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  1. Legendary CSA campaign

    and in the end that is what was accomplished! And now we will see how that play achieves the end for the next battle. As always would love to see the Army rebuild between battles. Glad to have you back to complete this series CK.
  2. UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Appreciate the continued improvements guys!
  3. Legendary CSA campaign

    Well of course they are Soldier...and I would have known that if I had maximized the screen and put on my glasses! I appreciate your friendly reply... Hello Optometry, what time can you schedule me for an eye exam?
  4. Legendary CSA campaign

    Curious to know CK that at the start you mention bringing your two best cannon batteries. What type were they?
  5. Legendary CSA campaign

    Christmas in October!!! Welcome back CK and big thanks to you for continuing this series of videos. Hope you are settled in!
  6. Infantry Guide to UG:CW

    Hey AB, If you can't listen to yourself who else can ??
  7. Infantry Guide to UG:CW

    And towards your last sentence AB, it would be a real treat to see you put something like this on Youtube!!!
  8. Infantry Guide to UG:CW

    Wow AB, Loved this post mentioning my favorite coach and the best quote from one of my all time fav John Wayne movies, In Harms Way!!!!! Excellent AB...Excellent!!!!
  9. Infantry Guide to UG:CW

    That's why he's the guru and you (us) aren't!
  10. Infantry Guide to UG:CW

    I agree with AB above William..a nice thread. This is the part that I found very intuitive and useful. I hadn't thought about this before. Nice one!
  11. Your guide is essential for all players. Really an amazing work.
  12. Legendary CSA campaign

    Absolutely agree here with Col H!! Just a reaffirmation as to how many follow, enjoy, and learn from your videos!!
  13. Small guide for officers

    Hand salute to you too HF!!!
  14. Legendary CSA campaign

    Hope you can continue this great series CK!!!
  15. Small guide for officers

    Oh AB, this last sentence of your reply made me laugh...loudly. This reply of yours has to go down as an Instant Classic. I admire your comic intellect sir.