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  1. Sir John

    Loot Dinghy

    Would be interesting to see, ship's boats were most certainly a feature of most all men of war during this time. However, if you want to add these into the game, you must trail them astern as your ship battles or keep them safe some other way, as was done in the age of sail. They were too large an obstruction and a splinter risk to be kept aboard, and normally they were trailed astern with the officers' furnishings and the ship's livestock, things like that. Trailing them also left them available for use more readily... with the davit, introduced around this time, it would be a rather foolish and very challenging task to lower a boat in the midst of battle. So, while I'd like to see ship's boats in the game, and for use collecting loot among other things, I feel there is not a very good way to implement them currently. I really do want to see them, and to use them for boarding and for looting and for many other clever things captains used to do. Sorry I couldn't suggest a solution here, my laptop is at 1% and there are no outlets near me on this plane.
  2. Sir John

    The Art of the Grapple (Boarding Improvements)

    I would like to see something to do with rigging... for instance, if one sailor rams another, and his bow sprit hits the enemy rigging, it should become entangled. Perhaps this could give anyone who was running up prep an instant 50 prep or something similar. Or, it could simply provide the option to board after 20 prep instead of 50. After boarding, or to avoid it, you must dedicate your men to survival to cut away the rigging which is tying both ships together This is the most common and most effective form of boarding that I am familiar with throughout my studies of history
  3. Sir John

    Game Play Realism

    Keep in mind, devs have limited money and bigger things on their minds atm. Addition to 2 - shells were only launched from bomb vessels, not regular ships. Bomb vessels rarely fired upon ships unless they were anchored or otherwise stationary. Even forts with mortars rarely wasted ammunition on moving ships, for it would have most certainly been just that. Ball, grape, and chain are already in the game, although you are right when you say there were more types of ammunition used during the time (even if you didn't know them,) a great number similar to grape, some variations of shell, like carcass. Heated shot used by forts (forts only, for obvious reason.) Addition to 5 - That's not how the English class system works... that's how wikipedia defines it. Not completely wrong, but incomplete. Futhermore, many nations had very different systems. Addition to 8 - I think there are not enough players to cover that size map, not enough content to fill such a world Addition to 9 - that feature was in the game before Thank you for the suggestions, but I feel you should get some real experience in game before you comment.
  4. Sir John

    Naval Action Meme collection

  5. Sir John

    Ingame grouping other than by clan or battle groups needed

    I like the idea... but what would the difference be between a convoy and battle group, though, aside from the former being more permanent? The round table idea sounds great, just need to balance it against the threat of ui clutter
  6. Sir John

    Looking for PVP in my trinco

    I run something in the background sometimes and just sit outside la tortue and wait. A fight always comes, sometimes without good odds... but if we can get more people doing that we can make la tortue an active pvp zone
  7. Sir John

    Premium ship with congreve rockets

    It's definitely an interesting idea... but I don;t support it. Ships armed with Congreve rockets seem like they'd send Naval Action down a fanciful course, where things don't have to make sense. Congreve ships (and rockets on land) were used very little, and for very good reason. I see no reason to put them in naval action, especially while the devs have a hundred other requests for ships ahead of this one.
  8. Very interesting ship, especially when she was on Lake Ontario. She looks fast Hopefully we can see her in the game!
  9. Sir John

    Fan Made Video - Battle of Placentia 1789

    Thank you Please do this and allow spectators, I'm sure there are a few of us wanting to film
  10. Sir John

    Questions for the Historians

    If the rigging of a ship was so crippled a flag could not be raised anywhere, I imagine it was up to anyone of authority that noticed such things to find a suitable location to 'fly' their flag. I believe I've seen images of ships draping flags over their sterns or from bow sprit. Bucentaure at Trafalgar, completely dismasted save her bow sprit. Her tricolor can be seen flying from her bow sprit
  11. Sir John

    A suggestion that suggestions should have feedback

    How is La Fama a frigate haha only USS Constitution can pretend
  12. Sir John

    Spotting From Land (Realism Suggestion)

    Semaphore Towers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semaphore_line
  13. Sir John

    Mortar Brigs Overhaul

    We may be getting a bit off topic here, but the mortars at Fort Ticonderoga (a fort I have visited in person) were used only for defense against besieging forces. They could fire over the earthworks and other protection constructed by a besieging army. Such fire is not wasted upon stationary targets. Of course, Fort Ticonderoga never had the opportunity to fire upon any large ships, but in any case the position of this fort would have made mortars rather obsolete. Ticonderoga sits atop a mountain and the cannons mounted there fired much faster than a mortar with greater accuracy and probably greater range, although I lack much knowledge about mortars from the active era of this fort. From their perch, they can easily fire down onto a ship's decks. The only practicality of mortars in forts against ships may have been to fire shells or simply higher caliber shot. One might imagine that a low-lying fort could have utilized them to fire down onto an anchored or disabled ship, perhaps over an obstacle, although it seems unreasonable to use mortars when the task of sinking a ship might be expedited by regular cannon-fire. So, although I have yet to encounter an instance of mortars being used against ships from within a fort, I am greatly interested in this topic and I would love it if someone could step in here and present some other evidence.
  14. Sir John

    Mortar Brigs Overhaul

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gunboat_War#1809-10 I support the idea of mortar brigs being used mainly for port battles, but they did see some other use, both ineffectual and successful. I also support having more bomb-vessels and ketches in the game. Note - many of the gunboats mentioned there also mounted howitzers