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  1. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    the sweden are bad losers !! that's all
  2. Ja aber beim zweiten Verstoß. Beim ersten direkt 3-4 runter. Das wäre am besten
  3. man sollte direkt 3-4 ränge runter gestuft werden!
  4. European clans setting US timers & ethical gameplay

    the reds clan needs only players from africa and we have players from every continent! 20% of our players are from North America
  5. we are international. we have many players from north america
  6. Wie kann man denn auf dem pve Server sein Schiff vergurken?
  7. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    i miss my name! @troody
  8. Swedish call to arms

    You are a daydreamer
  9. Losing control of ships randomly

    enable and disable cannon, boarding ...
  10. Losing control of ships randomly

    I had the problem too, but I had a good ping. I pressed 1-9. everything deactivated and then everything activated again. after that it worked
  11. Der neueste Einfall der DEVS

    ich mag das spiel. liegt vielleicht dadran das ich kein pve machen und so auch keinen neuen pve content brauche. ich finde pvp und rvr ist content genug
  12. The ports that can not be taken should not count in the in the conquest competition
  13. 1st rate costs 100 PvP marks, then you should also get 100 for the sank ship