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  1. Sir John

    Dismasting / Destruction

    Good point, so no penalties. I'd like to see at least and masthead streamers, pendants, and other flags keep flying as the mast falls
  2. Sir John

    Dismasting / Destruction

    You mean realistic in the sense of how easy it would be for the devs to do it? At the very least I would like the devs to let the masts rest on ships and sea... shouldn't be too much time, instead of them slowly sinking into oblivion they get some physics. Then again, I don't know game development, I am simply hypothesizing.
  3. Sir John

    Dismasting / Destruction

    I've tried to figure this out many times... not sure if there is a concrete answer, I go with dismasting because it makes up for the lack of fluency in sense.
  4. Sir John

    Dismasting / Destruction

    Hello all I have recently been reminded of the importance of dismasting physics, and how it would change this game. I suggest that, at the very least, the devs develop a system of dismasting which subjects the fallen masts to some form of physics. When a mast is shot away, it could sway briefly, fall and catch on the last few lines supporting it until they part, and then fall into the sea. Or, no extra animations need be made, only adding collision between the mast, ships, and water. Better yet would be to create a realistic system where one's mast acts as a sea-anchor, as it truly would have. As your ship makes about 3 knots (boarding speed) and turns, perhaps 20 men go on survival for 1 or 2 minutes as they cut the mast away, and then your ship can regain speed. Cutting a mast away https://youtu.be/qNB0LDIeIwM Constitution vs Guerriere
  5. Sir John

    Questions to developers

    I think it should be a toggleable feature in graphics settings... I feel it is unfair to call this game a sailing simulator without simulating the destruction which was so much a part of this era... besides, eye candy Games have been made off the backbone of destruction (beamng) and I know that battles would be infinitely more rewarding or 'epic' with destruction Many of the people being drawn to the game read epics of naval action, such as the Aubery-Maturin series and the Hornblower series
  6. Sir John

    Questions to developers

    /@admin are you guys eventually going to work on realistic damage visuals? if so, I assume that is far down the list of work?
  7. Sir John

    One Week and Zip!

    What nation are you?
  8. Sir John

    The Unbreakable Bowsprit

    I'm going to propose some solutions around that subject... thought I had already but it seems I forgot to
  9. Sir John

    The Unbreakable Bowsprit

    I agree, as the Requin's bow sprit strikes the Hercules' broadside, and le Requin is approximately 90-210 tons lighter than Hercules (Requin is approximately 260 tons burthen) I can't remember what ship our Hercules is based off of, but ships of similar sizes can be 350-450 tons
  10. Sir John

    The Unbreakable Bowsprit

    Rigging on a ship with a bow sprit is inevitably connected to the bow sprit, the bow sprit is a major part of the rigging. I'll spare you the details but, should the Herc lose her bow sprit in a realistic simulator, it might well drag her fore topmast down with it or something like that. It is hard to simulate, let alone fathom the destruction shipboard during a battle. In this situation, I would wager that the colliding ship's fore topmast fell as a combination between the force of the collision and the loss of the structural support provided by her bow sprit. In collisions, furthermore, one's rigging becomes entangled in that of one's enemy, making salvaging the bow sprit all the more unlikely. Rigging like that which runs between the foremast and the bow sprit is absolutely imperative in order to ensure the stability and fastness of a ship's masts. It is a balance of forces designed to keep the mast upright in heavy weather and light alike.
  11. hope this helps Devs will get to it eventually
  12. Sir John

    Grief Fleets

    What do you guys think of this? This way, it is possible to take revenge if one plans ahead and brings fast ships. Otherwise, the raider may escape by running to sea.
  13. Sir John

    Grief Fleets

    If it wasn't a revenge fleet, and it wasn't over the course of hours, how would the question be different? "If there is a large fleet coming after me, I should be able to dump my hold and escape" Just turn and fight, when you hit and run and return to port every time, it's only natural that one would like to finish you once and for all, or keep you away in any way possible. I agree that there is some lack of realism, and I feel it is because in battle one is restricted to a realistic speed, while ow revenge fleets take a fraction of the time to reach the position of your battle. I feel like there should be some way around it, but I oppose what you suggested. Perhaps invisibility increase depending on the distance from shore? When a ship is close to shore, invisibility is normal, thus the player may be recaptured. But, as they run from shore into the open sea, the invisibility timer increases, giving them more chance to escape. Seems somewhat balanced and counter-able, also realistic and historically accurate If this allows too frequent of raids to coasts, how about the more often a raider kills in the same region, the lower his invisibility timer is?
  14. Sir John

    Hostility mission exploit

  15. Sir John

    Labour Hours Shortage

    You can pay others for labor hours You can get the labor hours perks I'm not sure if you are already, but if I were you I'd join a clan where there is a sort of supply chain with members who craft menial mats for ships for the crafters Also, combat marks are easier to come by when you pvp