on the dev side) thing like that would add so much
  15. Even if it was by deck or if it was simply a jump from in to out with no animation, I'd love it I think it could work as a toggle-able option with the new unity 5 Oh, the possibilities (and the dreams)
  16. Sir John

    Classic Connie--Your Killing Us Here!

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_of_6_May_1801 ...
  17. +10000 If people hate this too much, could we at least have some stats taken away? Like crew or cannons I would love a morale rework
  18. Sir John

    Useful Marines

    Hello, all Quick suggestion My suggestion here is that marines be useful members of a ship's company, instead of just standing around doing nothing until boarding. At the very least, I hope they would man the pumps aboard a sinking ship or help repair... in reality they even helped man the mizzen in many navies, though I wonder if they would be a little op if they worked that way in NA But then again, marines were op in real life and a necessary part of every ship Notice how only 192 of my 255 crew can work the pumps (My ship was clearly and rightfully lost, but I can imagine other situations - namely leaks - where it would be reasonable)
  19. Sir John

    Useful Marines

    I think large merchants (the only form often capable of waging much of a fight) sometimes hired guards. For instance, the EIC hired men to act specifically in the place of marines Privateers in many forms had marines... I feel like they are generally misunderstood My knowledge of privateers makes me imagine them as imitations of navy ships (in many cases.) As for pirates, their most common target was the unarmed and lightly defended merchantman or coastal vessel... the notorious Algerine xebecs were something altogether different... armed to the teeth and while not so organized as marines, in many cases just as deadly. Although, to be sure, ship knowledge is a great balancer here and there were plenty of exceptions... that's just my sense which may be incorrect I love that idea! I think it would help with chain boarding SOLs with frigates and the insane punishment that ships can take right now against larger ships. I have been hoping for some time for a reworked morale system or some more incentive to surrender... in reality, there is no way that a frigate could stand broadside-to-broadside with a ship of the line, but in Naval Action we see frigates taking turns taking punishment and giving broadsides, sheering off to repair to full when they must. If only, after heavy damage and losses, a ship without upgrades like marines would suffer reduced fire rates and less effective repairs (as a result of men losing morale.) This way we see more realistic and balanced repairs, too Would also help nerf rum on ships which might not need it, while sterncamped SOLs have the BR and so are not affected
  20. Sir John

    Useful Marines

    Thank you I seem to have not been thinking while writing this: Although I should imagine marines would help with menial tasks such as manning the pumps, so I will hunt for some evidence
  21. Sir John

    Useful Marines

    Truly? I suppose that makes sense and is perfectly reasonable I had thought of this, but thought it unlikely that the exact number of my crew that were not marines were working the pumps
  22. Sir John

    385 crew La Requin

    Though I failed to account for many things, that kind of works^ Perhaps other xebecs, but I believe our requin never would have taken 500 men, and never would have taken over 300 except for a single-day's trip And to sum it up:
  23. I love what I've heard about this patch so far (particularly the BR rebalances) Thank you for listening, devs. Can't wait to test it Diana + connie classic look beautiful!
  24. Hello, all! I am here for a PSA! The newly founded Bank of the United States is a fraud... There is a real Bank of the United States, however at this moment that is only available for US player use, and takes the form of the US Treasury. The (single) player known as Ove Gjedde, Peccavimus Tyrannus, Charles Stuart (plus some other names) has created a new bank as a petty attack/troll on the US and myself personally. He has also issued rewards for those who capture US ports. While I think his banks are a wonderful idea and encourage players to participate in this new moneymaking opportunity, I would like to make it clear that the United States is not affiliated in any way with the bank created by Charles Stuart. Thank you!