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  1. 瑞典欢迎中国队长!

    he he are there not enough swedes ingame?:D
  2. Tutorial Endurance Battle

    I had a issue in the Endurance Battle....after kill the first enemy I have try loot his Repairs...I have take them on my ship and going for the next enemy. then I wanted to Repair but "0" Hull Repairs? there where more then 100 in my hold. and now always when I try start challenge new I have 0 Hull from beginning in the battle? Is it maybe not allowed for take enemy repairs? Someone have same Problem?
  3. The Death of a Nation

    same keyboard here ^^
  4. Screenshots!

    Show your Screenshots!
  5. Pfrigate

    From the album Screenshots!

  6. Big Thankz for Organize! Keep going:)