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  1. Why do we not get patch notes when the patch is actually deployed?
  2. Wynkyn de Worde

    Sinking Ships Should List

    I would like to see One Eye replace Admin as the voice of the devs. He is a deep thinker who can see a positve future for this game.
  3. Thanks for the opportunity to take a month break from your game. Positive feedback is not a stable. I'll dump yet another bad review on you for yet another poor decison. Wake up to your astouding ignorance of what players want from this game. WAKE UP.
  4. But it is stupid to do it this way. We can all figure out exactly what quantities of which materials are required to build the Level 1, Level 2 plus Level 3 shipyard so surely it is simpler to give those materials in those quantities to us as redeemables. How on earth would you figure out the cash value? Labour Contracts required etc. A decision like this just makes the devs look either stupid or just plain nasty to players.
  5. We should be able to simply redeem a Level 3 Ship Yard. Costs won't do it. 2000 Iron Fittings plus the labour costs to make them plus time gathering the resources - won't work.
  6. Give us the details of how the redeemables will work. Will each ship be redeemable with its specific build, with each of its specific permanent upgrades, with each of its specific cannon deployments and with each explicit hold content? Will each comodity or resource be a specific redeemable for that resource or commodity in the exact same quantity? Moderated: I don't like the high ping time to EU and it makes me sad and angry.
  7. Wynkyn de Worde

    Im getting close to quitting this game.

    Perhaps you will be shown to be right. The devs better act quickly on the triple by-pass the game needs. But I think once players have moved on they won't be back and new ones can't play the present game. Sure not quite dead yet but I'd be asking the relatives if they'd discussed organ donation with the patient.
  8. Wynkyn de Worde

    Im getting close to quitting this game.

    Changes since the wipe have destroyed the game. The devs would need to back out all the changes since the wipe to get players back now and they won't do that. The hard core PvPers got what they wanted now they can tear each other to pieces until no one is left. Why would I play for hours just to be prey for better players? Such a shame. Navel noAction. RIP.
  9. Wynkyn de Worde

    Server Health is a Game Design Issue

    It was not a mistake to buy the game when I did. I did enjoy it until the wipe. I am in software dev, but we work to a design and fix bugs - we don't keep changing the design and leave the bugs unfixed. 'You' might be able to do PvP sucessfully - but I have never won a PvP in nine months in the game. I have enjoyed fighting and PBs but 'I' need the extras since I am poor at PvP. Anyway, I don't care anymore. They game has gone down the drain with too many ad hoc changes. I played again tonight for an hour but it was pointless and boring.
  10. Wynkyn de Worde

    Server Health is a Game Design Issue

    I think the advice of 'No' is correct. The constant 'experimenting' results in hard earned knowledge and learning of game mechanics becoming worthless and we have to learn new stuff. I used to know what woods to use to build ships but that changed with the wipe. I have not yet even had one book 'drop' so neither have I read one, let alone collect books for a super book. I have no idea what the firgureheads do. Having to grind, grind, grind is a life stealer. This game cannot be played casually and cannot be played unless you are part of a big clan in a big nation near the centre of the map holding good resources. The grind, the grind the grind and getting sunk by PvPers when you are trying to build a decent ship - all amounts to no fun for those of us at the receiving end of PvP. Now I have to join a clan to get into a PB - bye bye. Looking forward to living my life again. The advice to not buy the game is dead on correct. It is no longer fun.
  11. Added complexity is not the solution to the failure of this game. The game needs casual players, and they need to be able to have fun and achieve some progress in the game. Making it more clan based and more complex is cutting off the growth from new and casual players. I have a clan of one. When I was in a clan I got ripped off by defectors going pirate. Never again. The devs seem to have no consistent long term idea for this game. Role a die and change direction. This game is a basket case.
  12. Death by 1000 patches. I had just spent 1.5M on a Lvl3 shipyard and got my Vic and Bellona BPs only to find out, next day, I can't get the permits. I reckon the Devs have a Gum Ball machine that, each morning, they take out a gum ball which has written on what aspect of the game players are enjoying and then they nerf it. These twats are the worst game devs I have ever seen.
  13. Global server is also logging us Australians out - ten times to day. UNPLAYABLE
  14. Is anyone having fun anymore? I'm not. Big grind for money, nothing to trade, no traders' ships to buy. And some twat caps your traders. Getting really boring now. Battles are about sail damage and how many times you can repair. And now the old bugs that the devs thought too trivial to bother about affect the game play. I could not join a battle after sailing 45 minutes with my nation because the crossed swords would not reveal a join area - a bug that should have been fixed months ago. This game is a waste of time.
  15. Wynkyn de Worde

    Hotfix 2 for patch 10.00

    I don't know why I bothered to come back to try this game. Do the developers actually appreciate the amount of time we devote to working out how things work by trial and error only to have the details arbitrarily changed. Hundreds of hours of my time spent creating spread sheets for trading and calculating ship loading are now useless due to changes in ship capacity and weights of goods. All that effort of mine wasted. I think this just shows the comtempt the developers have for the players. They just don't care about wasting our time and effort. This game is no longer uplifting, it has become soul destroying because of the stupid arbitrary changes made by the devs that simply wipe out hundreds of hours of effort by the players. I really really hate what this game has become now and the stupid grind that devs have imposed on us and the fact that whenever we work out some little part of the game, they change it and make that hard won knowledge useless. Stick your game.