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  1. Thank you for all! New frigate patrols should be very fun, clan logs were a strong need, new visualisation of enemy ships is more immersive (but should give an advantage to experimented players) As explained elsewhere, I just have no doubt that chain limitation to 2 shots per gun gives another advantage to gankers (and though, another loss of new players, who are the main target of gankers)... But let's test and see.
  2. I agree with you on most points. First of all, I agree with you in the fact that I was knowing, seeing a guy suddenly stopping running away and suddenly accepting a fight, that this coward was sure of being reinforced. Otherwise he would have accepted the 1v1 in same ships… But from times to time, let’s be fool and take the risk to loose pixels. I often experienced that being fool gives more fun. I agree with you that OW PvP would be more interesting if players do not have to sail miles away on capitals to find opponents. And on capitals, most of times, you can find only noobs and counter fleets, may reason why I don’t go in enemy capitals any more. But let’s dream: (@admin) Let’s dream to a game in which repairs can only repair 50% of the damage. For example, you were first at 100% Hull, someone puts a side to 40%. Even using two repairs, having Northern Master Carpenter, iron tools, carpenter perk and so on, you can go back to 70% max (40% + (100%-40%)/2). Then someone puts again the same side to 40%. You can repair up to 65 % (40%+(70%-40%)/2), etc.). In fact, you could repair max to (Status_when_launching_repair + Status_when_launching_previous_repair) / 2. Let’s dream to a game in which you can take a limited number of ammo, and choose which ammo you take, this increasing the hold content just as presently the repairs do, and the hold content decreasing the ship speed in a more linear manner than today. Hold should be filled if you take 300 shots per gun in a first rate, and in this case you cannot get repairs anymore, to be adjusted... The weight of chains and double load should be 2 times the weight of balls, the weight of double charge 1.5 times single charge. Let’s dream in a game in which you can use double charge only if your guns are cold enough. Let’s dream in a game in which chains can break masts (as historically, they were used to break ropes, yards and masts). Aren’t, in fact, chains like double shots? Let’s dream in a game in which rules of engagement limit ganking capabilities, and reinforcement capabilities by counter fleets. Let’s have dreams… (And I know that my dreams would give a lot of work to developpers )
  3. Many "old" players are getting bored, for sure. My clan lost almost all his officers during the last three months. But there are a lot of new players, who are keeping the population to around 500 every evening.
  4. Let’s see in above example what would occur with limited chains and limited ammos. The Surprise would first finish his chain ammos, reducing my sails to 75%. I counter him. He repairs. I repair. He his out out chain ammos. I still have some. The Endy would then come and chain me again. I counter chain. He repairs. I repair. I am out of chains ammos and of rig repairs. He still has some. The Pirate Frigate comes then and chains me. I can only reply with balls. I have precision upgrades and I am lucky enough to kill one top mast. He repairs. I can’t repair. The three gankers can now have an easy and no fun kill. So limiting repairs is giving a definitive advantage to gankers, which is fun killing.
  5. A few weeks ago, sailing in a Surprise around Bridgestone (out of safe area) I saw another Surp and and I sailed to her for engaging. This captain first run to Cariacou, then put sails down at mid distance. Knowing what should follow, I made for him, he just chained my sails. I was at carronade range with reduced sails when two other frigates (Endy + PFrig) entered the dance. I sent a last carro broadside to the Surp and decided to sail away of these three cowards. Obviously I repaired sails at least three times, once immediatly and two or three times after, the three cowards relaying each others in endless chaining my sails, and later my masts. I returned fire, I think each of them had to repair maximum once. I could escape only because I had rig repairs enough. Limiting repairs would only give another advantage to ganking cowards.
  6. Eleazar de Damas

    [SNOW] - Let's make it snow together (PvP/PB GB Clan)

    All the best and overall, have fun!
  7. Eleazar de Damas

    Video request

    As there is Nothing in French here, I can add this one (most of leading instructions were translatedin English when @King of Crowns came on our TS). Hoping to find "happier ending" soon!
  8. Eleazar de Damas

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Even suffereing more losses in the screen battle, this was very fun. Thanks for that and see you next time!
  9. Eleazar de Damas

    Merge PVE and PVP Server?

    If this is done, including above mentioned modification of reinforced areas, some PVE players will come on PVP server. Then, our PvP players will complain as usual about safe zones are too big and about obliging players to go out safe areas and make PvP. Then developpers will modify again safe areas and PVE players will go and play another game.
  10. Eleazar de Damas

    The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    Do it yourself! Maybe, you should meet them again and make a proper proposition: 32pd, 24pd, 42pd, 13 inches, etc...
  11. Eleazar de Damas

    The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    Power can be taken, given or stolen. Authority can be recognized, shared or delegated.
  12. Eleazar de Damas

    The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    @Tac Do you accept help for screen? @ScipioTortuga Ho sorry!
  13. Eleazar de Damas

    The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    Might be, who knows? But if I leave France, I will avoid to be again involved in all that Concil / Diplomatic business. Being a player, in a nation where to make PvP, RVR and so on, simply. But for the moment, I still have to do with France and with [EDR].
  14. Eleazar de Damas

    The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    Sorry, I did not hear anything on the French screen fleet TS, and no one mentioned this. But I arrived late on game, may be 20 minutes before the PB, and I not a fan of the "global" chat... What did we see? A foreign fleet, posted sails down nearby the enemy screen fleet, facing our PB fleet which was approaching, and in a good position to rush it. I think that in the same position, any sensible captain would have ordered the attack. As I read above, you did not complain, did you? ---- A close future will rapidly show us the extent, depth and content of this glass ---- We know that the arrival of the HAVOC clan will modify the balance of forces in the South (and may be further). We know that HAVOC is a PvP/RvR clan (such was CABAL) and PvP players want to have PvP fun. They arrive in your nation to help giving some “revival” in the Dutch RVR content, starting from a nation which was not the strongest by now. Fair enough! So that, for the moment, the ball is in your side: If this RVR content is to be made, among others, versus France, please advise clearly. If this RVR content is not to be made versus France, please advise clearly. I think you can understand that a clear and public position is necessary, otherwise incidents will take place, players of both sides thinking legitimate to practice PvP, other players of both sides thinking to sail under the protection of side agreements. Are they legitimate targets? I don't know yet the decision of the French Council, but we can consider that yesterday events were fun, but not so friendly. And the French Council might decide to have fun, or to have friends...
  15. Eleazar de Damas

    The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    I made the first move towards the Swedish fleet. The Dutch were positioned between French and Swedes, facing French. As soon as I moved I was tagged by the Swedes (this tag failed, no BR enough). Then, I was multiple tagged, at least 3 were counting down when the battle started. Difficult to see if Dutch tagged me too or if this was Swedes only in this circle salad! We tagged both Swedes and Dutch to do the job of the screening fleet: to open the way to our battle fleet, which was very close to be at tag range for Dutch, who were oriented to rush it. So no matter of choice for the French screen fleet: we had to open the way to the PB fleet, and the Dutch position was clearly hostile. And no French complained! (including @Liq)