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  1. Legendary CSA campaign

    Absolutely agree here with Col H!! Just a reaffirmation as to how many follow, enjoy, and learn from your videos!!
  2. Small guide for officers

    Hand salute to you too HF!!!
  3. Legendary CSA campaign

    Hope you can continue this great series CK!!!
  4. Small guide for officers

    Oh AB, this last sentence of your reply made me laugh...loudly. This reply of yours has to go down as an Instant Classic. I admire your comic intellect sir.
  5. Ultimate General Save Files

    We must be sharing a brain ASJ OR we had PC issues? Either way....I wouldn't wish either on you! And I forgot to thank Soldier for his reply.... Thanks Soldier!
  6. Legendary CSA campaign

    You're forgiven CK and again thanks for doing these! I've learned a great deal.
  7. So when one makes a save where is the file saved to? Steam or on your PC? If on the PC, in what directory can they be found? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks and your overall assessment of Civil War Artillery stands out as an outstanding work in all of War Simulation literature!
  9. So Soldier, If you could have one cannon between these two going into Fredericksburg (CSA) on... is it 3 inch Ordnance or 10 pdr Parrott? Thanks in advance!
  10. Strategies for The Battle of Antietam

  11. Strategies for The Battle of Antietam

    Well I finished the Antietam fight and the outcome was far better than the first go round to be sure. This is due to all the excellent suggestions folks posted here. And the other factor which I've realized from Col Kelly's video series is to often times embrace the defensive part of the battles. From the beginning I was far to aggressive on the offense and not the best parts/times of battles. There really wasn't any time during the different phases of this battle that I really felt threatened. So again thanks to all the commenters posting here! And thanks to my fellow General A.P. Hill for the dialogue we've had too! Casualties Feds CSA Inf 33313 12587 Guns 60 (1557) 5 (174) Cav 553 348 Missing 3624 0 It's interesting the number of Fed missing and I would have been much happier if those were kills instead! My loss of lower end Cav was disappointing due to the lack of focus in micromanaging them. It doesn't take but one or two cannister shots when attacking arty is ill-timed from adjacent batteries....Ouch! The added plus were the large number of captured Lorenz and Harper Ferry M1855's that now are in my armory. It will be quite a joy to refit my best brigades with the 1855's to be sure! And a haul of 17 Napoleons will come in handy going forward as well. Now onto the next battle......
  12. Strategies for The Battle of Antietam

    And did you see a scaling effect from the Union?
  13. Strategies for The Battle of Antietam

    I'd say from your results CH that this may be hard for you to improve upon! How large and equipped were your two sniper brigades?
  14. Strategies for The Battle of Antietam

    Good job AP!!!! Would appreciate hearing about your setup and strategy and tips would all be great! Particularly interested on how/where you placed your Corps during setup. Strongest one on the Left Flank or Center? I'm thinking of placing my best corps in the center and my second best on the Left....... Also curious to know about your Cav and what flank and how used? I mean geez those Fed Cav losses are something especially given how many they started with! This would have been a fun battle to watch how it played out. Thanks again AP for sharing your thoughts and results for this battle. I'll probably be playing this later this evening. And congrats once more for taking the victory!
  15. Antietam (Confederate Side)

    Yup saw it A.P. good luck!