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  1. Themepark CabalalalalaLand

    @mexicanbatman Sorry man, my post was intended for adult audience. You seem to lack a minimum level of comprehension required to understand it. I lack time to translate ut into simple words you would understand. Duty calls. P.S. I have notified spelling police of your transgressions.
  2. Themepark CabalalalalaLand

    I think we all should be a little more carefull at what we post on internet and social media. Hethwill is correct, its not the message, its how it was delivered. There is a difference between making fun of VCO/RED/RUS and making fun of Russians with Hitler. I will jut let it go. I understand the intent was not to insult, and if it was, then I cant help you. I live 2hrs north of where latest mass school shooting in Florida took place. There were warning signs on social media that were ignored. It started small and grew into tragedy. No one did anything. The advise I was given here to just ignore it is what everyone did. 17 kids dead. I am in no way comparing this video to that, my point is ignoring is not a good option. I have been on the road for 8 days and will not see home for another 7. My son starts High school in fall. So yes I started to take more serious look at what people posting and why. @rediii yes indeed you seem to trigger a few players, some of them do take it personal, I do not understand why, so I do not comment. you are right I am bit to serious due to resent real world events. @Eyesore Stalin was alot of things to a lot of people. He did win that particular conflict. Russian outlook on his regime is different then Western. He was not a good guy by any means. In general the end justified the means. He was able to turn a small agrarian country into world stage superpower in 20 or so years. In the process he needlessly killed millions. Russian Tzars do that. It is said that St Petersburg (sorry Sweden) was build on the bones of the people by Peter The Great, villan to some, hero to others.
  3. Themepark CabalalalalaLand

    Do not insult other nationalities. Do not be a bigot, racist, fascist etc. you see how easy that was? Ignoring hate speech kills every day IRW. Watch the news. Hatred and bigotry is not funny. I am sorry you feel the need to insult others to feel superior. Its just wrong. Not looking at it or looking away from it is how that particular clip happenned. People ignored hatred untill it was too late. Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. I will bet you a gold Victory, you have not lost both of your grandparents in that war, and raise you a Santisima you do not speak Russian and German. There are many ways to make fun of Russians, God knows there are plenty of videos to prove that. Bringing Hitler to Russian conversation by a German is never a good idea. P.S. Rediii, I had a much higher opinion of you (not that you should care or anything).
  4. Themepark CabalalalalaLand

    You do know Russians speak russian and happenned to be the subject of Hitlers (germans) rant, you have your sides flipped. I guess loosing 30 million+ of my countryman makes this little less funny (more like insensitive and insulting, but hey its a game).
  5. Caribbean Invasion News

    Tortuga has my favourite beach and a my regular squeeze works at the brothel by the docks. How dare you sir deny me the sunshine and the company of my wench.
  6. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    More nations is a definite selling point, once localization is complete. The outlaw was proposed time and time again, Black Flag pirate nation vs Red Flag outlaws, it was never tested. They would make a killing just on custom clan flags and paints via dlc. Civil war would be hard to implement, green on green would get abused. Any unique mechanic in this game always gets abused for some reason, so I understand why devs are weary of it. There are many good ideas on how to improve the game experience, but the elephant in the room is lack of content which leads to very low player base (excluding alts).
  7. The Death of a Nation

    Good to see the mudslinging is the main content still. Left the game because of toxicity. So much salt. If we can somehow convert this forum to ingame pvp/rvr this would be a good game. Still waiting for better times. Carry on gentleman.

    So two wrongs make it right. Great job. When you become worse then what you hate.

    Players already hava a choice. Join new nations, Prussia Poland Russia do not have safe zones, or if you want one stay in old nations. Players vote with nation population. So majority seems to want a safe harbour, right or wrong.
  10. You pocked a Russian Bear with the sharp stick. Was that a smart thing to do? Now you get mauled. Just hope it is not to death. Who would have thought that there will be consequences for your actions.
  11. Russia was not ready imho. I do not expect your nation to back off. The reason Russia picked a fight with Sweden is because you are the most challenging opponent. Mistakes were made, it is work in progress. Nation is 7 days old. I will assure you fleets will get rebuild and trained to a higher standard appropriate to our opponent level. My first statement was more existential in nature. It is counter intuitive to let Russia get strong, but in the end it would provide better game play for both sides. We will see each other on open seas either way. Swedes looking for a good fight, so do Russians. Neither side likes loosing.
  12. With all due respect to my Swedish opponnemts, situation is that you have the most active player base in both numbers and game experience. Yet you saw what happenned when Russia stirred the hornets nest. Every nation attacked Russian ships (exept France and Poland who simply were not present).This is fine, but it seems that you have more friends (vassal states) than enemies. All of this is fine, but if you really want a strong opponent you need to let one rise. It is counterintuitive, but you will not have a worthy opponent without them training a good fleet. You are very well aware what happens when uncoordinated fleet with no proper upgrades and slots engages a really cohesive one. Or would you like to continue seal clubbing?.
  13. Caribbean Invasion News

    There is a difference between privateers, mercenaries, pirates and traitors. Which one do you think ALOHA is regarded by everyone in NAT’s and Pirates? Then again, you would not know the difference. There is no honor among thieves after all.
  14. If there keys still available, I would like one too please. Thanks.
  15. Bani did not change to neutral on the map

    It was not disbanded, just moved to a proper nation.