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  1. Patrol BR limit suggestions

    Its sandbox game. You cant limit everything. People need at least ONE "Traflagar Zone" to use and sink all this 1st, 2nd rates in big battles. Especially since we have a limited use in PBs. They should just do several versions like: unrestricted BR "Traflagar zone" and smaller " Patrol zone" that allow to join frigates and open until the BR is equal for both side. But its only my point of view.
  2. Caribbean Invasion News

    I hoped that since the swedish destroyed the russian trash nation their trolls will be quiet. Now i know that was only dream
  3. Operation Octaflip

  4. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    @admin Could you post new BR in patch notes ? Such important information should be always in patch notes. Edit: Thx @Christoph
  5. Need more PvP? Join Prussia, while you can!

    @vazco You should stop recruiting. I heard that we all join Sweden
  6. REDS + VCO Change Nation

  7. Concept of clanbased RvR rediii

    We have Prussia ^^ We dont need another Pirate nation. Mayby Its time for EU map where all PVE and solo players can have fun. And then Caribbean region only for clan based RvR/PvP.
  8. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    Of course you can . Its SANDBOX GAME. But all laugh from you
  9. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    So this is your idea how to kill Swedish nation ?
  10. Caribbean Invasion News

  11. Punish PvP mark farming harder

    Its PvP MARK not PB Mark People will always cheating and devs cant change this. But they can change rewards. As long we have OP upgrades for PvP marks lot of players will farm them.
  12. Hotfix for mastthickness

    Didnt they removed penetration penalty from double balls ? And its ***** Santi. Ship with the highest FIREPOWER in game. What did you expected ?
  13. Hotfix for patch 14.

    You are wrong. Devs changed this 24pd to 32pd . The Wasa advantage in firepower is middle deck 24 pd
  14. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    All ships notes Unbalanced ships BR OP upgrades for PvP marks Alt farming for PvP marks