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  1. I absolutely love that description.
  2. The Soldier

    Command points vs. efficiency

    According to the manual, efficiency is capped by command (meaning if efficiency is 75 and command is 50, then efficiency will be 50 because it's been capped). However, no one has ever tested that.
  3. The Soldier

    Union Reinforcements in Cold Harbor, Day 1, Phase 1

    Your cavalry have Spencer Carbines as their main weapon. Insane rate of fire. Yes, you run out of ammo quickly, but because the rate of fire is so incredibly fast, firing without ammunition is still insanely fast.
  4. The Soldier

    Union Reinforcements in Cold Harbor, Day 1, Phase 1

    Have you actually dismounted and put your cavalry in the Fortifications? They can hold for a good long while.
  5. The Soldier

    JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (Defunct!)

    @LAntorcha Someone beat you to it. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/18555-command-levels-reference-guide/?page=2
  6. The Soldier

    How do you distribute your elite brigades?

    For creating my second corps, I generally split up my experienced brigades. For corps after that, they're on their own when it comes to adding infantry brigades (though a specialist division may get swapped in depending on the situation).
  7. The Soldier

    JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (Defunct!)

    Not too many people know modding exists, to be honest.
  8. The Soldier

    Tips for new players

  9. The Soldier

    Tips for new players

    As the David Attenborough of the esoteric and mysterious mating ritual of brigade combining, you must select the brigade whose weapons you want to become the combined brigade's weapons. You have a 500-man Fayetteville brigade and a 2000-man Farmer brigade - select the 500-man Fayettevill brigade and use Combine. You do not, however, get guns from it that you did not originally have. If that combined brigade looses 250 men, you get around 50 Fayettevilles and 200 Farmers.
  10. The Soldier

    Interpreting Unit Cards in Camp

    @LAVA I don't think that's what he was asking for.
  11. The Soldier

    Interpreting Unit Cards in Camp

    The lighter bar is the part of that skill that's granted by Brigade perks or Corps perks. If you have a Vet 0 brigade in a corps with a commander with the Logistics perk (+50% ammo), there will be no white bars. But if the brigade gets the Vet 1 Discipline perk, they'll get small white bars in the Efficiency and Morale bars (which corresponds to the skills buffed by that perk).
  12. The Soldier

    Guns per battery

    Yes, larger batteries take longer to rotate. But that was taken into consideration well in advance of my tests, and for every test I've done. There were two types of results, per-volley effectiveness and overall effectiveness. Batteries larger than 12 guns still performed worse.
  13. The Soldier

    Guns per battery

    @Gael It's not so much about historical accuracy, but that the game (for some reason) makes artillery brigades of more than 12 guns perform worse, every other variable being kept the same.
  14. The Soldier

    Guns per battery

    Refer to my guide. No, 12 guns have always been optimal. I misunderstood some buffs and misconstrued some of my tests previously after a patch. Changed that in my guide about a month ago to properly reflect results.
  15. The Soldier

    Question Mark in Upper Left Corner of Screen

    You can't just plug that in because the people can install Steam in different locations. Thought you'd have caught onto that. Just go to the root game install folder and follow it from there. And yes, the game does have a manual. Just because you can't get it for one reason or another doesn't mean it automatically doesn't have one, just follow what I said.