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  1. Fred Sanford


    I've got my eye on Grand Tactician's Civil War. Sounds like it will be just that kind of mix.
  2. AHA! The Great Emu War! I knew it!
  3. Fred Sanford

    Some Information on Scaling

    Very interesting. Although I'm not sure if "battle value" is really a thing, or if it is simply a matter of numbers. i.e. I wonder if a 500 man 3 star acts the same as a 500 man zero star so far as scaling.
  4. Fred Sanford

    Customized formations of infantry and cavalry.

    My guess is that it's simply aesthetic.
  5. Ultimate General: Blitzkrieg! Zoom the map out so that instead of individual farm buildings, you have towns and cities. Units become divisions (along with some smaller artillery and specialty units) and the player controls up to Army Group level. Operational/Strategic level. Campaigns, not battles. Real chain of command- i.e. give orders to Corps or Army HQs (or Fleets/Task Forces & Air Forces) to cut down on micromanagement. Includes Air and Naval. Be able to build stuff like fortifications, airfields and the like. Scenarios include Fall Gelb, Campaign for Guadalcanal, Operation Typhoon, Operation Overlord, Mediterranean Campaign. Thread said 'no matter how insane'.
  6. Fred Sanford

    Android game war of colony using UGCW footage

    I ate a big salad yesterday and that's what I got.
  7. Fred Sanford

    JonnyH13 WIP Mod

    Sounds like people might want to save the original Data folder in a different location (or copy/rename) so they can go back to the original if desired.
  8. Fred Sanford

    Unit Naming

    I simply name them in order of formation- 1st Brigade, 2nd Brigade, ... etc. The most senior (lowest number) brigades have the (generally) best stats and get the best weapons. They (generally) get the best commanders, though I make exceptions for units that are on the bubble between levelling up- I'll give a brigade a better general if it will push them up from 1 to 2 star e.g. The higher number brigades have the 1842/Palmettos/Farmers. The few elite brigades that have repeaters get names (Iron Brigade, etc.). So long as I know the number of the 'most senior meatshield' brigade is (i.e. the lowest-numbered Palmetto Brigade) at the moment, I have no trouble distinguishing between (1) elites w/ repeaters & high end weapons, (2) 'regular' shooters, and (3) meatshields (Palmettos and lower). Those are the only 3 distinctions that matter IMO- I don't really care if a regular unit has 1853 Enfields or 1855 Springs or Harpers- they're close enough to be functionally equivalent. Arty goes Battery A (24#), Battery B (whatever equipped with), ... etc. With the gun type in the name, so easy to tell. Cav just goes 1st Cav, 2nd Cav... etc. Since I rarely use melee cav, the same approach as infantry applies- 1st Cav will have the best weapons compared to higher numbered brigades. If I use melee cav, I'll number them 1st Hussars, etc. using the same seniority logic.
  9. Fred Sanford

    Guns per battery

    I wonder if the 'rotation speed' buff is important for larger arty units? @The Soldier, have you checked whether this matters more for larger units? My thinking is that all other things equal, a large unit firing on a target NOT directly ahead will take longer to rotate into position than a small arty unit, thus having a lower effective rate of fire, thus lower lethality. Even a small rotation could end up having significant delay.
  10. I posted this earlier in the thread, but I'm repeating 'cuz I'm stubborn:
  11. Fred Sanford

    UG Civil War’s Future

    Plus, it would be a completely different game in scope and detail. The war in the West was very much a small unit thing- IIR Custer only had 2 companies of the 7th Cav with him at Little Big Horn. So 1 or 2 skirmisher units in game terms. Same problem with American Revolution or War of 1812. Overall the battles were small. A "big" army in those conflicts was 10,000 men. That's 1 or 2 divisions in UG:CW terms. Maybe they could make the base unit a company or regiment, but like I said that would be a different game. 7 years war, Napoleonic, or late 19th century, would be the 3 main candidates that I think would be most suitable for this engine. Probably Napoleonic for most variety and market appeal.
  12. Fred Sanford

    Invisible Fortification in Stonemans Raid

    I've noticed this as well
  13. Fred Sanford

    So, I was wondering... What's next?

    This guy has some good ideas.
  14. Fred Sanford

    Favorite Commander Choices

    I've heard that's why he didn't get along with bible-thumper Jackson.