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  1. Favorite Commander Choices

    My personal book of the War Between the States, is... well, I can't choose, honestly. Burke Davis wrote a fascinating trilogy of books, the most comprehensive available in my personal opinion. The Last Cavalier, The Grey Fox and They Called Him Stonewall are what originally drew my interest to this short but brutal period in history. I personally learn best through biographies, by seeing the conflict through the eyes of its greatest generals. And if you look for a biography, look no further then Burke Davis's magnificent trilogy.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

    If you need me, I'll be feasting on the joy of crushing another Yankee army
  3. Favorite Commander Choices

    Just for laughs, here's a joke version Confederate Army Commander: John Bell Hood 1st Corps Commander: Gideon Pillow 1st Division Commander: Stirling Price 2nd Division Commander: Theophilus Holmes 3rd Division Commander: George Pickett 2nd Corps Commander: John Floyd 1st Division Commander: John Pemberton 2nd Division Commander: Simon Buckner 3rd Division Commander: Braxton Bragg Cavalry Corps Commander: Earl Van Dorn
  4. Favorite Commander Choices

    I gave Johnston a corps of very aggressive division commanders. I think that he had the spirit and energy to handle such a command, and even thrive with subordinates that would so fearlessly take initiative. A.P. Hill and Jackson got into fights every other week, but they still tended to work pretty well together. Longstreet, I think, would have preformed admirably with Jackson's straight-forward directions. I will admit that I momentarily forgot about Taylor and Smith, and you're right in that Taylor's aggressive tactics would probably cause disunity in a corps made up of mostly-cautious division commanders. Perhaps I should rethink that corps. With the Cavalry Corps I struggled between Mosby and Fitz Lee. Eventually I decided that Mosby would work better with N.B. Forest.
  5. Favorite Commander Choices

    In my personal opinion, Richard Taylor is terribly underrated. He was a fine commander, and yet hardly anybody has even heard of him. The Red River Campaign... wow. I'd put it almost up there with the Valley Campaign in doing so much with inferior numbers. What a man. As Nathan Bedford Forest once said, "He's the biggest man in the lot. If we'd had more like him, we would have licked the Yankees long ago." It was a tough call, don't get me wrong, but I think I prefer Taylor to Longstreet.
  6. Favorite Commander Choices

    Confederate Army Commander: Robert E. Lee 1st Corps Commander: Albert Sidney Johnston 1st Division Commander: John Bell Hood 2nd Division Commander: Jubal Early 3rd Division Commander: George Pickett 2nd Corps Commander: Thomas Jackson 1st Division Commander: A.P. Hill 2nd Division Commander: Longstreet 3rd Division Commander: Richard Ewell 3rd Corps Commander: Richard Taylor (call me crazy) 1st Division Commander: Joseph Johnston 2nd Division Commander: P.G.T. Beauregard 3rd Division Commander: Patrick Cleburne Cavalry Corps Commander: J.E.B. Stuart 1st Division Commander: Nathan Bedford Forest 2nd Division Commander: John Mosby Artillery Commander: John Pelham
  7. Thank you Game-Labs for making the American Civil War game of my dreams!

    Two weeks into my first campaign, I was still trying desperately to fight the Yanks to a draw at Sharpsburg
  8. Who's Your Favorite General?

    I remember the very first biography I read of him, The Valiant Virginian. It had a quote which I think sums up Old Jack rather well: Lying in his tent in the dark, going over his plans in his head... Jackson heard two cold and unhappy privates of the Stonewall Brigade talking as they stood on sentry duty. One of them said bitterly, "I wish the Yankees were in hell!" After a little thought, the other replied, "I don't. Old Jack would follow them there with our brigade out in front."
  9. Could the game stop breaking the experience?

    I can't wait for the next release. I wonder how much they're going to alter this game before the 'final version'. @Andre Bolkonsky, do you think we can expect a few more custom battles, or are the devs already moved on to the next game?
  10. Could the game stop breaking the experience?

    If only it wasn't so far away... *sigh* Oh, well. I guess you can't have everything. I hope the next game is on the American Revolution, it's such an under-done era, and I would genuinely be interested in it.
  11. Who's Your Favorite General?

    My personal favorite Yankee general is probably Meade. He was cool and level-headed, and I think that if Lincoln had employed him longer, he would have made a fine commander of the Army of the Potomac. My favorite Southern general is a tie between Albert Sidney Johnston and J.E.B. Stuart. I love ASJ for his fighting spirit and leadership skills, but by sheer force of personality, I think I prefer Stuart. I first began studying J.E.B. in Junior High, when I read The Last Cavalier, and I was never quite the same. From his flamboyant personality to his fierce loyalty and charisma, I became a bit of a Stuart fanboy I bought a model LeMat pistol and I even bought a replica of his hat which I wear to costume parties to this day. His wry humor and optimism remind me rather of myself sometimes, and when I read his biographies, I feel like I'm reading about myself. I relate to Stuart on so many levels, and thus he is my very favorite general.
  12. Who's Your Favorite General?

    Simple enough. I'm interested in who you consider to be your favorite general. Note that I don't mean the most skilled general, simply the one you like the most. I also ask that you refrain from the two obvious choices (Lee and Grant), because I have a suspicion that pretty much everyone would pick one or the other
  13. Alright, call me crazy, but the next game I want is... Ultimate General: Civil War II This game was the most incredible war game of the decade, but there's still so much more potential. Multiple fronts, with a separate campaign in each one? Perhaps even some more speculative scenarios? General ratings? More customized options concerning flags and such? More roleplay potential? The possibilities are endless! But given that will probably never happen, I would love a Revolutionary and/or War of 1812 game.
  14. Leaders Killed

    I had a general named Everett King, who commanded my very first infantry brigade. Over the war he was eventually promoted to Lieutenant General, and his brigade, the 1st Texas, became one of the finest fighting units in the whole war. He fell at the gates of Washington, leading an assault on Fort Stevens. Beside him fell General John Bell Hood, who commanded a division of green brigades through the whole war. His Mississippi Division was at the front of every battle, but he evaded death to the last. He fell defending Washington against a Union counter-attack. The highest ranking brigadier officer to survive the slaughterhouse of Washington was Lieutenant General Lance Drake, who's cavaliers proved vital to victory at 1st Manassas, Gaines Mill, 2nd Manassas, and Malvern Hill. He was a brave officer who never shied from battle. At the end of the war, his 750-man melee cavalry unit was full-fledged three stars, though more then three hundred would fall defending Washington City. Let us have a moment of silence for those brave officers that gave their lives for the independence of their homeland.
  15. Ultimate General Save Files

    Holy crap. I was literally getting on here to ask that exact same thing. I'm legitimately a little creeped out right now...