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  1. @admin change br for the dlc ships. herc 250 requin 200 this is the fastest solution to have less dlc ships in the pb
  2. Christoph

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Cayman brac was boring. Pve make more fun
  3. Christoph

    Yearly/six month map wipe

    OMG Do you like Pve or so you need for every european british Clan a stupid Port Timer? (11-14)
  4. Christoph

    Server Hiccups (Caribbean)

    its a PVE server now
  5. Christoph

    Belize, a trap in OW, but not in battle

    omg next time join better 😂 @admin Please build a Wall around belize.
  6. Christoph


    Am besten noch ein u Boot was in den shallows tauchen kann 🤪
  7. Christoph

    Ist das Spiel jetzt besser geworden...

    Devs zu unterstützen Habe alle dlcs gekauft und brauche davon keine. 😂 Ich brauche nur mehr Outpostslots aber die gibt es ja nicht
  8. Christoph

    Admiralty DLC Extra Outposts (P2W or...)

    We need 2 more ship tows and 2 more Outpost slots. Then we have more Action on the Map. 3 ship tows 10 Outpost slots. @admin But please no dlc
  9. Christoph

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    every spanish player is rear admiral in open world under information 😀
  10. Christoph

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

  11. Christoph

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    @admin its very stupid to put the upgrades after battle from hold to the chest we need a right click "put to the chest" the same is with trading in ow. the trade isnt fast enough and we need a trade in battle with firendly ships
  12. Christoph

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    the dlc is useless! I need outpost slots !!!!