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  1. Why did players leave?

    Pros: Contrary to what some have experienced I have been running a test with an alt account I created. The idea is to see how well a solo player can survive. With the trading boost solo players can accumulate enough funds to pay for any replacement ships that may be lost due to combat. Cons: There are still a few pirates who prey on players who obviously can not crew a ship strong enough to put up a fight and thus they are left with only 2 options. Either join a clan or be forced to pay for escorts who can if they chose require large sums of gold for their service. Overall: Things are improving mechanics wise but there are still a few players who persist in attempts to undermine the game and cause as much havoc as possible for their own amusement regardless of the effect it has on the player base and upon new players.
  2. Ship lost when port reverted to Neutral

    Same issue occurred today. I figured out what is different. It happens when you want to relocate an outpost to a different slot. The process is to be in the port, Abandon the port and then open it in a different slot. The only effect before was that you would only lose any buildings that were there. Ships and warehouse contents would remain through the process provided you did not leave the port. What is concurring now is that is that buildings as well as ships in port are lost and warehouse contents remains. Prior to the Clan wars patch I used this method quite often with no issues at all.
  3. VCO Takes the Black!

    I have not had a chance to examine the results of the new patch. I did hear that the runs were more profitable now. Before they were complete shit.
  4. Major problem - new player experience

    Part of the issue is that AI ships within the missions are outfitted fully with Marines and other upgrades that do not drop once the ship is defeated but they still gain full benefit of the upgrade during the battle. So a new player taking a mission (which by default will be at their ship rank or higher) will always be at a major disadvantage simply because they will be out gunned. The only way a new player is going to survive is to team up with someone else who is outfitted already. Even 2 basic ships will be very hard pressed to win vs 1 AI. I think either one of 2 things should be done, 1. Reduce the upgrades applied to AI a little or 2. Allow missions to be taken against 1 rank lower so that someone in a 5th rate fights a 6th rate ship.
  5. VCO Takes the Black!

    Actually you are slightly off on the comment regarding the number needed to take a neutral port. Capturing it can be done with as few as 4 people if they know what they are doing. Maintaining the cost of the port (100,000 gold / day) is the difficult part for small clans as it would be quite a task to take in that amount in addition to what is needed to pay for supplies and such.
  6. VCO Takes the Black!

    So if your intent was to attack everyone then why didn't you just roll pirate in the first place? Unless I am missing something you went through being part of 2 nations before joining pirates. If you really wanted to just attack everyone then you should have chosen pirate in the first place. Why join nations and get them involved in conflicts that were not their choice and then switch? Not making accusations, just curious to the reason why and to clarify if what I heard was accurate.
  7. VCO Takes the Black!

    Just to be curious...if there were clan v clan, who would you attack and why?
  8. Ship lost when port reverted to Neutral

    I closed Santa Fe after the ship disappeared since there was no reason to retain the port.
  9. Ship lost when port reverted to Neutral

    No, my limit is 11 and currently have 8 after building 2 last night.
  10. Ship lost when port reverted to Neutral

    LIttle bit of additional information. Wife had left a H-Rattlesnake up there as well and it is still there so it seems it was just my ship that pulled a Philadelphia experiment maneuver.
  11. About a week ago the port of Santa Fe was captured and I left a Prince de Neufchatel in port there in case other shallow water ports were going to be targetted later that week. I noticed that today the port reverted to neutral and the ship i had there is now gone. Is this intentional to "persuade" clans to pay for the upkeep and thus not lose ships or a odd "undocumented feature"?
  12. Contract In Enemy Port

    Being able to place contracts in enemy ports would allow economic blockades to be established. Reference the issues with Buy contracts being placed for large amounts of gold. This effectively blocks the purchase of that item unless you are willing to pay the "Ransom" to access the remaining inventory of that item.
  13. Contoy swapped to neutral

    I am guessing you are on the EU server?
  14. Turning in battle

    To add to what Demsity stated, if the block is lit with crew allocated to the function then it will work. If the block is darkened and the number on the left is decreasing or at 0 then you have no crew allocated to that section. Section 6 (Sails) and 7 (Gunnery) should not be touched unless you need to move crew out of those sections for boarding.
  15. Welcome to Economics 101. If a single location is selling one of a kind items then it will generate a massive amount of income from sales. If the Tar is selling on the EU server like it is on the Global then it is not surprising that if there were a sudden influx of resources generated that would fill all the current contracts on hand it would result in a very large amount of taxes being generated. So my question for you Monk33y, if your clan held the port and the revenue was delivered to you, would you be asking the devs to take the "extra" money? Don't accuse the devs of favoritism without evidence. And if you're wondering, this situation is not anything more then supply and demand. Any clan of sufficient size can capture that port and reap the income from the sale of the tar. If you do not like the British holding on to it, take it from them.