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  1. Another important thing that does not appear in ship data (speed, turn rate, HP, etc) is the low hull profile on water, making the xebec a difficult target to aim. For being efficient, you have to reduce the distance down to be in range of her carronades. You are not obliged to do so against a Surprise.
  2. 1v1, a 6th rate xebec would kill all 7th and 6th rate ships: they just place a rigging shock and board. I think I handle nicely the small ships, I know that I can resist a while, but not 90 minutes. And I know that there is no escape way from a Requin, unless you are far, downwind, and not in a cutter, a Lynx or a Privateer. If the hunting team is composed of a Requin plus a Hercules, as we see it more and more, there is no escape way, even for a Bermuda / Bermuda / cotton sails / Art of ship handling Pickle. 1v1, a 6th rate xebec would kill all 5th rate frigates. 1v1, a 6th rate xebec can kill all 4th rate frigates (by out-turning, decrewing and boarding), but this needs some skill in manuallay handling the Requin's sails. Without skill, 1v1, the xebec can easily escape all 4th rate frigates. Even bigger ships are at risk, because the Requin can stick to the big ship hull, being sure not to be hit by canon fire (her hull is too low on sea), and scrapping the big ship with 32pd carronades. No trader has a chance to escape a Requin, unless being empty and downwind at the beginning of the fight (but Requins never tag that way). @Licinio Chiavari, @Casanova Moderne you are a specialists. Do you confirm?
  3. What needs to be fixed too is the new player protection in "green zones". Today, the protection in zero. A new player attacked by three xebecs, as I saw this yesterday, will get helped by IA Mercuries and brigs. LOL. Rest in peace.
  4. Aquillas

    [PvP EU] France-Spain / Declaration

    @Batman, I don't really want to give all details here. My movement from France to GB gives my conclusion. This alliance with Spain was never clear. It destroyed the best organised French clan, for a very tiny result for the French faction (including this destruction of EDR, which was one of the declared targets of some other French clans). Situation today: - No coherence between EU and US French clans. - France is allied with Spain, Spain is friendly with France. - France is in war with USA, Spain is allied with USA. - It was the same with Russia until last week and NAVOC move. However, all the best, congrats and bon courage to @LADY CASSARD, and her mates to try and sort something positive from that (no irony here).
  5. Aquillas

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    So now, the canons and carronades characteristics are:
  6. Another question is: Why isn't fixed this overload bug. It was mentioned multiple times by a lot of players. This bug should be easy to fix by prohibiting leaving the trade instance if your ship is overloaded (an overloaded IA should instant sink).
  7. This is done. No trader with hold 50% filled can outrun or resist to a xebec. I agree: pathetic no-fights (PVzero)
  8. Aquillas

    Leaving the French faction

    No sure about this "alliance"... For French, Spain is allied. For Spain, French is friendly, RU and US are allied. For RU and US, France is enemy (my last fight Under the French flag was in front of la Nouvelle Orléans, against two Russians, not independant players, who attacked there) Even being French a so, having some mind flexibility, I spent some months without understanding (probably main Reason why I was kept out of French diplomacy during the last months).
  9. Aquillas

    Leaving the French faction

    I am no more involved in the French diplomaty since March or April. And last PB I made was Puerto de España in May. See with VCA, CBC and ER for French diplomacy and timers!
  10. Aquillas

    Leaving the French faction

    EDR is not disbanded. But very few players are remaining in, most of them leaved the game or went to pirates. This could change at the game release.
  11. Aquillas

    More Clan Control - Reducing Alt Problems

    This would finally drag out of game all individual players and small clans... Do we really want to divide the player base by 3?
  12. J’ai ouvert un compte chez nos amis britanniques, et j’y trouve beaucoup plus de plaisir à jouer qu’en France. Sans entrer dans les détails, notre guilde EDR est désertée par ses joueurs et je ne veux pas entrer dans une autre guilde française. Je quitte donc la guilde et la nation. A tous, merci des bons moments passés ensemble ! Si vous voulez savoir quel fun j’ai chez les GB, et mon nouveau pseudo, c’est ici :
  13. I opened a British account, and I found there much fun and more pleasure to play than in France. Without disclosing details, our EDR clan is deserted by players and I don’t want to go in another French clan. So that I am soon leaving the guild and the nation. To all, thank you for good moments lived together! For having a look on my fun and new pseudo in the British faction, it is here:
  14. Aquillas

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    The econ patch won't solve the game boring for so called "old" players. But the development must pass through this gate, because the new port UI needs to be deployed including the new econ system to avoid double development (as elsewhere explained by admins). And yes, this is long if we don't want it to be fully bugged. Maybe, after that, we could expect some new content in game. Unless we get in between some new DLC to help waiting, hoping this not to be a pay-to-win again.
  15. It is very simple in Naval Action today. Either you are in a xebec or not. If you are not in a xebec, your role in game will be limited to be some food for enemy xebecs. You will never win any fight against them. Sometimes you will not lose. If you are in a xebec, you will choose your fights. As a consequence, you will never lose a fight. Sometimes, you won’t win. This not due to any player skill, but only due to a stupid modelling by the development team. Where The Fun?