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  1. So we are playing on the EU server now? Let see, longer distance to server and more people on the server.. NA players are going to get smacked with some lag.
  2. Possible important bug

    Maintenance is paid for each day from the clan warehouse. Any clan member of Officer rank can access the warehouse and deposit gold into the warehouse for use in paying the maintenance. As far as a location to place a warehouse, a good starting point would be a freeport as it can not be assaulted and captured. This is the same as it is for nations with the capital ports and offer the same advantages and disadvantages. They can't be captured but can not be modified towards labor hours, taxes, or production. So the usual way is to establish the warehouse at a secure location and move it later if the clans focus changes and they can secure more area. But in no way is this a bug, the 3 Invading nations are just that, not established in any way and are intended to be for hard core / highest difficulty players or possibly nomadic groups which would be best served basing out of a freeport.
  3. LGV Pirate refit

    I never thought the LGV would be worth more then a Constitution. Why pay more for a ship that lacks any ability to actually defeat or defend against something that costs less.
  4. Just to perhaps offer a different perspective. You were sailing a Wasa and boarded a Wasa so the number of skill spots open is not in question. Here I think is where the issue originates. If you have 2 Wasa's at your port you have to set the skills for each ship independently. When you capture a ship you are moving from one ship to another just like you were switching ships in port. So any upgrades or selected skills for the specific ship will not transfer to another ship. This has always been the case in my experience.
  5. CPU runs hot while playing Naval Action

    Not sure if this exists on your system but Firefoot and I noticed after the patch our GPU shot up to 100%. The systems we have far exceed the requirements for this game so I am left wondering what could the issue be. While in port the GPU is at 12% and the second I leave port it climbs to 100% and stays there. My settings are the same as yours.
  6. Carpentry Skillbook

    I was wondering if I missed something between the Carpenter and Expert Carpenter skill book. The Carpenter grants a 5% bonus while the Expert Carpenter only offers a 2% bonus with no bonus towards anything not covered by the Carpenter book. Was this perhaps reversed from what was intended?
  7. i still can not see why the Refit LGV is more expensive then a higher class warship (Constitution).
  8. Discouraging friendly tags to escape

    i find it funny that the same people who complained about Nations being allied are now wanting clans from different nations to be able to ally. Will that not just create the same thing these people complained about before? If different nation clans are permitted to ally together how will this be made public in OW? Or is the idea to be able to appear as two groups that are "viewed" as hostile towards each other being able to ambush a third nation? Wouldn't it royally suck if one of the two were actually allied with the target, which of the three groups would be ejected out of the battle or would it be one group not firing on the hostiles. Talk about creating a political nightmare not to mention the massive amount of database needed to create a table large enough to create a cross reference for the number of clans in the game squared. In a nutshell, allowing alliances between clans of different nations will cause quite a bit of confusion. Free for all battles will not solve it either due to tribunal accusations of "green on green" between 2 groups who were allies. If the suggestion of cross nation alliances can 100% avoid being used as an exploit I would love to see how but within the mechanics of the game I do not see way to avoid it being exploited.
  9. PB closure exploit

    Here are a couple ways to solve your issue. 1. Bring extra supplies to make repairs before exiting the battle. You should be able to repair twice before being kicked out. 2. Wait until you are kicked out. If someone leaves early then they should accept what ever happens instead of putting the entire fleet at risk.
  10. Also the thing that helped you Chris and shows that now the defender has the advantage is that you waited until the GB forces entered while you kept a few ships out of the battle and switched to larger ships then sent them in. This is going to be something that will be in favor of the defender now as sides try to deploy as many points as possible while trying to maintain an advantage of some sort. Should be interesting from here on out. I think new tactics will emerge as the battles are waged.
  11. What can be done to prevent this.

    So the person that posted the review either was funded to move out of the basic cutter (as i have yet to see any player able to rank up fast enough to leave one in only 27 hours) or simply did not know what he was doing. What he should have done is report it if the friendly continued to block and then open him up to being fired upon several times. Need to establish a pattern before accusing someone of something. Either way, I think the reviewer was wrong and expected more without asking any questions from the group he was part of. I have played many games that do not have any kind of tutorial or manual and did just fine using trial and error. Do I think he wound up in a bad situation, yes. Do I think he has a right to make the accusations he did, No. This leads me to think that the reviewer is either an alt account intended to post a bad review in order to get the devs to move towards a desired outcome or is just some child who chose to whine because he lacks the intellect to understand that the game is in a testing phase and is not final. He should have read the description a little better.
  12. I can see kiting large ships in OW battles but if the goal is to capture the circles how do you kite a ship out of a fixed location? What incentive is there to have a first rate chase a small ship that is not in the circle? At near max range the small ship would not be able to do any hull damage while the 1st rate would still be able to inflict hull damage. Or am I missing something..?
  13. So with the change in classification of ports what can we expect from hostility missions now? 8500 6800 5100 3400 1700 is the current values for ports. Is it 10x Mercury's for 1700 and 3400 / 10x Agamemnon's for 5100 / 10x Victory's for 6800 and 8500 ? Or is there going to be 2 more configuration of Neutral defending fleets added?
  14. Ships same Wood same Crafter different Speed

    The main speed is altered based on the weight the ship is carrying. To test this I gathered some iron ore and split it into a piece that weighted the same as the guns that were on the ship. I removed the guns and noted the change in the white number, then placed the iron in the cargo area and compared the value with the speed when the ship was armed. The speed (main) value was the same regardless if it was cannons or cargo. If you look at the listing you will see that both ships share 3 upgrades and have 2 that are different. That is the reason I asked for new SS to be taken was to avoid the conversation being further distracted by information that was not impacting on the the speed. Lonar, you came here seeking answers. The reason I asked for additional information was to show what I was correct in that the ships were different without upgrades. Attitude goes a long way towards getting people to help you or ignore you. So in the future, if you do not desire the community assisting you in answering a question then I would suggest just using F11 to submit a ticket for investigation. Bringing the situation here allows others to learn about in game undocumented aspects as this situation is NOT a bug but an old aspect of crafting from a while ago that has not been removed.
  15. Ships same Wood same Crafter different Speed

    Take new screenshots with the upgrades reset. The upgrades on the upper ship is not the same as the one on the lower. The upper vessel has Powder Monkeys, The old Flag Officer, Rum Rations, The Complete Fencing Master, and Barricades. The lower vessel has Rum Rations, The old Flag Officer, Powder Monkeys, Treatise on Making Saltpeter, and Boarding Parties. Both ships are affected by the same internal weight (the red value -0.43 would be different if the ships had different guns). The selected temp upgrades do not have any effect on the speed or weight of the ship but I would still suggest that new screenshots be taken with no upgrades if possible. Personally I believe you and it could be what was found back when ships could have multiple durability, that each ship that is crafted by a player has a hidden modifier added to it that could affect one of many different stats of the ship. This led to crafters making several ships in order to get that "one" that had the desired outcome.