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    So two wrongs make it right. Great job. When you become worse then what you hate.

    Players already hava a choice. Join new nations, Prussia Poland Russia do not have safe zones, or if you want one stay in old nations. Players vote with nation population. So majority seems to want a safe harbour, right or wrong.
  3. Sorry for last French PB and for this evening

    You pocked a Russian Bear with the sharp stick. Was that a smart thing to do? Now you get mauled. Just hope it is not to death. Who would have thought that there will be consequences for your actions.
  4. Sorry for last French PB and for this evening

    Russia was not ready imho. I do not expect your nation to back off. The reason Russia picked a fight with Sweden is because you are the most challenging opponent. Mistakes were made, it is work in progress. Nation is 7 days old. I will assure you fleets will get rebuild and trained to a higher standard appropriate to our opponent level. My first statement was more existential in nature. It is counter intuitive to let Russia get strong, but in the end it would provide better game play for both sides. We will see each other on open seas either way. Swedes looking for a good fight, so do Russians. Neither side likes loosing.
  5. Sorry for last French PB and for this evening

    With all due respect to my Swedish opponnemts, situation is that you have the most active player base in both numbers and game experience. Yet you saw what happenned when Russia stirred the hornets nest. Every nation attacked Russian ships (exept France and Poland who simply were not present).This is fine, but it seems that you have more friends (vassal states) than enemies. All of this is fine, but if you really want a strong opponent you need to let one rise. It is counterintuitive, but you will not have a worthy opponent without them training a good fleet. You are very well aware what happens when uncoordinated fleet with no proper upgrades and slots engages a really cohesive one. Or would you like to continue seal clubbing?.
  6. Caribbean Invasion News

    There is a difference between privateers, mercenaries, pirates and traitors. Which one do you think ALOHA is regarded by everyone in NAT’s and Pirates? Then again, you would not know the difference. There is no honor among thieves after all.
  7. Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    If there keys still available, I would like one too please. Thanks.
  8. Bani did not change to neutral on the map

    It was not disbanded, just moved to a proper nation.
  9. merge servers (PLEASE)

    The rules were not changed. They were just enforced by coding. That is EU position. For a long time there was an agreement on ROE in RVR, then one nation decided not to honor it. Now it is coded in. I am just relaying majority EU captains position. I see your point. IMHO unless you are heavy RVR player with 9-5 job outside EU, I do not see how EU is any different. ping is an issue according to my clanmates and personal observations, for Pac Rim players. I understand both sides. There just no present mechanic to come to agreement. That could change of course. I travel a lot (18 days a month), but US based on days off. My job is 24/7, so its always noon somewhere (sometimes twice a day). It was clear to me that most of the players were EU based when I bought the game. It has not changed. I made my choices accordingly. My main was ironically on PVP2/global for a while. I have not been as active, lack of motivation due to broken gameplay and constant change, and other games took NA place. I really wish we could have more action, but just do not see this with current conditions. Maybe you can proove me wrong, that happened to me before once or twice
  10. merge servers (PLEASE)

    Did you play PVP1 or PVP2? There was no server split. Same two servers with different names. Nothing changed. I played thru nightflips on PVP1 and lack of action on PVP2, both were not pleasant. EU players made it very clear, you play by their rules or not at all on EU server. There is always a choice. Might not be a good one but it is there. P.S. GMT -10 gives you very low population on EU (50-150). You still locked out of RVR. Not sure what your ping is going to be. When I play from HKG and PVG it spikes to 4-500 randomly, in NRT and ICN its 200-250 and more stable.
  11. The Pirate Nation?

    With the new clan war (ala EVE) direction, the flags will matter less and less. I doubt pirates will ever be unique. I do not think pirates should be a selectable option, you become a pirate in game. I personally would like the old Black flag (pirate republic)/Red flag (outlaw pirates) proposal with ability to earn forged papers by doing "good" deeds and becoming and outlaw by doing "bad" things to "good" people. Pirate republic would be a nation, and outlaws would be able to TP in out of free towns but could not own ports. Privateer system for Pirates would be nice, with earning reputation for tha nation who hired them, that could lead to letter of marque. Devs seem to be preoccupied with constant RVR and PVP changes. My big disappointment right now is simple lack of content. I have never played a MMO where players are expected to create the content. MOBA types games do that. MMO needs solid game content, storyline, career progression, guilds, missions, raids, etc etc. Then RVR and PVP gets incorporated into that. Pirate lore would be a part of the storyline. How did your character became a pirate? Everyone would have a story to tell.
  12. merge servers (PLEASE)

    If you followed devs instructions you have your rank and redeemable on EU server, just like you did on global. In two hours of trading you are back to your Surprise hunting grounds. I play both servers, (not that much anymore, lost the motivation) its not that complicated. Yes you would lose server specific gains, but that was your (and mine) choice to go to global or eu, or both. Now all this thread about simply not willing to live with choices we made. So we demand a handout, bailout, special accommodation. The new wipe/clan wars will kill all our accomplishments again. Just enjoy either server till then.
  13. merge servers (PLEASE)

    The ping will keep AUS/NZ/HK players off EU server. This has been discussed time and time again. The reason for the split in the first place is on global. Anyone is free to just join EU server (many already did). No reason to merge really. What are you trying to merge? Ships? Gold? Ship XP?
  14. A complete fix to RVR

    So small nation are done. They will never have the numbers. Futhermore you are forcing small nations to fight each other due to the border rules, or pick on the largest nation. Its a lose lose proposition. Unfortunatelly I do not have good solution. I applaud you for trying to fix this, but the whole idea of conquest is fundamentally flawed right now. I actually would like to try Devs newest idea of clan wars. It works great in EVE. It would limit RVR impact on small nations.
  15. Do you want XP/Gold for damage done brought back?

    It was removed due to alt farming. Untill devs find a solution it is problematic to bring it back.