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  1. Operation Octaflip

    Its not very hard to piss greg off, just call him trash
  2. Operation Octaflip

    You mad? Trash post
  3. Nor would Swedes be in top without CABAL, or HRE, or whatever clan. What is your point exactly anyways?
  4. Little Harbour - Special Prussian Sale

    good job Prussians!
  5. pls change timers

    Are you a mind reader or something? well if you are you are a really bad one.
  6. pls change timers

    change the timers then, if you do that we have no reason to do multi flips.
  7. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Great battle of Turtle Cay won by the French over the non existent Brittish fleet that was defending there. I dont have screenshots sadly, but just imagine 6 Frenchies alone in a battle. West End was neutral, not really spectecular.
  8. pls change timers

    flips a port owner of port makes port neutral owner of port calls us carebears like lol wtf
  9. pls change timers

    yeah and all our ports are on 3-6? no and MRF actually has Americans in our clan so we can show up to our own ports. But you have American clans in the Brittish nation too dont you? they can perfectly fine attack in the gulf
  10. pls change timers

    we arent abusing any timers, which I have explained since a while now
  11. pls change timers

    you dont have time to defend ports because of the timers you mean? ouch
  12. Hostility generation by alt

    first nation that can flip Little Harbour can have it!
  13. pls change timers

    lets do a multipost, we call it operation octo post
  14. pls change timers

    I am horrible at editing