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  1. Casanova Moderne

    Name change item

    I tried several times to change the name with the prolific forger. For an unknown reason, it is still not changing the name after server maintenance. What is the reason for it?
  2. Hello Developers, hello community, here is another sad example of a player who is judging other players from their native roots. Please throw this racist out of this game. Please! Cheers Casanova
  3. Casanova Moderne

    Bring back names in OW!

  4. Casanova Moderne

    unknown fleet location

    Hello, community, how many wrecks are in the area of unknown fleet location? I did it once but I only found one which was empty. Cheers Casanova
  5. Casanova Moderne

    Rude Behavour

    Hola Captains, here we have another example of bad attitude. Greetings Casanova
  6. Casanova Moderne

    Nice players

    Hello, community, I want to thank the fair players of Prussian kingdom: Liquicity, Gamover and the other captains which have supported us in patrol battle. These guys are a good example of the real spirit of sportsmen. Wish you a peaceful Sunday. Casanova
  7. Casanova Moderne

    other example of captain who cannot behave

    unbelievable what people think they are!
  8. Hello admin, the guy has formalized it harsh, but all in all, it's true. So give us back the possibility to convert victory marks again! And not this 100 PvP to one victory mark nonsense. Put it like it was before. Not everyone is a top player. And think about players who are not that skilled!
  9. sorry admin, but i have to say that valentine has brought it to the point. Ignoring player base is not a wise choice.
  10. iam not amused about new system! That is very counter productive.
  11. Casanova Moderne

    Fragen zum Spiel

    klingt gut
  12. Casanova Moderne

    Flags, Ensigns, Banners

    I like these ideas that looks very nice o7
  13. Casanova Moderne

    Tutorial/Guide Requests

    thanks for useful infos