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  1. Lander's Road - Ultimate General: Civil WAAR

    Despite taking a bit of a biffing in the previous fights, I look forward to the next engagement. Hopefully not near Shiloh though, we just pitched camp and since Sherman seems to be convinced that there isn't any enemy closer than Corinth. Even if they sneak under our very noses, we're backed by seven veritable brass bells that are the 24-pounder howitzers - they'll pay dearly!
  2. General starting abilities

    Randomized. Nothing you can do.
  3. UGCW Feedback v0.90+

    Technically, they are flintlocks - I think the description has it like that, but furthermore they very highly resemble Brown Bess muskets.
  4. Day One Victory: Cold Harbor!

    Day 1 isn't overly difficult, but beating it on the first phase would definitely be an achievement.
  5. UGCW Feedback v0.90+

    These kind of have to be here. Otherwise using artillery would be overly difficult and ineffective to use. Furthermore there is friendly fire when units are in melee - more often than not the 24pdrs firing canister into a melee is what causes my men to Rout and not the enemy because they take some of the damage and morale hit as well.
  6. Maximum damage battery size?

    @Krumpf If you're not familiar with artillery batteries, their performance actually, literally goes down after 12 guns. Inverse performance with larger sizes proven fact from my rather strenuous testing. There is also a fine line between "efficiency" and "more power". A medium sized unit may have more melee and firearms ability per man, but a larger unit is still going to have more overall firepower. It may have diminishing returns, but not literally inverse performance as artillery batteries have. Bigger brigades will always be more powerful than smaller ones, stats kept the same. You can tell that to the 2950 strong brigades you face.
  7. Maximum damage battery size?

    12-gun batteries are still king. Though it's worth experimenting with 16-gun batteries now. Infantry, Skirmishers, and Cavalry don't and never have had any such letbacks. Just Artillery.
  8. Question about Efficiency

    Just to inform you, Efficiency is always at 100% of the intended value if the unit commander has sufficient Command. If he does not have enough Command, then the unit will suffer an Efficiency penalty according to how close to being able to command that sized unit up to the cap. Speaking of Command, both the unit's commanding officer as well as the Division's commanding officer's experience are added together to form the unit's Command stat. This means if you have a high-ranking Divisional commander, you can have lower-ranking brigade commanders on bigger brigades as well as a higher cap for the lowest Efficiency possible on a unit. Should either die in combat, the unit will suffer a Command penalty proportional to the experience of the commander lost, and thus suffer an Efficiency penalty. As for Efficiency dropping as you increase brigade size, it will only happen under two conditions - if the unit commander cannot handle the size of the brigade, or if you're reinforcing it with recruits and the recruits dilute the stats of the unit. Use Veterans so that won't happen, but they cost money.
  9. Brigade Names?

    About that - regiments were usually raised by state, and it wasn't uncommon to mix up regiments in a brigade. Even the Iron Brigade of the West didn't escape that fate, as famous as it was. Originally an all-Wisconsin brigade, but then got Indiana and Michigan regiments and later on after Gettysburg had a Pennsylvania regiment in it.
  10. Veterans

    No, the price of Veterans is determined by the experience of the unit (both based on the veterancy level as well as the XP to the next)
  11. Just Wondering

    Dynamic blocking of line of sight of the troops. Would make for an interesting mechanic.
  12. General Lee?

    I think you do at some point. I definitely know you get A.S. Johnston after Shiloh, but I remember another special Johnston afterwards.
  13. 0.94 Campaign - No Force Selection, No Camp Screen

    You sure you actually started the campaign? If you start as the Union, you start at beginning of the Battle of Philippi. As the Confederates you start at the beginning of the Potomic Fort. If you beat those battles you get to the camp screen.
  14. UGCW Feedback v0.90+

    @Bigjku Morale already works like that. Units have a cap off around 60% morale (is it 60%? Don't remember the exact number) if they've taken close to 75% casualties, i.e. close to Shattering. That's a massive drop in morale because that leaves only a 10% morale shock before they become useless in combat because of disorganized volleys. Condition, however, is just how exhausted the unit is. Let them rest a while and they should catch their breath, regardless of how many casualties they've taken.
  15. Unable to select more than one unit

    What resolution are you on? Far as I know, it works fine on 1920x1080 screens. Not sure for anything above or for weirder resolutions.