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  1. Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    Where are new BRs ? I dont see any info about this.
  2. since when majority is called the few ?
  3. Marines

    Marines should be avibavle for all without any mods. Players should be able to customize number of marines on ship.
  4. changing nation

    Write to Admin, mayby he will help you.
  5. Hostility is a failed mechanic

    Yes, alts will be always a problem. Flag should have requirements that only clan leader can buy it. Of course, alt can also have its own clan so another requirements should be minimum number of players in clan to buy the flag. Then if we still get alt exploit the whole clan should get banned.
  6. Hostility is a failed mechanic

    This problem can be solved, just limit number of flags to one active.
  7. 1st impressions

    My impression is only one, that I dont have a time for grind Mercury to start again with shitty 4pd and meet in battle Renno and another frigates.
  8. Aktualnosci

    Co z tego skoro jest to przyśpieszone z 3x. A MM jak sam zauważyłeś jest debilny. Wczoraj po 3 walce na N Brygu z 4pd przeciwko rennomom zrobiłem ALT F4. W tej grze zwyczajnie dla mnie nie czuje się postępu.
  9. Aktualnosci

    Naval action Legends - Męczący grind żeby znowu zaczynać statkiem z 4 pd. Podziękuje wole OW.
  10. Thickness Upgrades

    All mods shouldn`t be stackable. Its only lead to problems like speed meta or impenetrable ships.
  11. Maybe for the same reason the servers were separated ? The group of players complained ? Ok again. The port have 1700 BR. So its more like shallow port. There were no restriction that we cant take smaller ships and if commander want to maximize the number the ships the RSH is natural chose. Deep water mean only that thing that we can take also heavier ship. Where is exploit ? We didnt know that you will take line ships... And i dont think that restriction will change anything. Players can always use Speed Renno.
  12. Man. I dont have a time for looking all posts that you write today. Especially when its so easy to edit it. I dont have also time or reason to argue with you here. For me you can feel even a victim of personal attacks of Swerg players. And be convinced that you didnt post anything wrong. But look even for the first post that I quoted where you try to manipulating that we used shallow ships in PB that have 3-5k BR and consider it.
  13. And you ? Today you are insulting the whole nation by calling us cowards that only run in ALL battles. So mayby you also should get a warning ? And my request to use the brain is to all players and especially PB commanders while they choose ships for PB. The real facts are that: -French commanders chosed wrong ships for this PB. -The Swedes chose the right tactic against heavier fleet. Even if its boring use of chains its still right.
  14. CDR have 1700 BR .... And 1700 is not a 3-5k I dont see any rule that say SHALLOW SHIPS ARE FORBIDDEN ON DEEP WATER PORT BATTLE. This Deep Water mean only that you can use heavier ship than Niagara. So ....... Mayby its time to use the brain instead of useless crying on forum ?