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  1. Antietam (Confederate Side)

    Damn..... so many guys in here that are way more tactically inclined then me. I beat Antietam as the CSA when the game first came out, but after all the patches I get slaughtered there every time!!!!! Great job !!!
  2. I'm pulling for a American Revolutionary War version !!!!
  3. Alexander's father, my 4th great grandfather, J. McNeill fought in the War of 1812 and also enlisted in the CSA with the 50th NC at age 67. He was quickly transferred to the 8th NC Senior Reserves for obvious reasons....tough ol bastard!!!! : ) I also had 3 grandfathers fight in the Indian/Seminole wars prior to enlisting in the CSA. Here is one of their cards. This is his son, Jesse, my 2nd Great Granfather. He went missing at Gettysburg but survived.
  4. Here are a few examples. I have a lot of documents on each relative showing their service from start to finish. By some miracle out of the 14, only 2 died and one lost his left hand. Considering the casualties of the CW, that seems to the be good pretty low percentage.
  5. Yes....the Eastern Front against the Russians was a brutal battlefield.
  6. I have 14 Lineal (3rd and 4th Great Grandfathers) who served in the CSA. Luckily, I have all their individual unit information from our family's genealogy work. While their individual regiments aren't named in the game, the brigades they are attached to are identified by their commanders so they are easily followed during the game. It's really interesting to fight the historic battles and watch their brigades come onto the field as they would have 150 years ago. During some battles I have up to 4 ancestors on the field at one time in different brigades. In Gettysburg, I have 3 that show up on Day one of the fight. I find myself really attached to these brigades and watch their performance throughout the battles. I've also caught myself catering to them or being extremely cautious with them when compared to my other units and had to make sure I used them as I would any other unit during the battles. Regardless it's really brings the game home having this connection. Has anyone else done this with ancestors who fought for the CSA or Union? If you haven't and have this connection I recommend getting their unit info and doing it. Really brings the game to life. As a PSA, Fold 3 has most of the records for the war and with your ancestors full name and state he enlisted , you can actually track down their enlistment paper, medical documents, company muster rolls, pension forms, and disability documents. It's amazing the info you can find with a little deligent effort.
  7. Battle of Washington

    Well I finally pulled out a Grand Victory today..... I watched Hitorishizukas video and it really helped me put down a better strategy. Granted it was on Colonel level but it was still a victory!!!!! Thanks for the informative video !!!,
  8. Stationary Supply Depots

    Agree....why I asked the question. We need a ring showing the range of the depots and we should be able to refill wagons as well. These options only make sense.
  9. Stationary Supply Depots

  10. On battles like Fredericksburg, Mule Shoe, etc.....How do these stationary supply depots work/function. I can't see how to resupply the supply wagons with them so can you move actual units close to them to resupply the individual units. ? thanks
  11. The game is not fun after Chickamauga

    I would also like to see the ability to remove the timer. It would open up other strategic options that some of the battles won't allow. I mean basically we should be able to fight till dusk ... perhaps a little after.
  12. The game is not fun after Chickamauga

    You will need everyone....and then some for the Washington battle!!! : )
  13. The game is not fun after Chickamauga

    I'm fine with everything up to Cold Harbor. The main Cold Harbor battle is ok but the 2 side battles are a slaughter. The casualties are way too high. As for the final battle for Washington.......even on Colonel level I get smashed on Day 2 regardless of what I try. I have no idea how people can win this battle especially on BG and MG level. I voiced my opinion numerous times about restructuring the final battle to one day or at least let some of your troops that are on the upper part of the map move south to help the ones on the lower part .....at least on Colonel level for us wimpy folk!! : ). overall this is one hell of a game!!
  14. Casualties

    I'm guessing that casualties numbers after a battle include both the dead and wounded. These number are of course removed from our available manpower for the next battle. Does the game take into effect that wounded men can at some point return to their unit and be added back to your manpower?