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  1. GhastlyGhost

    Patch 25: Preliminary Patch Notes.

    Two most OP shallow ships that can join PB ...........
  2. GhastlyGhost

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    Of course that should. I think that no one will deny this fact. But after many patches and "Mighty wipe" we should used to delayes. Mayby @admin will give us more UI screenshots. That would be a good apology for the lack of information. I`m sorry but information about this was posted here on forum by another player some time ago. Personally due to lack of time i didn`t looked this.
  3. GhastlyGhost

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    So much salt. Someone tell week ago that patch willl be relased in June. Devs tell about this on reddit.
  4. GhastlyGhost

    Chain shot feedback

    I had back to game after 3 mounth of brake. From my point of view i realy like new chain mechanic. If you know how to chain you can make it very effective. If you are noob you will **** and do nothing. Its fair mechanic and balanced according to real life where good chain shot should broke masts. Its point of view normal player that don`t cry if sink unless like some "PRO" .
  5. GhastlyGhost

    Rework of Nations for a clan based game approach

    The another problem is that current nations force clans to play together even if they hate each others. I have seen lot of nation that failed due to this problem. If dev will made this game true clan based it will open the way to deal with many issues in the future like alts. As long as we are in early acces we should try this !
  6. GhastlyGhost

    Defense options against 'spies' in your nation

    I am afraid that only clan based game without nations can solve this problem.
  7. GhastlyGhost

    First Rates should become rare and very expensive = maintenance, baby!

    Maintenance sounds horrible. I dont want to do PvE. There is a lot way to decrease number of SoLs. The easiest is introducing "construction time". Its realy strange that we can build the biggest ship by only one click. Construction of 1st rate should take at least 7 days. Another step is increase materials needed to produce SoLs. And I dont belive that all players should have 1st rate. I have seen lot of them that dont know how tu use manual sails in Port Battle that lead to breaking the line.
  8. GhastlyGhost

    Tutorial feedback 2

    Time for my feedback As a tester I used my cousin (He never played NA). First missions was easy. The problem started from demast. 10 min for new players is very small amount of time. He was able to take down one mast in time and the mission failed. The mission with Brig and Final examp I had do myself. Endurance was very frustrating but this Rattlesnake is rewarding it. The final exam I did the first time. Due to number of repairs it was easier than "endurance".
  9. GhastlyGhost

    DLC - Outposts and Buildings

    NO Its B2P game without proper content, overpriced DLC and this will change it into P2W.
  10. GhastlyGhost

    Reinforcements update

    it looks like you play another game
  11. GhastlyGhost

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    I dont know how much you played WoWs, WoT, WT but on high tier you loss your money. Thats why all have 5-6 tier ships or buy premium
  12. GhastlyGhost

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    They play with "end-game content" because its current meta and you can replace big ship with one click. I remember times when most of players used frigates for PvP
  13. GhastlyGhost

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    So what`s your idea to solve 1st rate spam and make smaller ships useful. OW cant be more dead. All use only big ships or hide in capital area. I dont remember when i bought this game but i fell that in NA are playing the same players. I still see the same names in PvP, RvR. And I see the same group of players on forum that try to change this game. I guess that rest of players do only PvE and hide in capital Area (We have PvE server for this)
  14. GhastlyGhost

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    Yeah the problem is that in this way you make game unfriendly for non clan players. It would work only if we get true clan based game. For me sollution is that If you build a ship above 5th rate it should take a time. For example: 1 day for 4th rate 2 for 3rd 5 for 2nd 7 for 1st Then we can start thinking about increase number of needed materials.
  15. GhastlyGhost

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    Always when devs try to make 1st rate rare is one big CRY on forum because its to hard (fine woods) or it`s unbalanced (CM). Nobody has suggested a good idea how to make it working.