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    Legendary CSA campaign

    on ur next video can you try to demonstrate proper use of melee/ranged cavalry? I've noticed when my ranged cavalry fires a salvo, they run in the opposite direction (particulary annoying when they route a battery then runaway) if they have the attack command. If you manually move them where you want they reload slower, so I have to baby sit my ranged cav A LOT, keep them on the attack to reload faster and move em back in the right direction when they move too far off course. I dunno if I'm doing something wrong or if its because my ranged cav is clumped with other ranged cav. For melee cav I've had them get torn apart going after single artillery, they'll hit the 350 artillery with 750 le mattes in the open and while it routs they chase it into the woods and things go down hill, my cav tires out and what should've been an easy kill is hard. Also if you hit a single artillery and try to pull out before it gets supporting fire, it takes FOREVER for melee cav to disengage. Lastly, how do you make sure revolver cavalry use their guns instead of going into melee? Right clicking seems to end with them getting in melee, only way i've found is to right click past the unit then when the cav fires pull them back manually before they melee. Also do you know what it takes for a Brigade to shatter? Sorry for all the questions but I figure you know what's up.
  2. sigsaucy

    Any Advice for Nashville?

    just won this as confed with 16k casualties to the unions 25k on medium difficulty (I'm pretty sure it's medium, is there anyway to check?) Took the southern fort with a frontal assault, afterwards rested the assault fort on the eastern slopes of the fort to interdict any reinforcements headed to the northern fort. Massed up my 2nd assault force at the southern tip of the Northern fort, and kept pushing until the rotten house fell apart. It helped to have men in the forest west of it to draw fire and support. Anytime I assaulted the forts I had 3 lines of men ready to rush in and fill any gaps, the first line typically charges in and takes the brunt of it initially. I woulda inflicted more casualties on the Union but the battle ended right as I took the 2nd fort . There's always next time. Now for my first run through of Battle of Washington. I'M SO SCARED
  3. sigsaucy

    Tick Feature Request

    The historical importance of ticks on the battlefield cannot be understated. Using a slider to set your troop strength is pretty annoying. I'm sure most people are like me and want their units to be a fixed size before every battle. When I've maxed out Army Organization, my max brigade size is 2.5k, but I only want them to be 2k. Right now you have to drag the slider and finesse it until it's in the perfect spot. I request that a ticks are set at some certain interval so that when you drag the slider near by them, it snaps to it, every 500 men would be pretty reasonable. This would make it hard to to pick a unit of size 1995, but you can use the arrow buttons for that.
  4. sigsaucy

    Legendary CSA campaign

    wow you are so good, I'm in awe. Seems like you know how to micro units really well, they always do exactly as you ask. Watching that dismounted cav unit at Bull Run get 1k kills for <100 deaths.... I feel like if i had done that it would've been dead in a heart beat. I Don't understand how it did so well when you weren't watching it most of the time.
  5. sigsaucy

    Battle of Chickamauga

    This has to be the most difficult battle I've fought so far. I'm playing with a 28k Union army vs a 50k Confed army, the majority of the Confed army is 3 Star veterans. It wouldn't be so bad but your supply wagons only come in part way through the battle, and they appear extremely far away from the main front. When you have a small army, you just don't have the men to secure a safe route for them and they get captured. I find myself in a state where I win the initial engagements, then find the majority of my army out of ammo, struggling to survive while the overwhelming numbers of the confeds sweep the field and sieze all the objectives. So far I've only managed to lose with 12k Union vs 28k Confed casualities :/. What am I doing that causes the game to give my enemies such large numbers combined with so many veterans? I only have 2 3 stars and a few 2 stars. If I add more rookie brigades then the computer will just get more 3 star brigades right? It would really help if the supply wagons came with your main army.