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  1. Spielerschwund? Kein Wunder!

    Endlich was los Freue mich schon drauf.
  2. [PVP EU] battle results

    Switch Nation. Come to the brits We need good rvr players
  3. Spielerschwund? Kein Wunder!

    Ob du es glaubst oder nicht wir waren alle mal Anfänger
  4. Sweden declares war on Great Britain

    danes are friendly with neutral
  5. @admin make a pve zone in gulf of mexico for newbies and close the pve server and remove the safe zone. the next thing we must have is make all wood types available for crafting. then there are important ports to conquer again sorry for my bad english
  6. Tow request

    Bring the tow request back! 2 hours sailing from port to port to bring ships for pvp is boring and not good for the game
  7. Yes PvP is fun but afk sailing with the ship to the free town is very boring. We need the tow request back. Thats important. Limit the tow Request. 1 or 2 ships per day
  8. Wann bekommt man denn bescheid ob man in der Testphase dabei ist?
  9. Der PvP Server besteht aus 90% pve Spieler. Das ist traurig.
  10. OW Travel Speed

    ow speed is to slow! the best is... the ship is 50k away from port = 100% faster
  11. Why did players leave?

    The biggest problem is the time! Naval Action is a fulltime job. The most guys have a fulltime job and not enough time for naval action
  12. [Kings] German Navy