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  1. Last i checked, no one starts out with a port near a hostile capital. So why would you doubt a map reset would not change that?
  2. does it require a group to sail out from your port? When the merge took place we were informed that it would take a group of 6 to just leave port due to the constant attacks due to hostile forces having ports nearby that they would NOT have if the map was reset. How is it fair to take a group of players and drop them into a map where they have little to no chance to establish a base to operate from? While I am sure you love having easy targets that this merger provided I do not feel that a merge without a reset was uncalled for.
  3. Raekur

    RvR Abuse

    Deals such as Span+Russia is not that much different from what the pirates were complaining about on PVP2 with the US+GB alliance and the standstill it caused for the pirates. The pirates could cause significant damage to either but not when faced against both. So now everybody and their mother is shoved onto a single server and we once again have to contend with nation+nation agreements and the tactics it presents. Swapping ports between the allied nations, hiding fleets in battle prior to a port battle, and screening for each other. You have 2 options as I see it. Either stop playing or start setting up your own alliances to level the field.
  4. So back to the question i suppose since no admin has decided to grace us with an explanation as to why the map was not reset at the time of the merger. The merger screwed over every small clan that was pushed over due to them lacking the numbers to establish a foothold on the new server. If you are unsure what I mean then let me provide some details. I play GB and I know of a few small clans that existed on PVP2 prior to the move that gained strength from their relationship with a few larger clans. That relationship was pretty much gutted with the merge as the larger clans are having difficulties getting setup themselves much less having the resources to provide assistance to the smaller clans. So the game in effect now is you have an established server with (from what I hear) GB being nearly crushed and then force feed fresh targets into the mix for the PVP1 twits to play with knowing full well that the clans being fed to them will take some time to build up resources to keep a fleet operational. While the newly joined clans can sail around and setup outposts they will have to contend with EVERY damn thing they own being dropped into KPR JUST so they can gain access to the goods they brought over with them. So now the clans ENTIRE resource pool is located in a port that is under constant attack. Absolute genius there guys... While it is possible to break out using either timing or decoy groups it is still rather annoying that over 25% of the current player base was put into a position of being cannon fodder while in the past the map was reset for reasons that were less impacting then the merger.
  5. A map reset would not have damaged the larger population any worse then taking pvp2's population and force feeding them to a meat grinder as this merge has done. The US is non existent and GB is blockaded on one port and the other is under constant attack. How the hell is a group of new players with no established outposts or building areas supposed to move out and setup anywhere. KPR is very easy to lock down and there is near nothing near Belize that offers a way to recapture the surrounding areas to establish a secure area. Yes, it will be a massive fight for GB at this point, more so when you add that is seems the existing GB players of pvp1 are broken and have already given up. Great job devs for screwing the pooch on this one.
  6. Based on the intel I have heard going after russian ports involves fighting both russia and spain as one screens for the other and uses pseudo battles to hide the fleets until the port battle. Though if you have a nation that has enough players to field a decent fleet that can deal with the before mentioned tactic then yes there are port that can be fought for, but all i have seen over the last few days is russia expanding their holdings. This still does not answer the question as to why there was not a map reset at the time of the merge.
  7. So just out of curiosity, why was there no map reset prior to the merge so that ALL players had a chance to get established instead of screwing a large number of players by forcing them into a situation where they are drastically outnumbered and have little to no chance to establish a holding in which to build. Just would like to know who this merger catered to because it sure was not the players being forced over.
  8. So we are playing on the EU server now? Let see, longer distance to server and more people on the server.. NA players are going to get smacked with some lag.
  9. Raekur

    Possible important bug

    Maintenance is paid for each day from the clan warehouse. Any clan member of Officer rank can access the warehouse and deposit gold into the warehouse for use in paying the maintenance. As far as a location to place a warehouse, a good starting point would be a freeport as it can not be assaulted and captured. This is the same as it is for nations with the capital ports and offer the same advantages and disadvantages. They can't be captured but can not be modified towards labor hours, taxes, or production. So the usual way is to establish the warehouse at a secure location and move it later if the clans focus changes and they can secure more area. But in no way is this a bug, the 3 Invading nations are just that, not established in any way and are intended to be for hard core / highest difficulty players or possibly nomadic groups which would be best served basing out of a freeport.
  10. Raekur

    LGV Pirate refit

    I never thought the LGV would be worth more then a Constitution. Why pay more for a ship that lacks any ability to actually defeat or defend against something that costs less.
  11. Just to perhaps offer a different perspective. You were sailing a Wasa and boarded a Wasa so the number of skill spots open is not in question. Here I think is where the issue originates. If you have 2 Wasa's at your port you have to set the skills for each ship independently. When you capture a ship you are moving from one ship to another just like you were switching ships in port. So any upgrades or selected skills for the specific ship will not transfer to another ship. This has always been the case in my experience.
  12. Raekur

    CPU runs hot while playing Naval Action

    Not sure if this exists on your system but Firefoot and I noticed after the patch our GPU shot up to 100%. The systems we have far exceed the requirements for this game so I am left wondering what could the issue be. While in port the GPU is at 12% and the second I leave port it climbs to 100% and stays there. My settings are the same as yours.
  13. Raekur

    Carpentry Skillbook

    I was wondering if I missed something between the Carpenter and Expert Carpenter skill book. The Carpenter grants a 5% bonus while the Expert Carpenter only offers a 2% bonus with no bonus towards anything not covered by the Carpenter book. Was this perhaps reversed from what was intended?
  14. i still can not see why the Refit LGV is more expensive then a higher class warship (Constitution).
  15. Raekur

    Discouraging friendly tags to escape

    i find it funny that the same people who complained about Nations being allied are now wanting clans from different nations to be able to ally. Will that not just create the same thing these people complained about before? If different nation clans are permitted to ally together how will this be made public in OW? Or is the idea to be able to appear as two groups that are "viewed" as hostile towards each other being able to ambush a third nation? Wouldn't it royally suck if one of the two were actually allied with the target, which of the three groups would be ejected out of the battle or would it be one group not firing on the hostiles. Talk about creating a political nightmare not to mention the massive amount of database needed to create a table large enough to create a cross reference for the number of clans in the game squared. In a nutshell, allowing alliances between clans of different nations will cause quite a bit of confusion. Free for all battles will not solve it either due to tribunal accusations of "green on green" between 2 groups who were allies. If the suggestion of cross nation alliances can 100% avoid being used as an exploit I would love to see how but within the mechanics of the game I do not see way to avoid it being exploited.